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Location Date Title  
Edinburgh Thu 25 Aug How to Heal your Digestive System details
London Thu 8 Sept MMR – Which is better: The Disease or the Vaccine? details
Bristol Sat 17 Sept Bristol Open Day details
London Thu 22 Sept Change your Diet; Change your Life details
London Tue 4 Oct The Mouth-Gut Axis details
London Tue 1 Nov The Gut Make-Over details

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How to Heal your Digestive System

Polly Douglas, CNM Lecturer & Nutritional Therapist

Edinburgh, Thursday 25th August, 6.30pm

Do you suffer from IBS?
Are you feeling sluggish?
Are you tired, fatigued or generally not feeling well?

Get real answers on how to improve your digestion and detoxification. In this seminar you will learn how to restore digestive balance and achieve optimal health.

Polly Douglas is an experienced Nutritional Therapist, and lecturer. Through her own personal health battles with eczema, hayfever and IBS, Polly decided to embark on a successful career in Natural Medicine and now runs a busy clinic, whilst also imparting her knowledge training students in the field of Nutrition.

Polly believes that food can make an enormous difference to our health and wellbeing and is passionate about educating others on how they too, can live happier, healthier lives.

Venue: Napier University, Merchiston Campus, 10 Colinton Road, Edinburgh EH10 5DT
Tickets: £5

Eventbrite - How to heal your digestive system - [CNM Edinburgh] - 25th August 2016

MMR – Which is better: The Disease or the Vaccine?

Dr. Jayne Donegan, GP & Homeopath

London, Thursday 8th September, 6.30pm

Dr. Jayne Donegan, GP & Homeopath, believes that every parent should have sufficient information to make an informed choice about vaccination for their child.

In this seminar Dr Donegan will focus on the MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps and Rubella), to ask which is better: the disease or the vaccine.

She will look at the ‘Germ Theory of Disease’ versus the ‘Holistic Model of Disease’ before addressing specific questions.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions, and to learn basic strategies for coping with acute childhood infections.

Venue: CNM London, 41 Riding House Street, London W1W 7BE
Tickets: £15

Eventbrite - MMR - Which is better: The Disease or the Vaccine? - Dr Jayne Donegan - 8th September 2016 CNM London

Bristol Open Day

Date: Saturday 17th September 2016, 10am-5.30pm
Venue: 1B Woodlands Court, Ash Ridge Road, Almondsbury, Bristol, BS32 4LB
Tickets: £10

Come and be inspired by the power of natural therapies to promote health and vitality!

This event will be packed with fabulous tips on how to look after your health naturally.


The Importance of Gut Health

Rowena Paxton

Discover the emerging role of Gut Health, and why we need to be a good host.


Acupuncture for Women’s Wellbeing

Eleanor Day

Learn how to use this powerful modality to enhance fertility, treat hormonal imbalances and optimise pregnancy & childbirth.


The CNM Training Concept

Rachel Anderson

Hear about CNM Courses available in Natural Therapies.


Achieving Optimal Nutrition on a Vegan Diet

Linda Sims

Utilise the nutrient density of plants and learn how to flourish on a vegan diet.


Best Foods to Fight Fatigue

Elspeth Waters

Unlock the power of natural Foods for improving Mood, Cognition and Energy.

Tickets just £10

Eventbrite - CNM Bristol - Open Day - Saturday 17th September 2016

Change your Diet; Change your Life

David Bez, Independent Chef and Creator of SaladPride

London, Thursday 22nd September, 6.30pm

David Bez was a former Graphic Designer who was unhappy in his career.  Now an internationally published and independent chef, David has turned his life around whilst losing 2 stone and creating a new salad daily for the past 4 years.

David currently has his first book, ‘Salad Love’ published in several languages.  Having already conquered lunch, David has moved onto breakfast with his second book which came out in February 2016, ‘Breakfast Love’. David serves salad bowls and breakfast options from his books in his busy ‘Salad Pride Café’ located in Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden in London.

In this seminar, David will cover his transformation and share his passion to change the concept of an unappealing side dish to a creative, healthy and balanced meal.

There will be an opportunity for questions.

Venue: CNM London, 41 Riding House Street, London W1W 7BE
Tickets: £5

Eventbrite - Change your Diet; Change your life - [CNM London] - 22nd September 2016

The Mouth-Gut Axis | The Oral Microbiome in Health & Disease

Dr. Steven Lin, Integrated Dental Medicine

London, Tuesday 4th October, 6.30pm

One of the most exciting developments in healthcare is our ever-increasing understanding of the role that microbes and the gut play in health and disease.

Our mouths represent the tip of a ‘bacterial iceberg’ that may indicate systemic imbalances throughout our entire body.

Your dentist has long understood the bacterial basis of tooth decay.
Overgrowth of harmful species in the mouth provide a continual source of these microbes to the gut, a likely starting point of imbalance throughout our entire digestive system.

Book your seat and discover the link between oral health and the human microbiome.

Venue: CNM London, 41 Riding House Street, London W1W 7BE
Tickets: £10 Early-bird until 31st July

Eventbrite - The Mouth-Gut Axis | The Oral Microbiome in Health & Disease [CNM London] - Dr. Steven Lin - 4th October 2016

The Gut Make-Over – Revolutionise your Health through your Gut

Jeannette Hyde

London, Tuesday 1st November, 6.30pm

New research shows that weight, mood, and our immune system are all influenced by the bacteria in our digestive system.

Eating a gut-friendly diet can manipulate our bacteria so we feel lighter & brighter, our skin looks great and we are less likely to get sick.

Leading Nutritional Therapist, Jeannette Hyde will educate you on the importance of gut bacteria, with simple eating strategies from her book, The Gut Makeover.

In this seminar you will discover how to revolutionise your health through your gut.

Venue: CNM London, 41 Riding House Street, London W1W 7BE
Tickets: £15

Eventbrite - The Gut Make-Over - Revolutionise your health through your gut - Jeannette Hyde [CNM London] - 1st November 2016