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Q. Will I be able to work professionally by completing a Diploma with CNM?


Yes. All of our Diplomas are accredited with the appropriate bodies so that the practical skills and experience you gain at CNM can be put into practice as soon as you graduate.  Additionally, our training includes hundreds of hours of clinical practice, to build your confidence and skills.

Q. Is there a deadline to enrol?


There are no application deadlines for our Diploma Courses but places fill up quickly so we would advise you to apply as early as possible.

Q. If I enrol onto one of your Diplomas, when would I need to pay my course fees?


The course fees are normally not due until six weeks before your chosen start date.

Q. What is the average age of your students?


Our students come to us from a variety of backgrounds, typically having already studied and built a career in another area. As such, our students tend to be in their thirties, forties and fifties.

Q. I don’t have any science background. Is that going to hold me back when learning about anatomy, physiology and pathology in my first year?


No. Most of our students are career changers and so in most cases, they have not attended any science classes since leaving school. We ease students into our Diploma Courses with carefully paced classes and easy to understand information delivered by successful and experienced industry practitioners. We will be with you each step of the way!

Q. I already know that I will miss one or two classes due to a prior commitment. Is that going to be a problem and is there any way to catch up?


This is not a problem. Our first-year classes follow a modular system so you don’t need to do them in a chronological order to make sense of them.  You do have to attend 90% of classes in order to graduate from CNM – but our flexible learning system is designed to make it easy for you: if you miss a particular class then you can attend it at a future date or even at another of our colleges, so that you do not miss any content. We also have a brilliant student website with all of the class content plus other learning resources to support you.

Q. What if English is not my first language, can I still complete the Diploma?


CNM welcomes students from all backgrounds. Each prospective student is individually assessed to ensure they meet the professional requirements of IELTS (an internationally recognised English language assessment for non-native English language speakers).

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