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CNM Bristol


At CNM we believe in Natural Medicine and healthy food. This is the place to find out which courses we offer in Bristol and to make sure you are connected with all of your local resources in Natural Health. Please help us to update this page. Tell us if you know of an association, group, health market, health food shop or, an organic café or restaurant. Please inform us should you discover that contact details have changed.

Bristol Courses

Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition  

Our three year diploma in nutrition provides high quality training that equips graduates to build successful practices. 

The course is carefully structured so each study unit builds upon the previous one, allowing students to develop, and reach their full potential as professional nutritionists.

Naturopathic Nutrition stresses the use of whole and organic foods as medicine – an integral concept of healing in many indigenous societies. Today, we see that a return to chemical-free foods, along with other dietary measures, is an effective answer to many health complaints and common conditions.

CNM students learn about the physiological and biochemical processes involved in nourishment, and the energetic side of food as well.

Nutrition Course Diplomas

  • CNM Diploma Nutritional Therapist
  • CNM Diploma in Naturopathy (optional)

Study times are flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs. We also offer the options of weekday or weekend study at our Bristol college.

Nutrition Course Intake Dates

Typically, students enrol for the Autumn (Oct) and Spring (Feb) semesters. However, since our Biomedicine and Naturopathy courses are built around a modular system, new students can join a course throughout the year.

For full details on the nutrition course, click here.

Nutrition for Everyday Living (Short Course)

With our Nutrition for Everyday Living course, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to make educated choices about the food you eat.

What you will learn:

  • The foundations of a healthy diet
  • How to detox naturally and safely
  • Hormonal health for vitality
  • The healing power of foods
  • What “organic” really means
  • How to address food allergies and intolerances
  • What to look for on food labels
  • Anti-ageing diet tips
  • Foods to boost mood and balance hormones
  • How to remove sugar, gluten & dairy from your diet
  • Superfood sampling and in-class tasters

Introductory Price £350

Find out more and enrol. 

Nutrition for Everyday Living, Bristol, is sponsored by Better Food.


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