Food Photography Workshop

Attract more followers and improve your blog by learning how to take mouth-watering photos of food

CNM London
Saturday 14th July
10am – 5pm

Do you have a food blog or are thinking of starting one? Are you interested in food styling, recipe creation or just loving sharing photos of the meals you make on Instagram?

Our new one-day Food Photography course will give you the styling and photography skills to help you take photographs that look good-enough to eat!

The hugely popular Plant-Based Blogger and Food Photographer and Stylist Kimberly Espinel  will be teaching this hands-on, practical course which combines:

  • Using your camera to its full potential
  • Telling a story through photography
  • Lighting, composition and styling
  • Adding personality to your photos
  • An introduction to editing software
  • The power of the image on blogs and social media

The way you style and photograph a plate of food can completely change someone’s reaction to it. No matter how good your food tastes – if it doesn’t look great people won’t be interested – we eat with our eyes first!Daniela Exley, Food Photographer and Blogger

The course will combine theory with taking photos in a classroom setting to provide you with a full introduction to the amazing world of food photography. It will give you the skills and confidence to enhance your online profile through photography and share beautiful, appetising food images.

Please note: No previous photography experience required. You can bring your own camera (preferably DSLR) if you have one or alternatively a smartphone with a good quality camera will also be suitable. This workshop can only be booked online.

  • Please bring along a tripod if you own one but not essential.
  • Some props for food styling: 1-2 glasses, 1 bowl, 1 plate, cutlery, napkins or textiles.

Course Fee

  • £150

Enrol Online

  • 1x Saturday
  • Next start date Saturday 14th July


  • CNM Completion – Introduction to Food Photography


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