Events & Seminars

Supporting Your Immune System

Speaker: Claire O’Brien

Online, Wed 3rd June. 7pm – 8pm

Supporting Your Immune System with Claire O’Brien

In this webinar Nutritional Therapist and CNM Graduate and Claire O’Brien will discuss:

  • The Immune System and how it works.
  • How food influences an immune response.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics.
  • Specific nutrients to support immune function.

£10 [early bird tickets just £5]

Eventbrite - CNM Online - Supporting Your Immune System

Manage Your Seasonal Allergies, Naturally

Speaker: Hayley Malam Rojas

Online, Wed 17th June. 7pm – 8pm

Manage Your Seasonal Allergies, Naturally with Hayley Malam Rojas

Do you sneeze your way through the seasons?

Do you dread spring or summer?

Do you find the information on seasonal allergies out there confusing?

Join us online for this eye-opening talk with Hayley Malam Rojas

By the end of this talk you will know:

  1. What an ‘allergen’ is
  2. What happens to your body when exposed to allergens
  3. How to recognise an allergic reaction
  4. How your gut health can make a big difference
  5. What natural ways can help your immune system cope with allergies

Hayley Malam Rojas, CNM graduate, is an experienced Nutritional Therapist and founder of Roots and Co+.

£10 [early bird tickets just £5]

Eventbrite - CNM Online - Supporting Your Immune System

Healthy Eating for Children

Speaker: Anna Mapson

Online, Wed 1st July. 7pm – 8pm

Healthy Eating for Children with Anna Mapson

In this talk Anna will draw on her vast experience of working with children and parents to review:

• What does a healthy diet for children look like?

• Nutrition and brain health

• The importance of sleep

• Gut health for children

• Tips for Fussy eaters

• Tips for Snacking

Anna Mapson, a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist (DipCNM) and CNM graduate, specialises in Baby Weaning and Children’s Health.

£10 [early bird tickets just £5]

Eventbrite - CNM Online - Healthy Eating for Children