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Manage Your Stress and Anxiety, Naturally

Speaker: Oonaugh English

Online, Wed 12th August. 7pm – 8pm

Manage your Stress and Anxiety, Naturally with Oonaugh English

Attend CNM’s Manage Your Stress and Anxiety Webinar, hosted by stress strategist and Nutritional Therapist, Oonagh English and learn:

  • The causes of stress & anxiety, and the triggers which worsen symptoms.
  • How diet and lifestyle can impact your stress and anxiety levels.
  • Why managing your stress and anxiety is essential for good health.
  • Ways to take control of your life – nourishing your body and mind.
  • Dietary and lifestyle changes you can make immediately to improve your stress and anxiety.
  • How to set realistic goals that are sustainable long-term.

£10 [early bird tickets just £5]

Eventbrite - CNM Online - Healthy Eating for Children

Gut Health and Immunity

Speaker: Martin Cohen

Online, Wed 26th August. 7pm – 8pm

Gut Health and Immunity with Martin Cohen

Maybe we know a ‘healthy diet’ is good for the immune system, but what exactly do we mean by a healthy diet? Join us for this webinar to discover how the gut works hand in hand with our immune system.

At a time where we’re looking to keep viruses at bay, how can we optimise our gut health to make us more resilient?

This webinar will cover what you can do right now to support your gut AND your immune system.


  • The best foods for gut health
  • How the gut supports our immune system
  • What the microbiome is and what you can do to look after it now

£10 [early bird tickets just £5]

Eventbrite - CNM Online - Healthy Eating for Children

Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

Speaker: Dr Jodi Cahill

Online, Wed 9th September, 7pm – 9pm

Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies with Dr Jodi Cahill

Are you plagued with sneezing fits and watery eyes every time you’re exposed to pollen?

Do you constantly break out in rashes or hives?

Worried about your child having an allergic reaction?

Join CNM’s Director of Homeopathy, Jodi Cahill, as she discusses natural ways to reduce allergy symptoms using homeopathy, herbal remedies, nutrition and lifestyle interventions.

You will learn:

  • What causes allergic reactions and why they occur in the body.
  • The difference between an acute allergic reaction such as a rash or a bee sting and chronic allergic conditions like hay fever.
  • Types of allergies and how they affect different age groups.
  • Allergy advice for pregnancy and weaning.
  • Homeopathic remedies that are useful for hypersensitive reactions, both in acute and chronic situations.

£10 [early bird tickets just £5]

Eventbrite - CNM Online - Healthy Eating for Children

Open Days

Online Open Day

Online Webinar – September 12th

Tickets: £10 [Limited early-bird tickets available for just £5]

Change Career with Nutrition

Izzy Kirkby, CNM Nutritionist and Herbalist

Discover how burnout led to fatigue and how my studies at CNM solved both. I will explain what it takes to become a successful Therapist.

CNM Biomedicine Course

Bobby Qureshi, Education Director CNM

Understand why CNM’s unique Biomedicine Course makes you a better practitioner.

CNM Training Concept

Rhian Jones, Course Director Nutrition CNM

Find out about CNM’s diploma course and meet some of our lecturers.

Homeopathy for Acute Illness

Dr Jodi Cahill, Course Director Homeopathy CNM

Learn which remedies are best to reduce the effects of acute illnesses.

Herbs to Boost the Immune System

Peter Jackson-Main, Academic Director CNM

Find out what the most important herbs are to boost the immune system and how to prepare them.

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