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You have been recommended to study with CNM. Many people recommend CNM because of our excellent global reputation, industry-leading clinical hours and flexible study options.

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Why study with CNM?

At CNM you’ll find students from all walks of life, the main reasons why they choose CNM:

  • CNM is the UK and Ireland’s No 1 training provider for Natural therapies
  • CNM’s options to study part-time, full-time or online
  • CNM’s unmatched focus on clinical application and practice
  • CNM’s commitment to train students to become successful practitioners
  • 80% of CNM graduates are practising (part time or full time)
  • CNM’s naturopathic approach – looking at the whole person, rather than symptoms
  • CNM’s highly qualified lecturers who are all practising themselves
  • CNM’s good reputation in the UK, Europe and internationally

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Ambassador scheme terms and conditions: The reward is paid to you within 28 days of the referred party beginning their course, where the referred party has paid in full the non-refundable enrolment fee within 3 months of your introduction. To be eligible the referred party must not already have enrolled with CNM in any capacity. Only the referrer or source provided at first enquiry (‘first-touch attribution’) will be considered, this cannot be altered retrospectively. To clarify, the referred party would need to specify the ambassador’s name upon first enquiry or their referrer ID passed via tracking code on the landing page – CNM cannot be held responsible where tracking fails due to blocked cookies, browser settings or any other reason.

If they are listed on CNM’s database as a prospective student but you can show that they enrolled because of your referral, a reduced payment of £50 may be payable at CNM’s discretion.

Applicable to enrolments on CNM UK diplomas in Naturopathic Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Health Coach, Natural Chef and Vegan Natural Chef only. The referred party cannot combine the ‘£250 ambassador referral discount’ with any other offer. Your referee may take advantage of another offer equivalent to or exceeding the referral discount ‘instead’ in which case you will receive a commission of £250. For the avoidance of doubt any introductions recorded prior to 17 July 2020 will be handled under the previous scheme’s incentives (legacy terms and conditions available on request) – retrospective applications will not be accepted. This scheme may change at any time without notice. All decisions by CNM are final. Revised 20/01/21

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