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Post-Graduate Herbal Medicine Diploma

Western herbal medicine is primarily a traditional practice, based upon holistic, Naturopathic principles. Students will incorporate traditional medicine perspectives and diagnostics into their study, especially into clinical practice.

CNM’s PG Herbal Medicine diploma course takes 2 years to complete. It can be studied In Class or Online (clinics need to be done in class or with a CNM approved Herbalist).

The Post-Graduate Herbal Medicine course is for qualified Nutritionists, Homeopaths, Acupuncturists, Osteopath or Chiropractors to further their training and to achieve better, long lasting results in practice. At the end a Post-Graduate Diploma is awarded which is highly respected in the industry. It allows graduates to open practitioner accounts with leading herbal stockists to purchase practitioner-only products.

All students (In class and On line) have access to detailed powerpoints, filmed lectures, case studies, clinic and dispensary handbooks and much more.

Course Overview

Length of Study: 2 years

Clinical Hours: 300 clinical hours
(200 hours are accredited from earlier training)

Study Locations: London,  Manchester and Online

CNM Diploma: PG Dip. Herbal Medicine

Accreditation: ANP, GNC

  • Part 1: Herbal Medicine I, 1 year, 16 weekends or 32 weekdays or online
  • Part 2:  Herbal Medicine II, 1 year, 21 weekends or 42 weekdays or online

Become a Qualified Herbalist

Nutrition Courses School

Why study Post-Graduate Herbal Medicine with CNM

  • In-depth, practice-oriented study leading to successful Herbalists.
  • Excellent up-to-date educational material including filmed lectures.
  • Focus on whole, organic western herbs treating the whole person.
  • 300 clinical hours on real clients to become a confident Herbalist.
  • Experienced & supportive lecturers who are herbalists themselves.
  • Leading UK herbal training provider, well acknowledged in the world.
  • Option to study Online or In Class at one of CNM’s college locations.

Become a qualified and accredited Herbalist in 2 years and achieve
better results in your clinic – contact one of our course consultants.

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Herbal Medicine Diploma - Syllabus

Plant identification in Herbal Medicine Course

Part 1

  • History, Philosophy of Western Herbal Medicine
  • Traditional Energetics - Ayurveda
  • Botany, Plant Identification, and Basic Horticulture
  • Clinical Observation and Practice
  • Practitioner Development & Ethics
  • Research & Study skills

Herbal Medicine Lecture - Vulnerary Herbs

Part 2

  • Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Herb-Drug Interactions
  • Preparation of internal and External Herbal Medicines
  • Herbal Medicine Materia Medica
  • Clinical Examination Skills
  • Clinical Practice and Management
  • Practitioner Development, Ethics, & Research
  • Herbal Therapeutics All Organ Systems (Cardiovascular, Nervous, Endocrine, etc.)

Herbal Medicine: Sample Lecture

Vulnerary Herbs: Sample Lecture

Post-Graduate Herbal Medicine Course Prerequisites

You must have completed a 3 year Diploma or Degree level course in a natural therapy such as Nutritionists, Homeopaths, Acupuncturists, Osteopath or Chiropractors and completed at least 200 clinical hours as part of training or hold proof of sufficient clinical experience.

Post-Graduate Herbal Medicine Course Accreditation & Recognition

CNM Students are eligible to join the ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners) and receive the following benefits:

  • Access to various databases for further research
  • Discounted indemnity insurance for clinical practice
  • Discounts from various companies
  • Reduced fees for special seminars, lectures, master classes, workshops


GNC (General Naturopathic Council). Graduates are eligible to apply for GNC registration.

Avicenna Graduates of the CNM PG Herbal course are eligible to open a practitioner account with Avicenna Herbal Products.

Bristol Botanicals Graduates of the CNM PG Herbal course are eligible to open a practitioner account with Bristol Botanicals.

MediHerb Graduates of the CNM PG Herbal course are eligible to open a practitioner account with MediHerb.

Panacea Graduates of the CNM PG Herbal course are eligible to open a practitioner account with Panacea.

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