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Graduates Abroad – Sweden

CNM has totally changed my life!

Christina, Nutrition Graduate

I love my work now. I’m passionate about what I do as it feels meaningful and I’m making a difference to other people’s lives. I don’t ever see myself stopping work; it’s my way of life now.

I was plagued with atopic dermatitis and asthma

From aged three, I suffered from severe atopic dermatitis. In my teens, I developed asthma. My gut health was compromised, often causing me to be constipated. I saw several doctors and specialists, as well as herbalists and homeopaths. Blood tests were done through a homeopath when I was 15 and I discovered my vitamin and mineral status was low. I removed dairy from my diet and took the supplements I was prescribed. I developed an interest in nutrition after learning about the impact food had on my body and how it affected my symptoms.

Eliminating gluten cleared up my health issues

In 1999/2000 I had unexplained weight loss. Then in 2001, I was severely ill and anything I ate gave me diarrhoea. My local GP didn’t know what was wrong with me; however, through my own research, I learnt about gluten intolerance and coeliac disease. I was experiencing the exact same symptoms that presented with these conditions. I eliminated all gluten products for four days and I felt so much better. A blood test confirmed I had coeliac disease. I was advised to also exclude dairy from my diet for six months to allow my intestines to heal. After doing this, my eczema and asthma disappeared and my gut health improved; I also gained weight.

I loved CNM’s hands-on approach

I used to be a project manager for a large corporate. Starting a family made it impossible for me to continue with my demanding role. Instead, it was an opportunity for me to immerse myself in a big interest of mine and study nutrition. What attracted me to CNM was their hands-on approach and the fact that the lectures were taught by experienced practitioners. I loved the variety of teachers and learning about their experiences. The diversity of students in my class was amazing and I was blown away by how generous everyone was in sharing their knowledge and experience. We all fostered a “working together” approach. My time at CNM prepared me for setting up my own business and it was a great platform for networking and opportunities.

I’m continually expanding my knowledge

Having recently relocated to Sweden, I now work at the Nordic Clinic in Stockholm three days a week. I see a variety of clients, supporting them with a wide range of ailments including pre-diabetes, autoimmune conditions, IBS, hormonal issues and optimising performance through nutrition. I love that the learning never stops; every client is unique and I’m continually expanding my knowledge.

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