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Herbalist Course – Online

CNM’s Herbalist Online Course

The CNM Herbalist Diploma Course is based on CNM’s leading in-class training material. CNM has been training successful practitioners for over 20 years at ten CNM colleges throughout the UK and Ireland.

It is a 100% online training and can be completed in three to five years. CNM has an excellent reputation based on its long experience in delivering high-quality training, with over 80% of its graduates practising.

The Herbal Medicine diploma course provides high quality training which equips graduates to build successful practices. It is carefully structured. Each study unit builds on the previous one, allowing students to develop their confidence and skills to reach their full potential as Herbalists.

Students are studying in countries such as: Hong Kong, Malta, France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, USA, South America, more than 28 countries.

Schedule options:

3 years:

  • Year 1 Biomedicine
  • Year 2 Herbal Medicine I and Naturopathy Study
  • Year 3 Herbal Medicine II and Naturopathic Principles

4 years:

  • Year 1 Biomedicine
  • Year 2 Naturopathy Study
  • Year 3 Herbal Medicine I and Naturopathic Principles
  • Year 4 Herbal Medicine II

Key Facts

Length of Study: 3-4 years (depending on chosen schedule)

Clinical Hours: 250 hours

College Locations:  Online

CNM Diplomas: Dip. Herbalist & Dip. Naturopath (ND)

Accreditation: ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners)


CNM is a Member School of the American Herbalists Guild

Biomedicine Course: Sample Lecture

Herbal Medicine: Sample Lecture Video

Studying for the CNM online nutrition course

Study Online

The CNM Study Guide gives the exact sequence of what to study. Exams and assignments test your knowledge. CNM’s comprehensive study material (handouts and filmed lectures) are regularly updated and 24/7 available on CNM’s student portal.

Regular Online Tutorials

Online students are supported by regular tutorials throughout the course. Additional webinars deepen the acquired knowledge and provide up to date developments of the Herbal profession.

Exams and Assignments

Exams and assignments are an important part of the course in order to measure study progress and help students keep on track. All assignments are submitted online.

Student Stories

Train To Become a Qualified Herbalist

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