Nutrition is my passion

Karolina Lukaszewicz, CNM Graduate in Nutrition

I had a turbulent relationship with food, battling anorexia nervosa through my teenage years. In my corporate era working long hours in the city with no time to cook, coffee and sugar kept me going.

After having 3 children I ended up overweight, addicted to sugar and tired all the time. I tried every diet and exercise possible to lose the extra pounds: nothing seemed to work. Finally I found out that eating unprocessed, unrefined, chemical-free foods is all I need to keep my weight at normal level and to be full of energy. I just wish I had known how to do it years ago!

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After I made my peace with food, nutrition became my passion. With 3 children I needed a job that would fit around my family and not the other way around. I made a life-altering decision not to return to the corporate world but to re-train in Nutrition.  I wanted a prestigious and well-recognised diploma, so I enrolled at CNM where the course was fantastic. I loved that I could see my own clients in the student clinic, as it gave me much needed experience, making me ready to practice right after finishing the course. The learning process was definitely worth the effort. And it was nice to have the weekends to myself and attend the lectures, whilst my husband took care of our children!

Straight after receiving my CNM Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition, I founded my practice in North West London. I also offer online consultations via Skype. I schedule my work hours around my kids’ school, and also work in the evenings. That way I don’t miss anything that is happening in their lives.

Not just my clients, but my whole family have benefitted from my knowledge about a healthier way of eating. I consider myself very lucky to have transformed my passion into a way of living.

Karolina can be contacted at

Having MS made me appreciate health

Dom Gee, CNM Graduate in Nutrition

My CNM qualification has given me the chance to create a brighter future for myself that only a few years ago I could have only dreamed of.

I was studying music technology with the aim of working as a DJ/Music producer. I was living a less than healthy lifestyle, with late nights and a fast food diet.  Then I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and had to move back home to my mum.

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To control the MS flare ups I was originally put on a drug which suppressed my immune system, which led over time to my being constantly poorly. I got meningitis and was in hospital for some time. Realising the importance of health was the trigger that kick started my fascination with natural therapies and led to my decision to learn about them.

Given my condition it took me some time to feel ready to get back into education, but CNM’s course in Naturopathic Nutrition offered part time learning which was ideal for me. The course was fascinating, and taught me more than I had ever anticipated learning. I especially loved learning how different systems of the body communicate with one another, and meeting all the awesome people on the course with their inspirational stories of what motivated them to enter this ever expanding field.

My CNM education has changed my life infinitely in ways I could never have imagined possible. The knowledge that I have learnt at CNM has empowered me by giving me the know-how to appropriately support my health. I no longer experience half as many MS symptoms as I have done, nor get poorly as much as I once did.

Wanting to be my own boss and to have clients who experience for themselves how nutrition can positively impact health, is my motivation for training to become a Nutritional Therapist. Now that I have graduated from CNM I’m setting up my own clinic as well as working out of a clinic with other practitioners who practice different natural disciplines.

Dom can be contacted via:

I moved to London to study at CNM

Tautvile Sliazaite, CNM Graduate in Nutrition

CNM’s course ticked all my boxes so I moved to London from Lithuania specifically to study Naturopathic Nutrition at CNM.

I worked as a lawyer but became increasingly interested in Nutrition after seeing how changing my diet improved my health, my skin and my energy levels.

Focusing on the cause of the illness rather than the symptom was amazing, and the course gave me so much knowledge.

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I graduated  in August 2014 and  quit my job after 6 months. I’ve been self employed ever since, based in London where I work in private clinics, but going to Lithuania on a regular basis, where I also have a lot of work. In Lithuania I have my weekly column about nutrition and its effect on health, and my first book ‘Balance in every day life’ will be published in 2017 by one of the biggest publishing houses there.  I even have a small TV show in Lithuania!

I have the best career ever! I love the feeling of helping other people experience improvements in their health, and of being filled with the purpose of spreading my knowledge. I thank CNM for my amazing profession.

Studying with CNM changed my life

Ruth Reynolds, CNM Graduate in Nutrition

It is totally different going back to college when you want to study something you feel really passionate about.

I’ve always had an interest in eating well and being active. Following an illness I started researching into the benefits of certain foods, and foods that can have a negative impact on the body. I became really passionate about it and this led me to think about taking nutrition up as a full time career.

The flexibility of CNM’s course made it manageable for me to work as the director of a PR agency at the same time as studying nutrition.   I live in Brighton but was working in London.  I studied at both colleges, depending on timetables.

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I really enjoyed studying at CNM and the academic side of things, but I absolutely loved it when we started to see clients, first as observers then as advanced students with clients of our own. It brought the subject to life and was very rewarding to start helping people feel better. I also made some really good friends on the course as it was full of likeminded people.

Studying has totally changed my life. I left PR and started up my own nutrition practice, working mainly from home, plus some health-related venues in Brighton. I’ve subsequently had twin girls too,  so my chosen career has enabled me to have a very flexible working life while looking after the children at the same time.

CNM turned me into a practitioner

Claire Truss, CNM Graduate in Acupuncture

I didn’t want to have just academic knowledge, I wanted a course that would teach me to be a practitioner.

Faced with fertility issues, I had Acupuncture to increase my chances of a successful pregnancy.  I still remember the moment on the Acupuncturist’s couch when I thought ‘I’d quite like to retrain as an Acupuncturist’.  I fell pregnant, and my Acupuncture studies were put on hold for 8 years until my second child went to school.

My main consideration in choosing somewhere to study was that they had to be accredited with the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board.  CNM stood out as it allowed for part time learning. It also required 400 clinical hours to graduate.

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When I enrolled on CNM’s Diploma Course in Naturopathic Acupuncture I was unaware of the significance of the unique training which combined becoming a Naturopath with becoming an Acupuncturist.   I quickly realised, however, how much attending the mixed classes with other modalities broadened my knowledge, making me aware of how a multi-modality approach can help people more extensively. I feel I am a better and more effective practitioner for it, supporting my clients with additional skill sets and dietary and lifestyle advice to back up the Acupuncture.

CNM succeeded in turning me into a practitioner, and it also gave me a thirst for knowledge, to go on learning and developing. 

Since qualifying I have started up my own practice and I love the flexibility it gives me to work around my family. I do a lot of work with pain management for various conditions. I volunteer one morning a week in a hospice, where ‘difficult pain’ patients are referred to me.

The special moments come in my clients’ faces when their pain goes away ten seconds after I have placed the Acupuncture needles in the right locations, or when I review progress with a client and they realise just how much they’ve improved since their initial visit. I also love being able to help my family and friends, who can now experience the benefits of Acupuncture for themselves and see what a worthwhile career it offers.

Claire practices in Essex and can be contacted at

I had ongoing chronic migraines

Nicola McCusker, CNM Graduate in Nutrition

I had chronic migraines which had been ongoing for many years. After seeing a nutritional therapist I was astounded at how much better I felt after changing my diet and taking some supplements.  This was a major turning point for me.

I worked as a publisher of health sciences journals and was constantly looking in nutrition magazines and reading books on health, but felt I really needed to gain a deeper understanding of how health and nutrition are linked.

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CNM’s course offered very comprehensive coverage of the subject, and the chance to study part time.  I really appreciated the outstanding quality of teaching, and being in a network of like-minded people.  The course was incredibly enjoyable to do and  took my career in a completely different direction, enabling me to make a career from something I am passionate about. I work at nutritional supplement company Solgar, managing  their  Practitioner Programme.

I love learning new things every day and researching  a variety of health areas. Nutrition is a career where I could never get bored!

Tropical Island practice for CNM Graduate

Luca Sonzogni, CNM Graduate in Nutrition

CNM’s good reputation and the flexibility of being able to study part-time were what drew me to the college.

I enjoyed 15 years in corporate jobs in London. When I began to re-evaluate my values and priorities in life, I decided that I wanted to pursue a different type of lifestyle.  I come from a family of therapists in Italy who well understood the wonderful properties of fruit and vegetables.

So when I experienced a ‘mind-body-soul disconnect’, I felt that it was nutrition and natural therapies that I wanted to turn to, first for self-help, and then as a meaningful and sustainable career.

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Nutrition is polarised, with many different diets and schools of thought.  I loved the diversity of teachers I met through the course, ensuring that all views were represented. The course was non-dogmatic, based on science first,  and teachers came from different experiences and had varied models which they applied to nutrition. Each client was seen as unique.

What I learned has given me the opportunity to have a self-employed profession which is not location dependent, given that I am developing an online, Skype based practice. For 3 days a week I also work as a health manager in a detox and wellness centre in Thailand, with lots of face to face, direct interactions with international clients.  I also run health talks and orientations on a weekly basis.

I live on a tropical island with spectacular nature and a slower pace of life. It is an extremely healthy place to be, with an interesting community, and amazing fresh fish in the market. And don’t get me started on the variety of fresh fruit available here!

Thailand has a rich tradition of indigenous therapies as well as being a great place to set up healing centres due to generally encouraging regulation in the field. My CNM qualification is very valued here.

Luca can be contacted via his website at

Acupuncture inspired my career change

Jane Sefton, CNM Graduate in Acupuncture

I experienced the benefits of Acupuncture during my journey to get pregnant with my daughter.

I have a BSc in Applied Biochemistry, an MSc in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology , and a PhD in Mammalian cell culture. I worked for a large diagnostics company for many years, but as a result of my own experience with Acupuncture I decided that I wanted to change my career to become an Acupuncturist.

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CNM’s course offered me an integrated and thorough approach to Acupuncture which meant that I qualified as a Naturopath, as well as an Acupuncturist.  I loved learning not only about Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, but about the energetics of food, and lifestyle factors that can be used to further support the body.   I gained the tools which were applicable to help real life clients.  

The course was challenging but our class also had a lot of fun.   I learnt a new skill, along with the confidence to use it, and I enjoy my job very much as an Acupuncturist practicing in 4 clinics in East Sussex.  I often work with women with fertility issues and I find it absolutely amazing to be able to help them on their journey to become pregnant. 

Jane can be contacted via

Life as a Nutritional Therapist

Fiona Campbell, CNM Graduate in Nutrition

I worked for years in the IT industry, whilst also qualifying in other natural therapies. The more I learnt about natural health, the more I wanted to become a Nutritionist, as it was clear that our dietary choices have a huge impact on health.

I chose to study Nutritional Therapy at CNM because I was keen on the naturopathic, holistic focus of the course. I was also able to study part time and so could keep earning in the meantime.

My inspirational lecturers and hundreds of hours of clinical practice meant that I graduated in 2008 and went on to become a successful Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, or ‘Nutritionist’.


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It’s a job I love, and a fantastic feeling to know that I personally have been able to change people’s lives for the better.  The concept of food as medicine was familiar to our ancestors, yet today many people are surprised to discover that changes made to their everyday diet can result in significant improvements to their health and wellbeing.

It’s immensely rewarding to get feedback from clients who come to me with conditions including hormonal imbalances, weight issues, digestive problems, stress, joint problems and inflammatory conditions and who afterwards report that they’ve never felt as healthy, or as energetic.

My role as a Nutritionist is to empower my clients to make dietary and lifestyle changes which help them achieve the very best health they can.  Every client has a unique constitution and a different set of circumstances, so the content of my day is never routine.

Clients complete a medical symptoms questionnaire and a food diary prior to our consultation.   They needn’t be shy.  If everyone was perfect no-one would need help!

The initial consultation lasts about an hour and is a chance to gain a detailed picture of the person’s medical history, circumstances, diet and lifestyle, and their health goals.  I have to know about the functioning of their digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, about any supplements or medications they are taking, and to take account of test results on blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol and food sensitivity, etc.

I produce a full personalised naturopathic plan for my client, including specific nutritional and lifestyle changes to address both his or her current problems and prospects for longer term health.  The plan needs to be simple and at a pace which is realistic for them to follow.  Half hour follow up consultations are offered as required. 

Not everyone waits until they are ill before they come to see me, fortunately.  Sports people consult me about optimum nutrition to meet their energy needs.  Others want a twice yearly detox programme.  Some want advice about what constitutes a healthy diet.  I love food and I’m always keen to share a good recipe!

In addition to my clinical work, I also work with natural food companies to produce videos and publicity material explaining the health benefits of their products.

My media work also keeps me busy.  I’m a regular guest speaker on nutritional matters for Sky News and Made in Bristol TV. I’ve also featured frequently on the radio, and in national and international newspapers and magazines.  Excitingly, I’m also a guest speaker for Bristol University’s undergraduate medical programme, presenting case studies showing how nutrition has helped my clients. There is definitely a role for properly trained nutritional therapists in today’s health-challenged society. I can’t think of a career I’d rather have.

CNM empowered me to improve my health

Daniela Exley, CNM Graduate in Nutrition

Studying at CNM empowered me to take my health into my own hands and going forward I can now help others do the same. 

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in May 2013 having had symptoms for 6-8 months previously.

I suffered with extreme fatigue and incredibly painful, swollen joints, which was impacting on my work as a freelance photographer.

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Instinctively I knew I didn’t want to start on the prescribed medication and began researching alternative ways of managing my disease and healing. The internet can be wonderful but also very confusing, so I decided to study Nutrition to fully understand the inner workings of the human body. I chose CNM’s Naturopathic Nutrition course because of its holistic approach to nutrition, the ability to study at weekends, and because I could study in Brighton.

What I loved most about the course was the amazing inspirational tutors we had throughout. Their wealth of knowledge was a constant reminder that one day I can know as much as them, and this helped motivate me all the way through.

Aside from the in-depth information I learned on the course, the support and understanding of my peers helped me make the changes to my diet and lifestyle, which has meant that I lead a drug free, symptom free life. 

Now that I’ve graduated I run my practice from my home as well as from a gym. I am continuing to write recipes for my blog, and because I can choose my own hours I am able to continue my work as a photographer, with a strong focus on food photography.  It couldn’t have worked out better for me.

CNM Graduate on TV

Afshan Abidi, CNM Graduate in Nutrition

I loved everything about CNM’s Course: the in-depth teaching, the amazing lecturers who shared their experiences with us, and the support we got from our clinic supervisors. It was all perfect. 

I currently have my own Television show on DM Global. It’s a Manchester based British-Asian TV network broadcast on SKY Platform channel number 799.  

My show is called Eat Rite for Life, and it’s broadcast in a mix of Urdu and English on Mondays from 2pm-3pm.

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afshan-tvI have direct personal experience of how a poor diet can have a significant negative impact on your life. For many years I suffered in silence with low energy levels and fatigue. I tried conventional treatments from my GP and consultant with very limited success. It was a long time before it was discovered that I suffered from an autoimmune disorder called  Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. In searching for answers to get back to health, I tried homeopathy. I found that it worked for a while and then I felt my symptoms return.  It was not until later that I learnt that Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis has strong associations with diet, and I could understand that my high sugar and high gluten based diet was holding back improvements to my health.  I knew I needed to make dietary and lifestyle changes in order to manage my symptoms, so I decided to increase my knowledge in the field of nutrition.

CNM offered a course with a holistic content under the heading of Naturopathic Nutrition, and the part time weekend classes fitted with my busy schedule.  I loved everything about the course: the in-depth teaching, the amazing lecturers who shared their experiences with us, and the support we got from our clinic supervisors. It was all perfect.                     

The course gave me a new life and I’m proud to be a CNM Graduate and a practising Nutritional Therapist.  I currently have my own Television show on DM Global.  It’s a Manchester based British-Asian TV network broadcast on SKY Platform channel number 799.  My show is called Eat Rite for Life, and it’s broadcast in a mix of Urdu and English on Mondays from 2pm-3pm. 

My experience of ill health left me passionate about Nutrition and showing people how they can, if they wish, take action to improve their health.

CNM taught me to seek knowledge and to spread it, and that’s exactly what I’m doing  because I know first hand how Nutrition changes lives.

Afshan can be contacted via

My successful career, a Natural Chef

Helen Taylor, CNM Natural Chef Graduate

This time last year I was waiting excitedly for the Natural Chef course to start. As the first intake, I didn’t know what to expect but had high hopes following my positive experience of the CNM’s Short Course in Nutrition for Every Day Living. 

I hoped that the Natural Chef course would build on my growing interest and knowledge of healthy food and give me the skills and confidence to start my own business.

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The idea for my business came a couple of years ago when I took a break from my career in PR and jetted off to France to do a ski season. I was managing a luxury ski chalet in the Alps and having a ball, but realised early on that my own healthy eating habits would have to go on hold due to the lack of healthy options around. I felt that there was a gap in the market for healthy ski holidays and decided to fill it with Mountain Therapy Holidays, my own venture that I founded this year while doing the Natural Chef course. The company’s ethos is pretty simple: to energise guests to have a fantastic holiday and go home feeling great.   

The Natural Chef course was exactly what I was looking for to give me greater knowledge and credibility to cook for future guests. The course itself was very interesting and there were many highlights including learning new techniques and recipes and the fantastic and inspiring lecturers.  But the best part for me was the final module called Food for Health in which we learnt how to cook therapeutically for certain conditions.  It was fascinating and humbling to read up on conditions and design meal plans and menus to support people with them.

It was also wonderful spending time with my positive and uplifting classmates. It’s not often you get to hang out with so many like-minded people, and I loved my Fridays in the kitchen with them, especially as I was also working in an office four days a week.

Having completed the course and my internship hours (which were a great insight into both chef and start-up life), I am now excited for the winter ahead and running Mountain Therapy, offering a healthy ski holiday with nourishing food and evening yoga. I was lucky enough to find a chalet to rent in France to run it from and look forward to welcoming my first guests soon. The chalet itself is an eco, sustainably restored 17th century farmhouse so fits perfectly with the wellbeing theme. It also has a wood-fired hot tub and sauna, perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating after a day in the mountains! I am now busy planning menus and taking lots of inspiration from dishes cooked on the Natural Chef course! 

I can definitely recommend the Natural Chef course!

Helen can be contacted at

CNM's course led to my dream career

Sarah Murphy, CNM Graduate in Herbal Medicine

As a teenager I suffered horribly with acne and poor skin. Having no idea about the underlying causes I tried every lotion and potion under the sun to try to help myself, to no avail.

Without knowing where to turn for help, I visited my GP who then put me on the contraceptive pill in an attempt to balance my hormones. I’m certain that this was a turning point for many of the subsequent health issues that were soon to follow.

I quickly began to have mood swings and felt depressed and low. Along with these new symptoms I was suffering from endless bouts of thrush, having problems with my periods and was also diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. In the meantime, my skin problems had only exacerbated and I was suffering with anxiety and panic attacks to add to the bargain.  All in all it was a pretty miserable state of affairs for a young teenage to find herself in.

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One Saturday afternoon I was browsing through a local bookshop when I stumbled across a book called  ‘Absolute Beauty’ believing it to be about homemade skin care products I bought it and decided to give it a try.

This proved to be a significant turning point in my life.

Upon browsing the content, I was surprised and enthralled to discover the book was based around the ancient science of Ayurveda; something that was almost unheard of in the UK in the 90’s.

From that point on there was no looking back. I decided that I needed to know everything I could about this subject, but in the days before the internet I had no idea where to begin. Again fate stepped in when I was introduced to a naturopath by a friend of mine who had also been struggling with hormonal issues.

I was totally bowled over by this wonderful naturopath and at the same time fascinated to discover that it was actually possible to work with plants, herbs and nutrition to heal all kinds of ailments naturally, and without modern drugs. At first I was sceptical, but as soon as I embarked on a programme with her, all my doubts were swept aside. From that moment on I decided to find a way to get to the root cause of my health issues and learn everything I could about natural medicine.

I decided to attend an Open Day at CNM Manchester to find out about studying Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine.  It was this one single event that led to me to where I am today. What amazed me was how comprehensive the course was. Not only did I get to learn about modern western herbalism, but the course also looked at other traditional systems such as TCM and my beloved Ayurveda. I literally couldn’t believe that it was possible to study everything I loved. 

I signed up there and then.

On the day of the event, I was privileged to speak personally with Hermann Keppler (founder of the College) who told me in quite a matter of fact manner, that this course would literally change my life. At the time I thought these were bold words, but thank goodness I listened to what he had to say as without having taken that course, both my health and my life situation might have been very different indeed. Not only did I have the exciting possibility of studying all the things I loved, I had finally opened up a way to empowerment and discovered that it was possible to help myself. I didn’t have to be resigned to a life of misery.

Not only has the CNM course led to me having my dream career and the fulfilment of spending every day doing something that I love; the knowledge I’ve learned has on more than one occasion been a lifesaver, for myself, and in the fact that I have also been able to help those close to me.

What I loved most about the CNM course was the sheer diversity. The college gave me access to people whose books I had read, and whom had inspired me greatly. I was supremely fortunate to meet people like Anne McIntyre, Peter Jackson Main and Patrick Holford. Each month I would rush to college with eager anticipation about what I would learn that day! It was amazing to meet and learn from the people who were at the forefront of knowledge in their field.

CNM has such a great community, and despite the fact I qualified nearly ten years ago I still feel just as involved and supported today.

With the explosion of information around the topic of natural health, I truly believe there has never been a better time to train in this traditional, yet utterly modern discipline. I simply can’t imagine living a life without herbs or the knowledge I gained from taking this course.

Today I run a busy clinic in Cornwall and am fortunate to be able to help people from all walks of life. I specialise in using western herbal medicine and Ayurveda to support people with a wide range of health issues.

I work closely with people who have experienced life changing traumatic events, as I have personal experience in the area, and offer in person and online skype appointments to support people with a range of anxiety issues.

Sarah can be contacted via:

CNM's the most rounded, holistic and up to date course around.

Suzie Walker, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

Before I did the CNM Naturopathic Nutrition course I did various Sales and Marketing roles for major Food brands. I personally had a keen interest in nutrition, with a strong passion for real food, and I was keen to learn more.  When I was looking to study nutrition, I compared various courses.  CNM’s was the most rounded, holistic and up to date course around.  

When I reviewed the syllabus it was evident that the content was based on relevant and recent research instead of old fashioned nutritional mantra.  My CNM lecturers were brilliant; always challenging us yet remaining very open.  The clinical practice was also great to watch and then later take part in to get real life practice.

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Once qualified, I started to see clients straightaway, and in working with them I saw how a paleo/primal approach to diet and lifestyle significantly helped whatever ailment they were dealing with.  As a result I became a huge paleo advocate.  We follow a paleo lifestyle at home (including the dog and cats).

My clients got on board with changing their diets, but always struggled with on-the-go snacks.  My toddler daughter, too, wanted something a bit more substantial than raisins and rice cakes.  I made up some energy balls, which my clients loved.  It was then that I decided to look into launching my own range of snacks, based on tasty, nutritious and entirely real foods, which fully complement a clean eating lifestyle, free of any grains, dairy, refined sugars and vegetable oils, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.   I finally found a professional kitchen that would make the bars to the exact recipe I was making at home, and organised packaging and website design. I could never have anticipated the response.  We sold 20,000 bars in the first two weeks when we launched Primal Pantry’s website in January 2014.  Our bars are now stocked by major supermarkets and various independent stores and gyms, as well as in various countries abroad.

I currently don’t have time to see individual clients, but I do have the satisfaction of knowing that an awful lot of people enjoy benefitting from Primal Pantry’s commitment to real food, an approach that was highly emphasised at CNM.

Now I practise what I learnt and have never felt better!

Bea Devlin, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I was looking for a career that could offer me the flexibility of self-employment, whilst doing something I am interested in and would enjoy doing. 

From an early age I had learned from family members about the healing properties of plants and herbs.  I had also seen how a visit to a homeopath had helped my husband’s asthma, and I was keen to research means of improving health without the use of drugs.

I had always been keen to train in natural therapies, and after university and working in sales promotion, taking a break from work to start a family provided a natural transition.

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I spent a while searching online for training options, and chose CNM’s Diploma Course in Naturopathic Nutrition. The course offers a good balance between theory and practice. For me, the key aspect of the course is the clinic hours, so you are involved in real-life situations and it is a great opportunity to learn from experienced practitioners. Plus with a young family, it was very attractive for me to have a CNM college right on my doorstep in Edinburgh.

Even the most health-minded individuals found that the course challenged their initial beliefs and understandings.  I didn’t know as much as I thought I did! Now I practise what I learnt and have never felt better!

Qualifying as a nutritional therapist has enabled me to balance motherhood with my career, giving me the flexibility that I wanted.  I operate my nutritional therapy practice from two centres in Edinburgh, and I love the challenge of getting to the root of health issues and seeing what I can do to guide the client to optimum health. It’s very rewarding when you can open people’s eyes to better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.

I am also proud to be a Course Consultant for CNM Edinburgh, guiding prospective students on the options offered by CNM and answering any queries they may have.

I recommend CNM's interesting and in-depth course.

Lohralee Astor, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

Before graduating from CNM I was a model, I was in a fantastic job and I worked all over the world for brands such as Lee Jeans, Guess, Triumph and Vodafone.

I grew up in Canada on the West Coast, and living near the ocean and mountains you tend to live a bit more of healthy lifestyle, at least in the sense of enjoying the great outdoors.  I have always loved food and sport and whilst modelling I started looking into ways of keeping fit and being healthy. In New York I started reading books on detoxification and eating right for your blood type and I think my interest grew from there.

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When I moved to London, one of my dear friends was studying at CNM and she really enjoyed the course.  I was fascinated with the subject and it was a something I really wanted to do.  I felt that CNM’s Nutrition Diploma Course was a perfect fit for me.  It was incredibly interesting and in-depth and it is a course I would definitely recommend.

Before taking the nutrition course at CNM I didn’t really grasp how much eating well can make you feel better. There was a time when I was very low in energy but through eating a clean and healthy diet I felt energised.  I also love that I can help other people feel better too.   

Now as mother of three, I have the tools to help my husband and children eat healthily.   I love cooking with the children and teaching them about food. I just had my third baby in May 2016, and my healthy cookbook for kids and families came out only days later. So life has been very full and exciting!

I love helping people and I hope I can inspire people to make healthy changes in their lives.  If it’s only small adjustments one makes, then at least it is one step closer to feeling better and more energised.

Click here for details of Lohralee’s book: Feeding the Future – Clean Eating for Children & Families.

Click here to see student and graduates published books.

CNM was happy to find a study plan that would work for me.

Joanne Hill, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I had struggled with hormone, skin and blood sugar issues since being a teenager, although I had no idea that these could be related to diet and nutrition.  Later when trying to start a family, I picked up a few books which explained the connections between diet and fertility. That was when the penny dropped. After changing my diet and having a course of acupuncture, I fell pregnant with my second child.

I looked into the opportunity to study Nutrition further.  As I wanted a career afterwards, it was important to me  that CNM’s course was accredited.  My son was just three months old when I started the course, but CNM was happy to find a study plan that would work for me.

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I loved returning to study.  It gave me the opportunity to step out of family life and to enjoy spending time with people with people of different ages, situations and backgrounds, all so passionate about nutrition and natural therapies. CNM lecturers were very knowledgeable and were able to pass on their considerable clinical experience.

For me, the most enjoyable part of the course was the clinical practice, learning how to take a set of symptoms and then to understand the triggers to these and really work on the underlying causes, for some great results.

I practiced as a Nutritional Therapist after graduating in 2009,  I still practice,  although  I now spend most of my time running my busy shop and clinic, which I bought in 2012. At Amaranth, in Stockport, we have a wide range of products and therapies on offer.  We have three registered nutritional therapists at the clinic (two of whom graduated from CNM and one lecturer from CNM) in addition to holistic therapists, acupuncturists, and a homeopath, and we help promote health and nutrition to the wider community. The store has recently won a number of awards of which we are very proud, including the Best Independent Retailer (UK) 2015 at the Natural and Organic awards and The Best Local shop 2016. 

As the shop and clinic owner and a practising nutritional therapist, I have the perfect opportunity to combine my previous career in retail consultancy with my passion for nutrition and health.  If you are considering a career in natural health, I would say ‘go for it’.  It is definitely one of the most rewarding careers you can have.

I fell in love with the positive atmosphere at CNM.

Gry Feldhutter, CNM Graduate in Acupuncture

I taught music and Danish for more than 10 years, which I enjoyed, but my voice couldn’t cope with the strain. So when my family and I moved to London, I knew I had to find a new career.

Way back I had had some great experiences with Acupuncture on my travels to Asia, China in particular, so I when I saw CNM’s Acupuncture Course I attended an open day. I simply fell in love with the positive atmosphere at CNM and their focus on using natural means to keep healthy and happy.

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I have always loved nature and what is natural, so to me Naturopathy seemed like a great partner to Acupuncture. By using my knowledge to advise people on a natural lifestyle and diet, as well as give them Acupuncture, I have since experienced that to be true.

Once I started the course I was hooked. Engaging and passionate teachers and fantastic fellow students have given me some of the best – at times also challenging – times of my life.

I studied while my children were little and I am glad that I managed to make it work due to the flexible study hours.  After graduating, I immediately started working hours to suit my current commitments.  With young children and a husband who travels the world, it still works. It’s beautiful and really rewarding to share with people what Acupuncture and Naturopathy can do. It makes me happy and humble every day. Sometimes the long and winding path takes you to the most interesting places!

Studying at CNM has been life changing.

Sofia Dahlgren, CNM Graduate in Nutrition

I was born in Sweden and grew up in the natural surroundings of forests and lakes. I took health for granted until the trauma of my mother passing away from cancer.  

After graduating in Fine Art and becoming mother to a wonderful boy,  my health began to decline and I suffered from many symptoms including severe brain fog, low mood, weight problems, skin rashes, food sensitivities, oedema, joint pain, bloating, ear infections, toxicity, fatigue, slow wound healing, and hypothyroidism.

I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. Illness became part of my identity and I forgot what it felt like to feel alive and well.

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By researching natural ways of healing I learnt about the medicinal properties of foods. I made changes to my diet, which gave me a feeling of control. Slowly I was losing excess weight, feeling less fatigued, and my health started to improve. The kitchen became my new studio and for the first time in a very long time I found enjoyment and meaning in what I created. Realising the power of food is what led me to study Nutritional Therapy.

I chose to study at CNM because I wanted to learn how to use ‘food as medicine’ from a biochemical as well as an energetic perspective. Being a mother and juggling a part-time job, CNM’s flexible schedule allowed me to successfully complete my studies.

The course brought me a new level of awareness on how nutrition affects our health on so many levels including physical, mental and emotional.  I also loved meeting like-minded people who are now much-loved friends.

Studying at CNM has been life changing. It is by far the best investment I have ever made in terms of my health and knowledge. It has allowed me to work as a Nutritional Therapist with confidence. Sharing my knowledge and inspiring people to make dietary and lifestyle changes in order to gain better health, is highly rewarding. 

My UK company is called ‘Blossom and Heal Nutrition’.  I also host retreats in a beautiful Swedish Manor house, and I’m writing articles and recipes for a respected Swedish Journal.

Nutrition has helped me take control over my life by realising the healing power of Nature.

Sofia can be contacted at: 

We were encouraged to become creative practitioners.

Emma Schade-Stylli, CNM Graduate in Herbal Medicine

I have always felt a deep connection to nature and the cycle of the seasons, with a passionate interest in exploring the science and healing art of plant based medicine, and holistic lifestyle choices to help improve people’s lives.

Studying naturopathy and herbal medicine at CNM has been a holistic and health rewarding journey, weaving art, science, tradition and up-to-date evidence-based medicine to a high degree.

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I chose CNM because it seemed to be the only option for combining study of both naturopathy and herbal medicine.  I loved the part time flexible nature of study; the support from teachers, staff and fellow students; the life-long friendships made; the eclectic nature and mix of teaching material and style. Most of all, I loved that we were encouraged to become unique, individual and creative practitioners with our intuition intact and not something deriving from a clinical mould.

I live on a smallholding on the Isle of Anglesey, tending the land for pesticide free vegetables, fruits and herbs to serve the local community.  It’s where I am now setting up my own practice as a naturopath, herbalist and holistic lifestyle coach for general public locally and beyond.  People I’ve worked with have been surprised and pleased that they’ve been able to resume a healthy and joyful life after years of problems or pain. CNM training means I can offer them quality, personalised healthcare with long term benefits and lasting results.

Emma can be contacted at

CNM's teaching staff were always so supportive

Deborah Bulcock, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

During my 30s my health really started to deteriorate and after a few years of battling I realised I needed to, change the way I was living my life. Years of 50-60 hour weeks in senior roles in the Financial Services Industry, commuting and high pressure was obviously taking its toll. It was time for a change.

Once I’d made the decision to leave the corporate world I thought I’d already made the biggest decision, but working out what to do instead involved a lot of tough discussions and soul searching. I knew I wanted to be in a profession where I could really help people make a positive change in their lives. 

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Finally, I considered Nutrition.  I’d had a somewhat unhealthy relationship with food through most of my life, influenced heavily by media messages and the latest fad diets. My weight, fitness and health, yo-yo’d. Ultimately, I think my passion for helping others collided with my own experience and frustration with health and nutrition, and opened the door to the world of nutritional therapy.

I spent quite a bit of time looking for a course. I needed something that was flexible, could fit around my work and was fairly local to me. I also wanted to ensure I would gain appropriate qualifications and be able to practice at the end of it. After a lengthy discussion with CNM’s Director of Studies in Manchester I signed up and got started. It ended up an easy decision. I graduated last summer and have been practising since July. I started out by doing this alongside my banking work, but at the end of 2015 I took the plunge and am now doing nothing else but Nutritional Therapy.

What did I especially love about CNM’s course? For me it’s always about people. Our lecturers, Director of Studies, Clinical Supervisor and Assistant Supervisors have all been fabulous.  Studying can be challenging, but I got through with their support, humour and humanity. I’ve met some brilliant people and I’m still in touch with many of my fellow students.

My life has been transformed over the last 3-4 years. Changing career has had a really big impact on every aspect of my wellbeing. I’m still on the journey to optimal health and wellbeing, but the knowledge gained from my studies along with finding my work really fulfilling is certainly helping me along the way. I honestly consider myself to be in the most privileged position, supporting people to feel their very best through the insight offered by Nutritional Therapy.

You can contact Deborah via

I enjoyed every day of my studies!

Maya Daghighi, CNM Graduate in Herbal Medicine

Before my studies at CNM, I was a Graduate in Medical Anthropology (the study of human health and disease) and Osteology (the study of bones from the Middle Ages).

I always wanted to become a natural health practitioner – Herbal Medicine in particular was my passion! But there were certain restrictions to studying this in my home country.

I loved CNM as soon as I put my foot through the door; it was the naturopathic approach which attracted me, other places I had looked into couldn’t offer this training.

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For me, the best part about studying at CNM was the student clinic; there was such a great energy. I enjoyed every day of my studies.

As a Naturopath and Herbalist, I am now in a position to help people and it feels amazing!
CNM is such a great place for people who know they have the responsibility to pass on what they have learnt and improve people’s lives!

Maya can be contacted via email at

CNM offered a Diploma Course with emphasis on the practical side of nutritional therapy

Linda Sims, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

My father-in-law’s battle with cancer was what set me on a journey of discovery; I started to read anything I could get my hands on about nutrition.

CNM offered a Diploma Course with emphasis on the practical side of nutritional therapy and the science behind everything we were taught. I was able to study at weekend classes and in Bristol, which minimised the disruption to my family.

I met some amazing and inspirational people at CNM, both lecturers and students. Many of them have become my friends and support system.

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Previously I had a career in Marketing and then was a stay at home Mum. Studying with CNM gave me the practical skills and confidence to start a new career and run my own clinical practice.

Since graduating, I have been running my own clinic helping my clients unlock and achieve their optimal health potential. My Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma has empowered me to do a job that I love and that I’m able to do around my family.

Linda can be contacted via email at

CNM's course was comprehensive and exciting

Ewura-ama Bossman, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

Whilst I was doing my A Levels I worked as a Fitness Instructor, and was first attracted to Natural Therapies as I felt it went hand in hand with the work I was doing. I also just love food, so finding out why certain foods/nutrients are essential to our health is an added bonus.

I chose to study Nutrition at CNM because I felt that the syllabus was comprehensive and exciting. I especially loved being able to put into practice at our student clinics all the information I had learnt and actually see it work on other people. Being able to see how making a few changes to one’s diet, clearing up the confusion for people as to what is beneficial to their health and helping them to reach their personal goals is something I find extremely rewarding.

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Studying Nutrition also helped me to overcome some personal challenges, including teenage vulnerability to body ideals presented in the media. I realized that eating is about principles rather than rules; and feeding your body to give it what it needs nutrient-wise, whilst enjoying food. When you’re young you should be taught at school that nutrition feeds more than just our bodies. It also has a direct impact on brain development, cognition, memory and recall, behaviour, and motivation, all of which are fundamental to development and success.

I’m working with a high-profile food blogger offering her clients online Nutritional Therapy consultations. I’m also seeing my own clients, and working on my website and blog which will feature recipe ideas for home-cooked meals which are both nutritious and tasty.

You can contact Ewura-ama via email at:

I would highly recommend studying at CNM.

Kate Elliott, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I began my career as a nurse which I found rewarding but stressful. Eventually my health began to suffer so I made the decision to pursue a new approach to health, I spent two years in Australia, where my diet included a wonderful variety of fresh food, exercise and plenty of sunshine and I felt much better. Once back home, with the link between diet/lifestyle and good health in mind, I decided to study nutrition. I enrolled for a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition with CNM. The course gave me in-depth knowledge of nutrition and a naturopathic approach of how to achieve good health.

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The mix of lectures and running a student clinic was a fantastic combination for learning and applying the knowledge. Meeting people with a variety of health problems in the Student Clinics gave me the confidence to practice when I qualified. 

After the course, I worked initially with a Yoga and Detox retreat. Now much of my time is spent working with businesses delivering Wellbeing Days, combining holistic health advice with creative cooking. Many employees are overworked, stressed and lacking in energy, I show them how making a few simple changes can help improve health, wellbeing and boost energy levels. Within a short time they generally feel much happier and healthier. I also offer private consultations and workshops.

People are showing much more interest in nutrition and I get some great feedback from clients. Working as a nutritionist is such a rewarding job, not only am I helping people, the job has variety and I meet lovely clients. I would highly recommend studying at CNM.

You can contact Kate via email:

"I empower people to make healthier choices"

Jem Friar, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

Before studying at CNM, I worked at a detox and yoga meditation retreat in Portugal. My experience of supporting people to heal whilst detoxing was profound and made me want to learn more! I loved CNM’s holistic approach and the breadth of the knowledge that was covered in their course.  What’s more, the flexibility of the course allowed me to work full time. Having qualified I feel I am much better equipped to treat and support people on a whole new level. I have a much greater awareness of illness due to physical, dietary, emotional and mental causes, and toxins.

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Since graduating from CNM, I now work as a personal detox coach and a retreat manager where  I can fully support people through a deep detox process which enables them to change, heal and find balance. I am passionate about change and self-growth.

I have released a book called ‘The Juice Habit Made Easy’ – with tips, tricks and healthy fruit and vegetable juice recipes.  It was inspired by supporting thousands of people to go through juice fasts, to love the process and to reap the great health benefits that can be obtained from regular juicing.

A naturopath’s world is about re-educating people and empowering them to make much healthier choices. It’s one of the most valuable things any of us can learn or do.

Jem can be contacted via email at:

"I loved being taught by CNM lecturers who are successful practitioners themselves."

Angela St Ville, CNM Graduate in Herbal Medicine.

I am a retired nurse and midwife, and I have huge empathy for anyone with health problems. I’ve always had an interest in natural therapies and used them to help overcome my daughter’s asthma. I myself have rheumatoid arthritis. With what I learnt at CNM, especially about finding and addressing  the root cause of our health problems, my own health is improving.  I loved being taught by CNM lecturers who are successful practitioners themselves and who have a living keeping people healthy!

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I also loved the simple diagnostic tools I learnt which I feel should be used by all in the medical world, like tongue and pulse analysis, and checking for signs of excesses or deficiencies. I feel happiest helping others. 

Now I’ve qualified as a Naturopath and Herbalist I plan to set up an organisation helping everyone that I can to understand how we impact and can help our own health.

"My husband and I set up a business running wellness retreats."

Emma Stanley, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

As a teenager I was always into fitness and healthy eating (or what I then thought was healthy eating!).

When it came to deciding what I wanted to do with my life, I knew I wanted to help others get enthusiastic about fitness and health!

I became a Personal Trainer and enjoyed helping my clients, but I slowly began to understand that nutrition was even more important to getting fit than just the training side.

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My epiphany came during a visit to a health farm where I had my first nutrition consultation. I found it fascinating, and a month later I enrolled on CNM’s Naturopathic Nutrition course so I could find out more for myself!

Since graduating, I have used my knowledge gained on the course to set up a new business with my husband which involves running wellness retreats, as well as my nutrition business, Emma Stanley Nutrition. Our business is called Renaissance Retreats, where we offer fitness training, healthy food and juices, and most important of all, nutrition workshops.  Our main focus is on educating people about how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Emma can be contacted at:

"I work with primary school children to broaden their variety of foods."

Jade Hallie, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I always knew that I wanted to have a career helping other people but I had no idea how I was going to achieve it. I started out in the field of mental health, but the long hours and shift patterns left me in a poor state of health, so I began working as a community health trainer, supporting vulnerable adults to make healthier lifestyle choices. We covered topics such as healthy eating, physical activity and stopping smoking. I was so stunned by the physical and mental health improvements that came about as a result of people making changes that it gave me a huge interest in nutrition. 

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I had found my calling, which led me to study at CNM where I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially the lectures and being part of a group of people who shared a similar outlook.  Studying was an extremely worthwhile commitment.

Since graduating in nutritional therapy, I am extremely busy doing something that I love and that I’m passionate about. I work with primary school children to broaden their variety of foods. I train Health Champions in secondary schools and promote healthy eating to young people in independent living. I run community workshops and a special weight loss clinic for women.
Not only do I improve the community’s health, I’ve also helped my family. For anyone who wants to help others in a positive way, raising awareness of how important healthy eating really is, it’s brilliant!

Jade can be contacted on:

"I've opened my own clinic in Harley Street, London."

Ingrid Grasmo, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I originally trained as a Pharmacologist and have been working as a Copywriter for nearly a decade in Medical Advertising, Publishing and Journalism. I became interested in studying Nutritional Therapy after I visited the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida for some personal health issues. By following their Functional Medicine and Nutrition-focused approach, my health challenges resolved and I decided to complete my training and bridge science and natural therapies at CNM.

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I really enjoyed the practical aspect of studying at CNM, and having hands on experience where you would practice on your own clients at the Student Clinic. The lecturers were knowledgeable and the programme offered the flexibility to continue full-time work while studying. 

CNM gave me the ability to help others become their best self. Last year, I opened my own clinic in Harley Street, London and am an active contributor for CAM Magazine. During my time with Nutri-Link Ltd, I also set up a busy online practitioner forum ‘NT Practitioner Network’ on Facebook, which now has over 300 verified Nutritional Therapy professionals and students. It’s been a very busy few years, but very worth it. At the end of last year I won the 2015 CAM award as an Outstanding Student, and will continue to honour this achievement by continuing to support the Nutritional Therapy community and my life-long journey in learning the latest advances in Functional Medicine.

Ingrid can be contacted at

"I have published a children's book series."

Sam Bourne, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Medicine

As the former creative director of a design agency I loved working with brands like Disney, but I also had a huge interest in nutrition. When my children were very small I made up stories to help them understand why they should choose to eat healthy foods. I kept my scribbled art and stories, and eventually, after studying nutrition at CNM and practicing as a Nutritional Therapist, I set to work my Nutrikids books. I am very lucky to have fulfilled both my passions through the books I have created.

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My own interest in healthy eating began in my 20’s when I suffered terrible digestive pains all the time. I saw so many specialists but they didn’t help. I became terribly unwell and decided to take matters into my own hands. Through reading books to learn about nutrition and making major dietary changes I overcame my digestive problems and never looked back.

I wanted the right qualification to enable me to write my nutrition books that had been inspired by my children. When I enrolled at CNM I got completely swept up in the thirst for knowledge and I loved being part of something that felt like it could change the world. As a practicing Nutritional Therapist, I believe that the answer to changing the nation’s diet is in guiding children and parents towards foods that will keep them healthy.

The stories in my NutriKids books are designed especially to allow children to put themselves into the character’s shoes, which helps them to understand and learn about the health benefits of each food and how it could support their own health. If it’s good for Connie Carrot, it must be good for them! I am hoping one day to have at least 30 books and other products in the range.

The books are available to buy from 

"I'm exploring the world and connect strongly to nature and natural therapies."

David de Rothschild, Eco-explorer, CNM Naturopathy Graduate

A major stepping stone into going deeper with my environmental work was undoubtedly inspired by studying to be a Naturopath at CNM. As I became increasingly aware that you are what you eat and breathe, hence as much as we like to try and separate the two, a health body is a healthy planet, and vice versa, it always felt like the right step was to further my knowledge through a broad spectrum of fields, which is why Naturopathy felt like the perfect partner to my curiosity.

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Since graduating from CNM in 2004, I’ve undertaken a number of well-publicised projects calling attention to the environment, from the effects of global warming to the destruction of the rain forest, to the horrific amounts of plastic trash in our seas. Ultimately, I like to think I am just a curious passenger on spaceship earth. I’m trying to give nature a voice, albeit through books, adventures, product design, campaigns, talks or television series. I’m strongly connected to nature and natural therapies and ground a lot of my ideas and design to that end. I’m about to undertake a new adventure launching ‘The Lost Explorer’ a lifestyle company, that amongst its products will include a line of natural healing balms and wellness products that talk to my fascination and curiosity for plant based medicines.

David can be contacted via

"I overcame chronic fatigue and now help others."

Rebecca Cotterall, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Lyme disease at the age of 13 and went from being a top grade student to one who was so poorly that I was able to attend a part time ‘special school’ in a wheelchair, only when I felt well enough. There is not a definitive cure for what I had, but through my own research I realised the power of nutrition and how much better natural remedies made me feel personally.

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When I was looking to start a course in nutrition, I investigated what was on offer and found some courses heavily based on pharmaceutical or food company research. I enrolled at CNM because their approach is very natural and holistic, as well as research-based. I could study biomedicine as part of the course, and the opportunity to study at weekends meant I could rest throughout the week.

The course was highly relevant to me. I managed to get myself better through understanding what helped me as a chronic fatigue sufferer. Now I lead a normal life and have a busy social life with no fatigue or pain (and the wheelchair is long gone).

The students at CNM are all likeminded; they are there because they want to be there and are very supportive of one another. My Director of Studies was really helpful.

I graduated from CNM in summer 2015. I opened a clinic in the August and it’s already super busy but I’m able to work the hours that suit me. I run detox programs and specialise in chronic fatigue. I feel it gives my clients hope as they can see how much I have improved. Practising doesn’t feel like work to me. I love seeing my clients’ progression. I think people need to be more aware of the power of nutrition. Nutrition is for everybody, it truly helps when it is used correctly.

Rebecca practices near Chorley in Lancashire, and can be contacted via

"I am the lead nutritionist of a company teaching physical resilience."

Jelena Deruka, CNM Graduate in Nutritional Therapy

I’ve always been interested in natural therapies, ever since my grandmother in Latvia showed me what herbs to pick and how to make teas and ointments to treat minor ailments. I did a degree in International Business Studies but when I saw CNM’s advert for training in Naturopathic Nutrition I knew at once that that was the career path for me. I was mesmerized by my studies, as CNM lecturers joined up all the dots between food, lifestyle and health.
The holistic approach taught at CNM  allows one to see the big picture.

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I also really enjoyed the Student Clinics where I could be face to face with clients and see them improve their health by making incremental changes in their lives. As a qualified Nutritional Therapist, I want to use everything I’ve learnt to help improve health, so as well as one to one consultations, I am the lead nutritionist for a company teaching physical resilience.

Jelena can be contacted via

"I've set up an internet business partnership called Revolution Foods."

Ryan Brown, CNM Graduate of Naturopathic Nutrition

My two friends and I, as close as brothers since infant school in Burton on Trent, grew up to be typical lads, eating junk food and drinking too much alcohol. Unsurprisingly I hadn’t been feeling in vibrant health. Dean, who became a professional footballer, was the first to start researching how nutrition could impact his health and performance. His results with specific superfood supplements were impressive and inspired me to give them a try.
I experienced amazing health benefits, probably because at last I was getting the nutrients I needed.

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I lost weight, and began to feel so much better both mentally and physically, that our friend Gareth decided to embark on a health journey, too.

It sparked off a massive interest for us, and we set up an internet business partnership which we felt was so life-changing that we decided to call it Revolution Foods. We sold top quality organic superfood supplements, such as Maca and a type of seaweed. We were attracting attention because of Dean’s high profile. Then people started to ask us for advice about health conditions. It was totally over our heads, so Gareth and I decided to get ourselves an in depth nutritional education by enrolling at CNM in Birmingham.

Having left formal education aged 17, it was a shock for me to go back into it at 31, but I’ve worked really hard and we’ll know the results soon! In terms of personal development, my people skills and confidence have increased tenfold by doing the Course. The way it was structured was fantastic, the lecturers were top class. The Students all supported each other and I’ve made friends for life. What Gareth and I learnt at CNM was an eye-opening experience that was fantastic and gives our company credibility. Gareth is raring to set up as a nutritional therapist when he graduates. Although it wasn’t my primary motive for training, I think it would be a waste not to practice, so I plan to spend some of my time helping people on a one to one basis. Primarily though, I’ll be using my knowledge within Revolution Foods, from creating  detailed labels, to being able to assess manufacturers’ health claims, to researching and developing new products. Through our interest and knowledge, Gareth (who’s now my brother in law) and I have swapped mundane careers for something life-changing not just for us, but for others too. Food is love!

Organic is a passion for our company, for health, ethical and environmental reasons. The people we do business with share our ethos and are part of the revolution that we want to create for a healthy future. We’ve now opened a health food shop on the front of our warehouse, selling the produce of a local organic grower to the public, and we have big ambitions to hit high streets one day. We’re driven by wanting  to spread awareness of just how far food dictates health. Someone who is obese can actually be starving through lack of health-giving food. We want a health revolution, but it can only start with the changes that each of us makes and passes on to someone else.

Ryan can be contacted via

"I work for a leading botanical company as their education manager."

Judy Rocher, CNM Graduate in Nutritional Therapy

Growing up, I suffered from frequent viral infections for which I was given antibiotics. After a particularly serious episode resulting in hospitalisation with pneumonia, I realised that I had to do something differently. I consulted a Homeopath and seemed to recover well. Inspired, I read all I could on the subject of natural health, and developed an incredible thirst for knowledge. I suffered with digestive issues and found that I could improve my health through the use of diet, supplements and lifestyle choices.

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Knowing I needed to study further, I attended a CNM Open Day and was blown away by their naturopathic approach which looked at someone’s entire health picture. I was working full time in London as a Project Manager in IT which was incredibly stressful. I had to find a course that would enable me to work and study at the same time, and CNM’s part time weekend study in Brighton, my home town, suited my needs perfectly.

I loved every day of the course. The lecturers were wonderful and so inspiring. They were all practitioners so their experience was doubly helpful. Student Clinics were an essential part, giving the sort of experience we would encounter in our own practices whilst being able to rely on the experts if necessary. I had a massive sense of achievement on graduating and made lifelong friends on the course. I would certainly recommend it to others.

With the knowledge I gained on the course, I work for a leading botanical company as their Education Manager, providing technical support to users and writing articles for natural health magazines.

I also run a private nutrition practice and nothing is more rewarding than having clients thank me for helping them when they’ve spent years pursuing all sorts of conventional medical treatments which didn’t work for them. I’m particularly interested in Lyme Disease, which can imitate numerous other diseases and lead to chronic fatigue syndrome.

I love helping people, and I believe the general public is becoming increasingly aware that a naturopathic approach with holistic principles can be a highly effective route to good health.

Judy can be contacted via her website,

"I set up in practice as a nutritional therapist straight away."

Polly Douglas, CNM Graduate in Nutritional Therapy

I first found out how diet could help with health problems because I had really bad eczema, hay fever, and IBS. Nutritional changes helped so much that, coming from a background in biological sciences, I felt I needed to understand the science behind it. I worked within the NHS for 5 years before deciding to re-train, following the birth of my two daughters. So I studied Naturopathic Nutrition at CNM, where the lecturers really knew their stuff, and the clinical practise was superb. On graduating four years ago I set up in practice as a Nutritional Therapist straight away, I’m very happy with what I’ve achieved.

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I work across central Scotland privately and for Nuffield Health, providing clients with nutritional advice, and I’m expanding my private clinic to include 4 day residential retreats so I can help my clients in a more sustained, tailored setting.

Interest in natural health is growing. We need more people to graduate and take the message out to people that there are choices to support health other than pharmaceutical drugs. I love helping others who have struggled to find relief or answers to health issues, by helping to find and deal with the root cause. Not many occupations can offer that level of job satisfaction!

Polly practices at clinics across central Scotland, and can be contacted via

"I set up my own practice and my business is constantly expanding."

Janet Wrathall, CNM Graduate in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine

Looking back as a Naturopath, I can see that work stress, marital breakdown and family bereavement all played a part in my poor health. I had M.E, breast cancer and other problems, for which I followed partially a conventional approach but mainly natural treatment, and researched for myself explanations for my poor health status. I heard about CNM’s holistic approach to health and I began studying Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine at CNM part time, whilst working and dealing with my M.E. 

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It was amazing, inspiring, and intense.

After graduating from CNM I began practising right away. Interest is certainly growing in natural therapies and I’m consistently expanding my business. I’m passionate about what I do and I love being a Naturopath! I feel amazingly lucky that the difficulties I’ve been through myself, have led to me being in a position to help others and I’m determined to pass it on!

I have lovely clients who come back to me and give me great testimonials, so I often have a waiting list for people to see me. Society needs more people trained in natural health! I feel I had great good luck in finding CNM, and I recommend their training courses to everyone I meet.

Janet practices in Lancashire and can be contacted on

"I'm now in a job I feel really passionate about."

Natalie Lamb, CNM Graduate in Nutritional Therapy

Despite having a degree in Business Studies and an enviable job, I wanted a job I could feel really passionate about. Having always been interested in the link between food and health, the naturopathic focus of CNM’s Nutrition Diploma Course and the option for weekend study seemed perfect for me, so I enrolled. The lecturers were extremely knowledgeable and the course was stuffed with incredible revelations about the impact of food on our health! After graduating I set up a nutritional practice, and to further my interest in gut dysbiosis and supplements, I joined Bio-Kult, as a technical advisor.

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An area of keen specialism for me is the effect of abnormal gut flora on physical and mental health, particularly on behavioural issues.

People are suffering due to the poor quality of much of the food they eat, and I want to alter the way people feel about food by showing them how it impacts every aspect of their lives. I write for a number of magazines about the route to a healthier way of eating.

I love my job! Taking the CNM course meant changing my outlook, my job, and my work/life balance. Now I help others. A healthy gut is the key to good health, and opens the door to a different way of living.

Natalie can be contacted via

"I work my own hours and run a very successful practice."

Gunilla Gerber, CNM Graduate in Homeopathy

I gave my children Homeopathic remedies for minor ailments and found them so effective that I decided to train to become a Homeopath!
I found my CNM studies completely enthralling, despite being in my 40s and having to fit study around running a home, a family and a job. It was so addictive that I couldn’t wait for my next weekend of college to arrive, especially the clinical practice. On qualifying I quickly built up a reputation and now over 90% of my clients come through word of mouth.

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Being self-employed means that I can work the hours I choose. A Homeopath has to understand what makes their clients tick and that’s fundamental to what I love about my job.

Gunilla can be contacted via

"I produced a book which became a global hit."

Elizabeth Peyton-Jones, CNM Graduate in Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy

Having had a successful clinic for 15 years treating celebrities, models, actors and public figures, Elizabeth’s first book Eat Yourself Young, became a global hit, translated into eight languages. Elizabeth writes regularly for the media, and her TV appearances include Channel 4’s How Not to Get Old, as the show’s healthy eating guru. She is involved in improving wellness in the Corporate sector, and consults for juice bars, hotels & restaurants on healthy and allergen-free menus.

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Elizabeth’s ‘free from’ snack range Go Nuts! won the ‘Great Taste Awards’ 2014.

Here’s what Elizabeth says about her CNM training:

“CNM gave me the foundation of my knowledge in health, food and herbal medicine. All the teachers were amazing and so encouraging, they made me hungry for more knowledge and it was this hunger that has led me to where I am today. The great thing is I can keep coming back and learning more. The learning never ends. Thank you CNM.”

Elizabeth can be contacted via

"I set up practice after graduating and help people on a daily basis."

Adam Smith, CNM Graduate in Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy

After gaining a BSc in Biochemistry, I worked in a branch of pharmaceutical marketing, but eventually I became disillusioned with the pharma-led model of healthcare. I decided to change my career completely, and chose Herbal Medicine because it combined my scientific background with my burgeoning interest in natural healthcare. Herbal medicine treats the person, not the condition, and therefore has the potential to help anyone and everyone. Access to natural healthcare should be a right, not a privilege.

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Studying Herbal Medicine on CNM’s weekend course whilst working full-time was hard work, but highly rewarding and it was invigorating to be around other like-minded people and some wonderful lecturers.

I would recommend CNM training because it’s based on naturopathic practices; because the Herbal Medicine course offers training in Western, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine and maintains energetics as a key part of the course; and because the courses train students to be confident in practising whatever discipline they choose.

As a Practitioner it’s truly wonderful to be doing something I believe in and helping people on a daily basis.

Adam practises Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy in Forest Row in East Sussex. He can be contacted via his website or on

"I have a rewarding career both personally and financially."

Amanda Banks, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Acupuncture

CNM’s Acupuncture course from my perspective was totally worthwhile. I looked at several courses when deciding where to study Acupuncture, I chose CNM as it had the additional factor of the Naturopathy course and that has proved to be an excellent selling point. Despite only being qualified for 6 months I now work 5 days a week in my own clinics treating patients with my Acupuncture and Naturopathy skills, a career that has proved to be rewarding both personally and financially.

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I am convinced that the results I see in clinic are due to the excellent teaching staff at CNM and the fact that with Naturopathy you can educate patients on how to improve their conditions/diseases outside the treatment room. My days are now spent making people feel better, I cannot imagine a better career choice!

Amanda practices in Essex & London, and can be contacted via

"I'm in demand and in a career I really enjoy."

Sally Wisbey, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

Getting my own health back on track with the help of a Nutritionist, was where it all started. As I became more interested in how diet impacts our health, my career in banking seemed less fulfilling, so I decided to retrain as a natural health practitioner, specialising in nutrition. I researched courses and chose to enrol on CNM’s Diploma Course in Naturopathic Nutrition, because of their weekend classes and flexible study options, so I could continue working throughout my studies. Their naturopathic approach to health was also very important to me.

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Having left school many years before, it was a big step to commit to studying again. The thought of learning about Anatomy & Physiology was petrifying to me. The reality of studying at CNM was definitely a challenge, but it was great!  We had the most amazing, inspiring naturopathic lecturers who explained things so well, plus all the practice of working in Student Clinics. You don’t really know what you’re capable of until you throw yourself into something.   The sense of achievement I gained when I graduated gave me much more self-confidence.

As a Nutritional Therapist, I support clients with a whole range of health issues. I have a huge passion for helping people address Sports Nutrition, and Autism. I also have a keen interest in Lyme Disease after being diagnosed myself, and realising that natural therapies were the route for me. Most clients really want to change their health, and it’s an absolute joy to see how pleased they are when their hard work pays off.   It was also thrilling to receive the 2014 Highly Commended Outstanding Practice award for CAM.

My CNM qualification in Naturopathic Nutrition helps open other doors, too. I love writing and contribute regularly to health magazines and newspapers. I am also looking forward to working with Nelsons Natural World as their primary Nutritional Therapist. It’s great to be in demand doing something you enjoy!

Sally practices at Waterloo, London, and can be contacted via

"I change peoples lives for the better."

Carolina Brooks, CNM Graduate in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition

The loss of close family relatives to disease started me on the path to finding out everything I could about dietary, environmental and lifestyle factors that impact our health. I worked in a very stressful career, and I wanted to retrain to do something that would bring together my strong interests in food and health.   I investigated reputable Nutrition courses, deciding against training as a dietician, because I was interested in a more holistic approach to health.

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CNM’s course offered the holistic approach I wanted.  Also, alongside a Diploma in Nutrition, I found that I could study Herbal Medicine at the same time, as well as qualify as a Naturopath in the process.

My interest in herbal medicine began in childhood.  My Greek grandmother in particular used a lot of plant medicine to cure us of childhood ailments. So I enrolled on both courses, and continued in my job for most of the time, too. How did I fit everything in? I managed it with the help of CNM’s flexible study programme and Summer Schools, and because I was dedicated to achieving what I’d set out to do and had an end-goal in sight.

My studies were fascinating and I found that combining these subjects really enhanced my understanding of how natural therapies affect the body. Nutrition is undoubtedly the base-line for health, and herbs can quickly help address specific symptoms.   I also studied Iridology and Ear Acupuncture at CNM, so I’m equipped to help clients with a wide-range of natural therapies.

My hard work was well worth the effort because as a confident Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist and Herbalist, it feels truly amazing to be able to support people who are prepared to make changes that can benefit their health. They have to make the changes themselves, and I’m there to coach and motivate them, and encourage them to provide practical solutions for their own benefit.   It’s the best thing in the world to get feedback afterwards, telling you that you’ve changed someone’s life for the better!

Carolina practices in London. She is also available for Skype consultations.  Contact her

"I am a medical herbalist and love meeting new people."

Gabi Hayes, CNM Graduate in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition

When I enrolled in the Herbal Medicine course at CNM in 1999, I started to learn about the ‘magical’ properties of plants and quickly became fascinated. I would always recommend Herbal Medicine; it is particularly relevant now as there are many people out there who have begun to feel that they want to take control of their health. Now is the perfect time to become a Medical Herbalist. More people become pro-active and read about diet, nutrition and herbal remedies, yet feel they need specialist advice and guidance on their particular health issue.

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In practice you start to attract a certain type of client as you become more established. I seem to attract both men and women with imbalances in their hormones. Herbs are wonderful at re-establishing the communication between the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands. Herbs can be used on many levels, addressing internal, external and emotional planes.

I think we all like to help other people in any small way we can, but seeing someone so thrilled with the improvement that they have made and initiated, is a truly remarkable feeling. A Herbal Practitioner is a facilitator and educator- guiding every step of the way.

I love my job! Who wouldn’t! Working with natural medicines, meeting new people and choosing your own working hours is perfect!

I have been lucky, as I have always had a busy Practice. I’m not sure if this is purely word of mouth, as I tend to advertise, give talks and work with social media. I always look for opportunities to speak with people and hand over a business card. For any practitioner, it is important to ensure you stand out from the crowd with good training, a specialist area if appropriate and good opening hours.

With regard to studying at CNM… As with any course, once you work out how to fit your life around study time, it becomes easier. I was grateful for the open communication from the Director of Studies who was able to offer good guidance over lots of different things.

CNM is the biggest and most recognised course in Herbalism, Naturopathy and Nutrition. Since 1999 it has gone from strength to strength and the course is well structured. CNM have great connections overseas, which then opens the door for job opportunities in many different fields.

I believe that CNM is a professional, well organised and well run course that can offer people who are looking for a career change the opportunity to study with some of the best teachers around.

"I was a GP, now I practice as a Naturopath."

Carole Kelly, CNM Graduate in Naturopathy

Whilst I was training to be a doctor in my 20s, I became very unwell. I had had a lot of antibiotics and surgery. Unfortunately, although this medical approach dealt with the initial problem, I was left with a cluster of symptoms which I did not understand; migraine, arthralgia, fatigue and gut disturbance. I wondered if I would be able to get through medical training. It was only when I met a nutritional therapist that I learned that I had a bacterial imbalance in the gut, food intolerance and adrenal fatigue. 

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She devised a therapeutic programme changing my diet and suggesting some herbal treatment. Within six weeks the symptoms disappeared and my health changed. This experience led me to study alternative therapies alongside my medical training.

Even whilst training I felt the Western medicine paradigm needed to embrace more holistic approaches to health. Not only did our training neglect nutrition, both in terms of its impact on health and in its use as a medicine but it also neglected the energetic elements of illness. The paradigm of Western medicine is based on ‘disease classification’ leading to the application of a standard treatment protocol. In doing this it fails to see the individual and their journey towards the disease and even more so the individual variants which will assist that individual’s healing process. So whilst drugs and surgery have a role to play in the management of certain diseases, they can have adverse effects and undermine true healing.

In 2005, I attended a CNM seminar about negative attitudes, their energetic insults on the brain and their consequences for health. This left a lasting impression on me. I enrolled to study the Naturopathy Diploma with CNM in Manchester in 2007 on a part time basis, because the course offered me an education that both my ‘medical mind’ and my holistic tendency understood. I can honestly say that my approach to medicine was transformed during my Naturopathy study at CNM. The course had a very scientific approach with the key principles of naturopathy at its core – founded on the body’s ability to heal itself if given the right conditions, focusing on the cause, rather than just the symptoms of illness. Once I had grasped the naturopathic principles, understood the functional medicine model and studied the Iridological map of the eye, I could finally see a way to work on the root cause of patients’ health problems! I was very impressed both by CNM’s course content, and the lecturers, who had great passion for their subjects and were inspiring teachers.

In 2014 I aim to give up my GP work and practice as a Naturopath, continuing to contribute positively to public health by spreading the word about how people can help their own health naturally.  I’m driven by a desire to help change public perception about managing illness, and to educate people about how to take care of themselves.

I’m not in the least disrespectful of ‘orthodox’ medicine, when used appropriately.  I’ve always said that if I were critically ill I would want a medical doctor skilled in critical care to keep me alive, but I would ask a naturopath to get me well again!

Carole can be contacted at

"I run a very successful health and wellbeing project."

Adam Greer, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

For Adam Greer, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition, wanting to qualify in a subject he was passionate about, was something he pursued at the first opportunity. “I had just turned 19 when I enrolled on the diploma course at CNM in Manchester. I became really interested in nutrition some years previously and was engrossed in the subject. On my 18th birthday I decided to celebrate my coming of age by abstaining from alcohol and to this day I am still tea-total. From there, I became a lot more conscious about food choices.

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Physically I felt really good, but beyond that it was empowering to feel in control of my overall health, so the decision to enrol on the course and qualify in a subject I loved, was a simple one.”

“There were lots of other courses, mainly online learning, that I looked at before enrolling with CNM, but I was given a very good recommendation about the college and once I learned more about the programme I was impressed. Primarily I wanted to learn in a classroom environment, engaging with others, and CNM offered this along with a flexible, part-time study programme that allowed me to manage my travel commitments easily.

“I enrolled initially for interest and a qualification, but as the course progressed I became more focused on practicing nutrition as a career. The first year of Biomedicine was vitally important, but I was on the edge of my seat waiting to start the clinical practice that is organised by the College as part of the course, over two years.”

After graduating successfully in 2008, Adam has since gone on to use his qualification as a Nutritional Therapist in a rather unique way, working with a regional drug and alcohol charity, on projects ranging from addictions recovery to youth crime and disorder. Now in the 5th year of running the Health & Wellbeing Project, originally a pilot scheme in the drug and alcohol centre, it has since been awarded funding and continues to be funded by The National Lottery Trust.

Adam’s bespoke project has been a great success and with a consistent waiting list since the start, his time for private practice has been limited, though is a key focus in the next chapter of his career.

“I am very excited and open-minded about going into business for myself. Empowering people to take control of their own health is the most important and exciting part of what I do. Rather than focusing on short term solutions I believe in working with people more broadly and ultimately encouraging and educating them to become their own health practitioner.”

To contact Adam directly for a consultation you can email him on

"I developed a natural skincare range."

Jennifer Young, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

After gaining a BSc (Hons) in Biology, I worked as a Micro-biologist and studied postgraduate qualifications in health related fields. I became active in medical research to satisfy my curiosity about what makes things tick. I decided to study Nutrition because I wanted to know the truth about food. I have friends, who tried every ‘diet’ in an attempt to lose weight but none of it was working and I was perplexed. I hoped that CNM’s naturopathic nutrition course would reveal the truth. 

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At the same time as starting the course, I decided to develop a natural skincare range. In my mind, they were totally separate concepts.

I had no idea how interlinked they were! I didn’t know why or just how powerful the right nutrition can be for beauty as well as for weight management. As the CNM course progressed so did the business and I qualified separately in aromatherapy, product formulation and beauty therapy. It was a very busy time! Of all of the courses, the CNM course was by far the most onerous. I had all of my clinic hours to do as well as all of the lectures. But I learnt so much during my time at CNM and I made a lot of very good friends.

Since graduating in 2011, I’ve practiced as a Nutritional Therapist, and combined it with running my skin care business, where nutrition and skincare go hand in hand. I have used my CNM-gained knowledge about Nutrition to work with an Oncology team to create a unique skincare range which helps combat some of the side-effects of chemotherapy treatment, known as chemo-skin. I’ve developed a whole range of therapeutic skincare for different conditions and cosmetics which really work but which don’t negatively impact the endocrine system. It’s great to know that I can really help people.

In my new, 2015 book Recognize Yourself, Beauty Despite Cancer, I share my knowledge by showing those living with cancer and beyond how to prevent, reduce, disguise, camouflage and soothe their appearance-related side effects.

Learn more at and

"I've set up and developed my own practice."

Eli Sarre, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

With MAs in English Literature and Japanese studies, and teaching experience in Japan, everything changed when I began working with Essential, a large vegan and vegetarian organic food wholesaler with a unique brand. As Essential’s Marketing Co-ordinator, I discovered a passion for good food and became aware that studying Nutrition with The College of Naturopathic Medicine could enable me to be far more effective in my role. For three years, I had experienced severe pain in my abdomen, and my GPs were unable to help.

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Finally, I sought advice from a natural health practitioner who advised me to change my diet and lifestyle and recommended a number of remedies and supplements. My health and wellbeing improved dramatically as did my interest in the healing qualities of food.

With CNM, I studied Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and an in depth study of all body systems, food and its components. It was a challenging but fascinating insight into human health. I gained 200 supervised clinic hours as part of the diploma which I felt provided me with invaluable practical experience of finding and working with clients. The weekend lectures were convenient for me as I could take the course whilst working full time.

I am increasingly passionate about the work I do for Essential. My studies at CNM have been extremely beneficial and I apply the knowledge I have gained every day – in product labelling, talking to customers about the health benefits of the products we sell, creating press releases and writing articles. I have reached a new level of personal health and fitness that affects my life in so many positive ways.

Since qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist I have been setting up and developing my own practice in Bristol. I feel very privileged to have studied with CNM, and it has added an exciting new dimension to my work and personal life. I would whole heartedly recommend the course to anyone with an interest in natural whole food, health or nutrition.

Eli can be contacted on

"I combine personal training with nutrition."

Keris Marsden, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I am a Personal Trainer working in the fitness industry. One of the reasons I first got into exercise was because I faced a constant battle to maintain my weight. I tried every diet going; wasting hours counting calories and avoiding fat, being guided by food industry marketing. Whilst exercise certainly helped my weight issue, it wasn’t the key to resolving my health issues. I had bad skin and was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a common hormonal disorder.

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The medication left me with dreadful digestive issues and I was soon diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I was concerned that the medication was only treating the symptoms and not actually addressing the underlying cause of my conditions.

As part of my fitness training I gained a qualification in Public Health Nutrition, but it was not until I attended a further short nutrition course in Sweden, that my eyes were opened to the value of alternative and functional medicine. I researched full UK courses available and went on to study Naturopathic Nutrition at CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) because I liked the emphasis on Naturopathy, or ‘Nature Cure’.

Studying Naturopathic Nutrition has provided me with a clearer understanding of how nutrition impacts upon our hormonal balance. I soon realised that many of the foods I considered healthy were actually further complicating my health issues. After making changes to my own diet, the difference was incredible. My transformation has gone from strength to strength; my PCOS has disappeared, maintaining a healthy weight is effortless and I often receive compliments about my complexion. A big change for me also involved realising that nutrition has a bigger impact on my body composition than exercise. I still love to train but now I only need a couple of sessions in the gym each week leaving me with lots more time to geek away with my nutrition books.

You can visit Keris’ website at

"I launched my own supplements company."

Gurjit Nandhra, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I believe that everyone should look at health as a key priority, because when one feels well, everything else in life falls into place. Before starting my course with CNM, I worked in an environment where health & wellbeing was never considered an integral part of a person, but achieving contractual targets was everything. I became very unwell over the years and found a fantastic Naturopath who helped me to be in the best of health. Her philosophy was “only we can help ourselves and our health…”

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This was a turning point; I needed to learn how to make myself better. So, I resigned from work to manage my own health and take full responsibility for it. I embarked on the CNM Nutritional Therapy Course (Birmingham) and thoroughly enjoyed the journey, especially the clinical training. The Birmingham CNM Class was fantastic; we worked very well together and had a lot of fun along the way. We were lucky to have such interesting and well-informed lecturers. I graduated in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy in 2008.

Since then I’ve decided to launch a supplements company with its own range of vitamins and minerals. It’s quite a big step given that there are so many supplements companies out there. CNM taught me about WHY it is important to have good quality food and supplements and mine are all ethical, UK manufactured, with no preservatives, no additives, and they’re gluten free, in vegetarian capsules. There’s nothing like a challenge to keep me busy!


"I run my own practice and raw food workshops."

Sarah Barber, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I was about 2 stones overweight when I was younger and I used to try out many diets; the latest celebrity diet, liquid diets, diet pills, you name it I did it! It wasn’t until my early twenties that I read something about detox, which first opened my eyes to focusing on healthy living rather than weight loss! I changed my eating habits from there and felt empowered by the effect healthy food and exercise had on my body! I lost weight naturally and I felt more vibrant, happy and had increased energy.

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If I did have any less healthy foods I noticed the impact on my body immediately, often feeling very low in energy. Now I notice how I feel when I don’t eat well and realise how good I feel when making healthier food choices. I can feel that my body doesn’t like it.

My interest in nutrition only grew and despite my hectic career in finance, I decided it was time to retrain and in 2006 I enrolled to study Naturopathic Nutrition with CNM in Brighton.

I came across CNM in a health magazine originally and was really interested in the naturopathic (natural and holistic) approach of their teaching. I was really pleased that there were so many hours of clinical practice included as part of the training. I knew this would be essential to my learning and give me the hands on experience to be able to practice confidently!

Thanks to the flexible study options I was able to continue working full time whilst studying and it was great being with a group of likeminded people in my classes. The CNM lecturers are all practicing Nutritional Therapists with successful clinics as well, so being taught by active Practitioners made my future career prospects more real.

I also went on to study a diploma in Naturopathy with CNM, covering topics such as Iridology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ear Acupuncture to add to my skills and knowledge as a Practitioner. Now I run my own successful practice as a Nutritional Therapist from home, as well as running raw food and raw chocolate workshops to educate the general public about nutrition in a fun and creative way.

I really enjoy working for myself and I can work around my family life without having to answer to anyone! Ultimately I really enjoy what I do for a living now, which is an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable way to work!

To contact Sarah personally you can reach her at

"I've set up my own business in nutritional therapy."

Sarah Chandler, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I’ve always been interested in living a healthy lifestyle and travelling across Europe only encouraged my interest in natural medicine. From living in Germany, Switzerland and then Romania, I was interested to find that in all these countries the natural approach to health was mainstream. Doctors would typically prescribe natural remedies instead of medication; things like arnica and fennel tea were common place treatments, and they devised specific diet plans for us whenever my children or I had a cold or flu, which worked brilliantly!

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It was such a different approach to what I was used to growing up in England, that I became captivated by the power of natural medicine.

I returned to the UK in 2005 and with 3 growing children, I wanted to do something for myself, for life. I came across CNM at the Organic Food Fair in Bristol and the course seemed to fit with everything I was interested in! I did look at other Colleges, but found a lot of them to be quite theory heavy, and based mostly on home learning. CNM offered the theory as well as lots of practical training and I enrolled within a few days!

I studied Naturopathic Nutrition with CNM on a part time basis, with weekend study and I enjoyed every minute. The course has brought lots of challenges like learning how to study again together with juggling family life, but I’ve risen to them and I am proud of myself for that! It’s been great meeting other likeminded people on the course and training in CNM student clinics. When patients followed our recommendations and then saw improvements to their health, it was really rewarding!

Natural medicine is all about looking at the individual and taking a holistic approach to health. It all starts with what we eat, and nowadays our food is so ‘manufactured’ with cost and shelf life at the top of the priority list, that we’ve lost touch with what ‘real food’ is!

Since completing my training, I have set up my own Nutritional Therapy business and continue to use my knowledge at home too. My studies have reinforced the fact that this is how I want to live my life and I want to educate others to do the same.

To get in touch with Sarah personally you can reach her at

"I deliver seminars and run my own private practice."

Emma Mihill, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

Emma first became fascinated with the healing powers of natures gift, our food, whilst travelling in Australia and Thailand.
After personal intensive research, Emma was introduced to fasting and detoxification and embarked on a 7 day fasting retreat in Thailand.
This was to change her life by increasing her demand for knowledge on how our health can be transformed by our lifestyles and what we eat. 

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On arriving home, her quest for the healthiest diet and eating habits lead her to the raw foods lifestyle where she undertook a raw foods chef course and worked as a personal assistant to a raw foods lifestyle coach. 

Emma joined the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London to qualify as a Nutritionist and a Naturopath in 2006 specialising in Nutrition, Iridology, Bach flower remedies, Ear acupuncture and Cupping. She is a regular guest speaker at Snowsfields Wellness in London Bridge, where she has a successful private practice, holding workshops on how to incorporate amazingly healthy foods that do not diminish in taste or flavour as a result. Emma also writes for Get Fresh! magazine and acts as a Nutritional Consultant for supplement company, Higher Nature. She delivers seminars for Higher Nature on a number of health related topics and teaches adults in community based learning basic nutritional concepts to improve their health and lifestyle in an easy manner.

She continues to further her studies in complementary medicine and keeps well informed and updated on advances made in this field by regularly attending seminars and conferences and through leading scientific journals. She is a member of BANT (British Association of Applied Nutritional Therapy) and of the Guild of Iridologists.

Emma graduated from the Naturopathic Nutrition course at CNM. She also graduated as a naturopath.

For more information visit

"I work as a pharmacist and can now offer diversity to my clients."

Bav Heer, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I have worked as a Pharmacist for over 15 years, and have also been a practicing Nutritional Therapist for the last 2 years. I trained as a Pharmacist because I wanted to help people, but I felt constrained by the lack of choice I could offer. I had grown up in an Indian-origin family where the impact of food on health was a normal discussion, but as a Pharmacist my focus was on the symptom and medication, rather than health as a whole, which was sometimes frustrating for me.

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I had considered looking into another avenue of health to fit alongside my pharmaceutical training, and natural health was a growing interest for me. It wasn’t until I came across CNM that I found what she was looking for. I met with the Director of Studies and he gave me a very real understanding of the power of natural medicine and the meaning of naturopathy, and it inspired me to study for myself!

I graduated in Naturopathic Nutrition in 2010 and have been practicing as a Nutritional Therapist alongside my pharmaceutical career ever since. The course turned my life around because I realised that I had some control over my health and wellbeing. I can work to prevent illness and stay well naturally as well, and I now have the experience and training to do this properly!

Working in two disparate areas of the same field can be a challenge, but I enjoy the diversity I can offer my clients. I worked really hard to become a Pharmacist and I never intended to leave the industry, what I wanted was to be able to offer greater awareness, and most importantly a choice to my clients!

Our bodies don’t come with a manual like a car, but if we can learn how to understand our wiring and the nuts and bolts, then we can take better care of ourselves and prevent illness. This course is the manual!

To contact Bav directly visit her website: Elite Wellbeing

Tel: +44 (0)7966 226 065


"As a chef, I combine my love of cooking with my knowledge of food."

Iza Reddon, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I travelled across Europe working as a chef and finally set up my own, very successful restaurant in Amsterdam at the start of the millennium, and then came to Bristol in 2005. As a sufferer of candida, I had always been interested in natural therapies, and through my own research I devised specific diet plans to help manage my condition, which had a dramatic impact on my health. Experiencing the power of food first hand, I joined CNM in Bristol to train in Naturopathic Nutrition.

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I wanted to challenge myself and learn more about how I could use food as medicine and CNM was exactly what I was looking for. Orthodox medicine doesn’t look at the cause of the symptoms, only the illness itself. Nutritional Therapy is more analytical and it’s like detective work trying to get to the cause of a problem, rather than just offering a temporary solution.

Since qualifying, I have been able to build my company ‘La Cuizine’ in Bristol, combining my love of cooking and my knowledge of food. I cater events with both delicious and nutritious food and also teach cooking classes. There are so many options available to me in this industry as a Nutritional Therapist, but with ‘La Cuizine’ I am able to use my knowledge to teach practical nutrition skills for everyday. Healthy eating doesn’t mean boring meals and I want to carry that message through my work!

Nothing is more precious than your health, so even if I didn’t use my qualification in my career, it would still be money well spent. I am healthier now that I was 10 years ago, even though I am 10 years older!

To find out more about Iza and La Cuizine, visit her website at:


Tel: 0117 376 3495

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"I lecture and work full time as a nutritional therapist and naturopath."

Jacquie Lane, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition & Naturopathy

I used to work for a big American property firm and spent much of my career travelling and eating on the run. It was fast paced, money orientated and competitive! Making the decision to re-train in natural health, which was a world away from the industry I worked in, was one of the most important decisions I have ever made. I was always fascinated by how our bodies worked and nutrition seemed the most obvious route to take because it’s the starting block for good health.

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I had always been interested in natural health and had been thinking about studying for some time.

I was aware of CNM and liked the naturopathic approach of the course, so I joined their College in Brighton to study Nutritional Therapy and Naturopathy and graduated in 2007. I was really impressed with the flexibility that CNM offered and knowing that I could take longer to do the course if life threw me a curve ball, was quite comforting. So I took the plunge and started to study Nutritional Therapy and I haven’t looked back!

It was quite a change of career for me, but I managed to complete the course whilst continuing to work full time. The weekend study allowed me to keep working, so I didn’t have to give up my job in order to study and that was really important for me.

Now I work full time as a Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath, and I also work as a lecturer with CNM in Brighton. Working with CNM has been a great boost to my career and has put me in touch with some great names in the industry as well!

Studying with CNM has given me the knowledge and confidence to share valuable information about health. We all deserve to know how we can improve our health and feed our children better, and my job ultimately gives me the ability to make a difference to future generations.

To anyone who is thinking of studying then I would say do it! There are so many ways to use your studies in an industry that is growing more every day. And after all it’s a healthy career to have!

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"I have a fantastic career which combines all of my skills."

Geraldine McLogan, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I had suffered with acne from a young age, as well as bouts of psoriasis, which is why I originally wanted to train in beauty. But even though I worked in the beauty industry as a Beauty & Massage Therapist, the products available didn’t really work for me. I became really interested in looking at skin conditions from the inside out and sought out more information on the causes of skin conditions. I changed my own diet as well, cutting down on sugar for example and it had a dramatic effect!

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My research eventually led to my decision to study and I soon found CNM. After a chance meeting with the Principal of CNM, Hermann Keppler at CAM Expo I decided to come along to an Open Evening at the College and I enrolled on the diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition there and then!

Although I didn’t have the money to pay for the course straight away, the flexibility in both the payment options and study schedule enabled me to make it work whilst continuing to travel with my job. CNM’s approach to health is to get to the cause through nutrition, lifestyle and lots of other contributing factors so for me it was really exciting!

I loved learning and the knowledge I gained during the course is invaluable. Now I have a fantastic career which combines all of my skills both in beauty and nutrition. I am able to look at a lot of contributing factors to health and the reasons behind skin conditions such as poor absorption of vitamins and minerals, detox, stress and diet. After all our health is multifaceted!

I love running my own business and being self employed. It’s challenging but it’s pushed me to adapt and be creative. There is so much opportunity in the natural health industry that I can be working in clinic one day and flying off to a new retreat abroad the next! My company figures are up compared to last year too so I can’t complain.

To anyone looking to study for themselves, I can only say that from my own experience if there’s an inclination to do it there will always be, so don’t put it off and do it sooner rather than later!

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