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CNM Specialist Podcasts

EARTHING: Clint Ober

In this episode of the CNM Specialist Podcast we welcome Mr Clint Ober, the founding Father of what is referred to as the ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’ movement. And if you haven’t heard of earthing and it’s power to affect health in a positive way, then brace yourself! What you learn from this podcast could be life changing for you or someone close to you, especially if suffering from a chronic inflammatory disease.

Natural Medicine: Dr Michael Murray

In this episode of the CNM Specialist Podcast we welcome Dr. Michael T. Murray, one of the world’s leading authorities on natural medicine. He’s written over 30 books with cumulative sales of over 6 million copies, he’s authored literally thousands of articles, and lectured to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He’s a Patron of the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and he’s dedicated his life to educating physicians, his patients, and the general public on the tremendous healing power of nature.

In this podcast, we talk about some of Dr Murray’s earliest inspirations and the people who got him interested in pursuing a career in natural medicine. We get into some of the fundamental differences between naturopathic medicine and allopathic (or conventional) medicine. Dr Murray shares all kinds of clinical pearls and tips for health from his experience as a Naturopathic Doctor and he gets into some of his most popular books, including his latest book, the Longevity Matrix, and the one before that, The Magic of Food as well as one of his classics… “What the Drug companies don’t tell you and your Doctor doesn’t know”.

BioDentistry: Dr. Dominik Nischwitz

Dr Dominik Nischwitz, or “Dr Dom” is a world renowned specialist in biological dentistry. He is the current Vice President for the International Society for Metal Free Implantology. An international speaker and best selling author of the book, It’s All In Your Mouth. Dr Dom is also trained in naturopathic and functional medicine and practises from his specialist clinic in Germany.

In today’s Podcast, focused around a statement “health starts in your mouth”, we’ll be finding out what biological dentistry is, the role of the oral microbiome in health and disease, the problems associated with amalgam fillings and root canals, as well as the most effective ways to support oral health naturally.

Medicinal Mushrooms: Hania Opienski

In this episode of the CNM Specialist Podcast we welcome Hania Opienski to discuss the incredible world of medicinal mushrooms. Hania is a Naturopathic Nutritionist, traditional Chinese medicine acupuncturist and energy medicine specialist. She applies a holistic approach to health using a synergy of natural eastern, western and energy medicine. She is the education lead and a medicinal mushroom specialist consultant for Hifas Da Terra UK & Ireland.

In today’s Podcast we’ll be looking at the most therapeutic mushrooms available to us, how we can use them and their benefits in areas such as the immune system, for gut health and also for cancer.

Emma Beswick – Nutrigenomics

Emma Beswick is a CNM trained Nutritional Therapist and CEO of Lifecode GX, the nutrigenomics testing company. Emma is extremely passionate about how our own unique genetic blueprint can help to inform our choices around diet and lifestyle. Outside of her work with Lifecode GX, Emma frequently lectures and presents at conferences as a leading expert in the field, and in today’s podcast, we will be exploring how our genetic variances can help us to make decisions about our diet and lifestyle, in order to optimise our health.

Debbie Cotton – The Microbiome

Debbie Cotton is an Australian-trained naturopath and the Head of Clinical Education for Invivo Healthcare, where she specialises in translating research on the human microbiome into digestible, actionable clinical pearls for health care professionals.

Debbie has been in clinical practice for over 15 years, including time in her private naturopathic practice, the NHS and as a lecturer. Since joining Invivo in 2018, Debbie has become a highly respected name and figure in the field of the human microbiome.

In todays podcast we will be delving into the key microbiomes of the body, looking at what they do for our health, but also how they can be implicated in various diseases. We will be exploring the ways in which we can positively influence our microbiomes through means of diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

Dr Lara Briden – The Menopause

In this episode of the CNM Specialist podcast, we discuss the subjects of perimenopause and the menopause with best selling author, woman’s health specialist and naturopathic doctor, Lara Briden.

We ask questions such as, what are these complex life stages in a woman’s life? What factors negatively effect the menopausal transition? Whether hormone replacement therapy is the best solution? How can we support this transition naturopathically? And much, much more!

Dr Aseem Malhotra

In this episode of the CNM Podcast, we sit down with Dr Aseem Malhotra. Dr Malhotra is an award winning, consultant cardiologist and world renowned expert in the prevention, diagnosis and management of heart disease. He is a public health campaigner, best selling author and an international guest editor for the Journal of Evidence Based Healthcare. He has won a number of awards for his work to raise awareness about the role of diet in chronic illness, both in the UK and Internationally and has been listed as one of the ‘Sunday Times 500 Most Influential People’.

We will be delving into various topics such as the prevention of heart disease and the importance of being an informed patient. We will be answering questions such as, is cholesterol really the biggest factor in heart disease risk? Are statins as beneficial as they are portrayed to be? What role does sugar play in heart disease? And just how big of a problem is misinformation in the field of medicine?

Environmental Toxins – Dr Jenny Goodman

Dr Jenny Goodman qualified as a medical doctor in 1982, and is a member of the British Society for Ecological Medicine. She has specialised in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine for the last 20 years, and has a particular interest in pre-conception care and paediatrics.

She is the author of “Staying Alive in Toxic Times: A Seasonal Guide to Lifelong Health”, published in 2020, and in today’s podcast we will be talking all things nutrition, toxins and supporting healthy conception.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Dr. Sarah Myhill

A detailed insight into what happened when we sat down with Dr Sarah Myhill to talk all things regarding chronic fatigue syndrome also known as, ‘M.E.’ We also delve into why Dr Myhill has caused such a stir in her incredible career as a medical practitioner and how she came to settle upon practising natural health.

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