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Graduates Abroad – Spain

I run a busy clinic in Palma de Mallorca

Khelga, CNM Graduate in Nutrition

My background was in investment banking and business training, but I had always been interested in natural therapies.   I did an online course in Nutritional Therapy, and as I have a thirst for knowledge it made me want to know more.

I love people, education, and a healthily fulfilling lifestyle, so it seemed like a natural progression to think about making Nutrition my new career.   To give me the opportunity to do this, and to be able to operate in a number of countries, I needed a course that was accredited and recognised by important associations both in the UK and internationally.

I heard about CNM from a friend.  CNM offered the accreditation, and the functional and individualised approach to Nutrition that I was looking for.  The curriculum and the flexible study plan were also very appealing to me.  It meant that I could live in Mallorca, an island which I had visited and fallen in love with, and fly to London for classes and student clinics, which worked out very well.  No other college could offer me all these.

Having graduated from CNM, I run a busy international clinic in Palma de Mallorca, teaming up with a Swiss and a German medical doctor, both of whom practice functional and biological medicine.   We operate a clinic, seminars and conferences, and have our own foundation. We take up the whole top floor of the building pictured.   Mallorca is a lifestyle island so people come here to improve their life and introduce changes and therapies which are a soothing balm to help them along. I also work in other European countries where I have clients.  I’m always attending seminars and expanding my horizons, and my clients are impressed by my knowledge and protocols. To change my career took vision, and lots of dedication, but without CNM’s course, I cannot imagine how I would have got to be where I am, working successfully in a field that I love and am passionate about. 

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