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Graduates Abroad – Nigeria

I founded my own institute which helps people all around the globe.

Dr. Silvia, CNM Graduate Naturopathy

What an amazing journey my life has been – and continues to be! I am the CEO of the Ondamed Companies in Germany, New York and Nigeria, and the founder of The Binder Institute for Personalized Medicine in Germany.

My diving board into this vast world of wellbeing wisdom was no other than CNM. At the time of taking the classes and even as I graduated, I was raising three young children and was working full time. CNM was the catalyst which propelled my interest, dedication and desire to delve even further into naturopathic medicine. My perspective was broadened by the knowledge and insights I gained, many of which I have incorporated into my education programs and clinic work. I developed the CME approved “Biomedical Information Therapy (Bio-IT) Symposium” and a unique intensive course on Personalized Integrative Medicine.

Currently, as a passionate educator, I am a key stakeholder of Zymonetics (Canada), a contributing author of FAIM (USA), scientific advisory board member of grounded.com (USA), and an active member of Integrative Medicine West Africa. Most recently I was inaugurated by the federal minister of health in Nigeria as expert committee member of the National Institute of Traditional, Complimentary, Alternative Medicine (TCAM) and have taken the role as coordinator of the newly built TCAM Wellbeing Center located right at the Federal Ministry’s building in Abuja, Nigeria.

Sustainable community outreach programs are important to me. I wish to initiate a domino effect starting in my own community and spreading to nearby ones and beyond, eventually across the globe, by raising hope, awareness, and mindfulness of optimal wellbeing, joy and creativity.

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