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cnm-youtubeCNM’s Youtube Channel watch recorded seminars, health tips and testimonials on our dedicated Youtube channel.

The Informed Parent was set up to couinf-par-logonter frustration and isolation experienced by parents in their efforts to seek information about immunisation, following uncertainty about its safety & effectiveness.

InspiralinSpiral is a visionary, health foods, eco-company with a cafe/bar in Camden, and a webshop. inSpiral raw, vegan snack products are available at health food shops across the nation. inSpiral offer free annual membership to full time CNM students on production of their CNM student card. This entitles them to 15% discount on purchases from the lounge.

Planet OrganicPlanet Organic is the UK’s largest fully certified organic supermarket. Planet Organic are also the leading retailer of gluten & dairy free products, fresh juices, naturopathic remedies and organic food to go. All CNM students receive 10% discount in-store when they show their discount card. To find out more about Planet Organic, visit their website.

revital_logoRevital has over 20 years of excellence in supplying health foods, supplements and everything you need for your health and wellbeing. CNM students can get 20% off vitamins and supplements in all stores and by mail order. To find out more about Revital visit their website.

Bio-Kultbiokult is a scientifically developed, advanced multi-strain formula containing 14 live bacterial cultures which are proven to survive the high acidity of the stomach. For more information visit Bio-Kult.com, and for a
practitioner discount code email info@bio-kult.com.

Exquisite Private Chef, where Gourmet Food meets Health™, offers a true bespoke dinning experience in the comfort of your own home. All original recipes are created by Olivier Sanchez, a Michelin-star trained Natural Chef with 25 years of experience, also a CNM graduated Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist; a published health writer and blogger. Discover more at www.exquisiteprivatechef.co.uk

nahs_logoresizedNational Association of Health Stores – The NAHS is the only trade association in the UK completely committed to driving forward the UK health food trade and the benefits of local independent healthstores.   We firmly believe that the best place to buy organic and natural products is from your local health store, from well trained people who live and breath these products.

Find your nearest store: http://www.nahs.co.uk/store-locator

Naturopathic Nutrition Associationnna-logo, professional association for Nutritional Therapists who practise in accordance with naturopathic principles.

anp-logoAssociation of Naturopathic Practitioners For Public Indemnity Insurance as a student or practitioner, we recommend The Association of Naturopathic Practitioners.

amhAssociation of Master Herbalists, members practice a form of Natural Healing which includes Herbal Medicine and a blend of Naturopathic techniques such as detoxification, nutrition, hydrotherapy, fasting and other ways to assist the patient back to health.

anh-logoAlliance for Natural Health campaigns across a wide range of fields, including for freedom of choice and the use of micronutrients and herbal products in healthcare.

anhus-logoAlliance for Natural Health USA is committed to sustainable health, the recognition that true health requires a proactive and preventive approach that focuses on a nutrient-rich diet, proper supplementation, and limiting our exposure to toxic substances. A system that is single-mindedly focused on “treating” sick people with expensive drugs, rather than maintaining healthy people, is neither practical nor economically sustainable.

As Nature Intended is a high street retailer with a difference. We passionately care about what we put into and onto our bodies so we only sell products with the highest quality ingredients. When sourcing our products, we also consider the impact that they have on the environment, animal welfare, fair-trade practices and small British suppliers.

Jayne Donegan GP & Homeopath with a special interest in vaccination, promoting health and practical and supportive treatment of childhood and adult infectious diseases and other illnesses.

health-and-wealthNatural Health Shop (Health & Wealth Associates Ltd) As Naturopathic Practitioners our products offer are organic and authentic, of cutting edge purity and quality. Our recommendations are based on products that work and geared towards our philosophy of healing the whole person physically, mentally and emotionally.

Irrefutable Health, a clinic that provides holistic health services and that also runs 

The Willow Restaurantlogo2 – a venue described by our very own CNM student Barbara Krah as ‘the epitome of the ‘food as medicine ethos.’                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The Willow                                            

*CNM does not endorse or warrant the individuals, organisations, companies, products or services of any of the above,  CNM provides this list as a service to the public only. CNM reserves the right to accept or deny listing requests with no reason given for same.