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Cooking for Brain Health: A Natural Chef Cooking Workshop


Tue 13th April
6 – 7pm

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The brain is arguably the most important organ in your body. Join us to learn how to ensure it’s getting the right fuel for optimum health!

 £10 [early bird tickets just £5]

The GutBrain Connection


Wed 21st April
7 – 8.30pm

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In this lecture, Nutritional Therapist and CNM graduate Annie Breen will talk about the important connection between gut and brain and what we can to do support the impact it has on our whole health – especially our emotional and mental wellbeing. Annie will:

• explain the physiology behind the gut-brain axis

• touch upon conditions such as anxiety and depression

• outline steps we can take to support our gut health – steps which can help improve conditions related to brain health

As an illustrative case study, Annie will share her own personal journey, including the challenges she came up against and how she overcame these using food, lifestyle techniques and supplements.

£10 [early bird tickets just £5]

Detoxification for Gut Health


Wed 5th May
7 – 8.30pm

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Eliminating toxins and making sure your gut flora is balanced can lead to an improvement in symptoms like IBS, bloating, leaky gut and inflammation.

In this talk you will learn:

1. What are toxins?

2. Can the body detoxify itself?

3. What are gut microbes and why are they important?

4. What are sources of toxicity in modern life?

5. The best foods for natural detoxification and gut health

After working in teaching for many years, Aisling pursued her interest in Nutrition graduating from CNM in 2018 as a Nutritional Therapist, while still working full-time. She runs ‘Aisling Kelly Nutrition’, a thriving practice in Cork, helping clients in Ireland and all over the world via zoom. Aisling uses a naturopathic approach which aims to find and address the root cause of illness, rather than just alleviating symptoms, and enjoys giving talks and presentations on how to achieve optimal health and vitality. She is also the Director of Studies for CNM’s Cork College.

£10 [early bird tickets just £5]

Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies


Wed 19th May
7 – 8.30pm

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Are you plagued with sneezing fits and watery eyes every time you’re exposed to pollen?

Do you constantly break out in rashes or hives?

Worried about your child having an allergic reaction?

Join CNM’s Director of Homeopathy, Jodi Cahill, as she discusses natural ways to reduce allergy symptoms using homeopathy, herbal remedies, nutrition and lifestyle interventions.

Dr Jodi Cahill is a homeopathic doctor, naturopath and homotoxicologist at Novus Vita Health. She’s also a Senior lecturer and the Director of Homeopathy at CNM. Jodi qualified with a Masters in Homeopathy at the Durban University of Technology, in South Africa. Moving to the UK in 2008, she has had multiple clinics in London where she has developed a special interest in fertility, allergies and mental health.

£10 [early bird tickets just £5]

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