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Graduates Abroad – Italy

Studying nutrition at CNM has been such an empowering and healing experience

Laura, Naturopathic Nutrition 

Growing up in a small village in Italy, I was brought up on a Mediterranean diet where meals were homecooked by my grandmother and the whole family ate together at meal times. I was a healthy child and never experienced any health issues. It was only when I began taking birth control pills in 2014 that my life changed and my health deteriorated.

I started experiencing mood swings and frequent infections – I didn’t feel like myself anymore. Overworking in a job I hated didn’t help; I was miserable and felt like I had no purpose.

When I finally stopped taking the contraceptive pill a few years later, my periods never came back! My health had deteriorated further and I was struggling with IBS, anxiety, chronic fatigue, Hashimoto’s and leaky gut. Eventually, I was diagnosed with hypothalamic amenorrhea and was told the only solution was to go back on the pill. This left me feeling broken and hopeless.

I wracked my brain to figure out where it all went wrong and soon realised that it was the change in my eating habits and lifestyle. After some research, I knew that nutrition was the answer to my problems. The only way forward was to take my health into my own hands.

In 2019, I enrolled at CNM and was amazed by the evidence-based research in nutrition and health. The role of food as medicine and the emphasis on bio-individuality was fascinating – everything finally made sense! Why this isn’t common knowledge is beyond me.

Learning about nutrition and being able to heal myself has been so empowering. Knowing I can make a real difference in people’s lives fills me delight.

Since graduating from CNM in 2022, I’ve launched my practice based in Crouch end where I specialise in women’s health and hormone balance.

Getting the right qualification at CNM led me to find my route to happiness and fulfilling my life purpose. There is nothing more rewarding than helping others overcome health problems to feel their best!

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I enrolled in CNM in 2020 and, after 2 years, I can still say that that was the best choice I’ve ever made!

Mariella, Naturopathic Nutrition 

The online nutrition course and its very inspiring and supportive teaching staff gave me a purpose in life, at the time when I lost it. The last 2 years with CNM have been challenging, but it was worth every step of this amazing educational journey.

The courses are experience and research-based, the students are encouraged to think critically and supported to become confident and knowledgable practitioners. The college offers a lot in terms of resources, support and clinics, even when the online option is chosen, and the way every topic is addressed and delivered is fascinating.

I highly recommend it! You won’t regret it!

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