This course provides students with the skills to combine fresh, everyday ingredients into tasty dishes which support key aspects of health. The preparation of the dishes is demonstrated by the lecturer, and is discussed in the context of therapeutic cooking.

About the course

This course is for everyone who wishes to learn how to choose and combine foods in recipes to create nutritious and healthy dishes for the whole family, and to use food therapeutically. You will learn what truly constitutes a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, and be inspired by ingredients, ideas and recipes for meals which nourish, protect and re-energize. The course runs over 3 seasons with different sets of recipes and even more to enjoy!

Key Features

  • Preparation of dishes is demonstrated
  • Learn about the therapeutic actions of foods used
  • Tasting session after each demo
  • Dishes prepared with organic ingredients
  • Alternatives discussed for vegetarians and vegans
  • Get the recipes used
  • Practical tips on cooking healthily and naturally!


  • CNM Certificate in Cooking for Health


Course Fee

  • £375 (for 6 session course)

Enrol Online

  • 6 Tuesday evenings – 6.30pm till 9pm
    Next start date 2nd February 2016.


NB: Should you be on a special diet or have food allergies then please email us on


What our students say:

Cooking for health class has been very educational and has helped me learn and understand more about key food nutrients to support our health with easy tasteful recipes. I have been able to implement all the recipes at home educating my friends and family with all the goodness for our bodies.”

– Charlene Toener, CNM Naturopathic Nutrition student

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About the Course

Find out how to combine fresh, everyday ingredients into tasty dishes which support key aspects of health.

From hormone balancing muffins to digestive supporting salads, gluten free bakes to energy packed breakfasts, this course is brimming with fantastic food ideas and information about some of the world’s healthiest foods.

Key features:

  • This course is a cooking demonstration: the preparation of the dishes is demonstrated by the lecturer and their therapeutic action is discussed
  • Tasting session after each dish has been prepared
  • All dishes will be prepared with organic ingredients
  • All recipes will be provided
  • …and be prepared to receive many wonderful extra tips on how to cook healthily & naturally from our expert lecturer!

What our student’s say

“Teacher was very enthusiastic and passionate about what she was doing, which is great for the students attending the class!” -T.F.

“The teacher provided loads of information from her own knowledge & research. I also loved her tips & other culinary know-how” -H.B.

“The demonstration, knowledge, enthusiasm and thoroughness – super, super good lecturer” -P.M.

“A great mix between learning amazing things and trying/tasting incredible food!” -H.R-M.

“The enthusiasm for cooking and the information that was offered was fantastic.” -S.C.

“I love cooking and this was brilliant!!” -D.M.

“Heather was a fantastic tutor! Thank you for all your knowledge.” -Z.F.

“Heather was great specially with having an upbeat and positive energy and really having the knowledge behind what she was doing and sharing it with the class.” -E.B.

“Tasty food & recipes are quite easy to assemble & cook. Really enjoyed this course & it’s been an eye opener!” -V.C.

“Being able to try different types of food and learning about what ingredients are good for you – Brilliant 6 weeks where I have learnt a lot!” -D.D.

“As big fans of deliciously nutritious recipes, “Cooking for Health” was a delight. Educational, interactive and scrumptious. The raw chocolate mousse alone was worth attending for! A must for anyone interested in learning how to be creatively healthy in the kitchen with simple dishes that won’t fail to impress.” -K.E & K.S, pod

“The delicious food demonstrated and tasted was nutritionally good, and the chestnut & cranberry roast, and the rose & cardamom truffles = awesome! All recipes were totally amazing!” -C.L.

“Information good and teacher excellent – dairy, gluten, and sugar free food never tasted so good!” -D.B.


No prior study required


  • CNM Certificate in Cooking for Health

Study Programme and Locations

Study Programme

6 Tuesday evenings from 6.30 pm – 9 pm

2016 course dates:

Course Times Dates
Session 1. Gluten and dairy free
6:30pm – 9:00pm 2nd February
Session 2. Ayurvedic cooking
6:30pm – 9:00pm 9th February
Session 3. Food fermentation 6:30pm – 9:00pm 23rd February
Session 4: Anti-inflammatory foods 6:30pm – 9:00pm 1st March
Session 5: Foods to support detoxification 6:30pm – 9:00pm 8th March
Session 6: Cooking for Vegans 6:30pm – 9:00pm 15th March

80% attendance of all lectures is required. Late arrival or early departure from lectures counts as non-attendance.

NB: Should you be on a special diet or have food allergies then please email us on

Course Fee

  • £375 (for 6 session course)

To enrol, call 01342 306 264, email, or enrol online via our webshop.


CNM, 41 Riding House Street, London W1W 7BE (Tube: Oxford Circus) Location Map (opens in new window)


  • CNM Certification

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