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Graduates Abroad – Finland

Studying at CNM changed my life

Paivi, Naturopathic Nutrition 

I chose CNM because aside from its superior reputation, what attracted me was the very practical approach to learning, in particular the clinical training. I also love it’s a holistic and broad approach to nutritional therapy.

After years of work related stress and chronic fatigue I wanted to feel healthier.  The more I changed my diet and lifestyle, the more I realised what a profound effect this has on our health. The experience made me want to be a part of helping other people to feel better too, so I decided to give up my job in the interior design sector and retrain to become a Nutritional Therapist.

What I learnt has changed my own life. I feel young and revitalised, more youthful now than I did 10 years ago! I feel the sky is the limit with what natural therapies can do.

I completed my studies by travelling from Finland to London every weekend for three years. As soon as I had graduated, I set up my own nutritional therapy practise in Helsinki.   My clients are happy about the improvements they have noticed in their wellbeing thanks to my recommendations.

Finland is a young culture with a very strong conventional healthcare system, but natural therapies are becoming popular among younger urban Finns. People here are starting to realise the help they can get for many health problems through natural therapies, so I believe that there’s a growing future for natural health in Finland.

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