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Graduates Abroad – Turkey

Studying at CNM changed my life, body, mind and soul

Nergis, Nutrition Graduate

CNM really supports students to build thriving careers in natural health. The college is so passionate about educating the next generation of Nutritional Therapists by offering high-quality training in a nurturing environment. I’m proud to be part of the CNM family.

I was constantly unwell

I grew up in Turkey and was often sick as a child, having to take many antibiotics and medications as a result. During my university years, my body felt out of balance, like something wasn’t quite right. I was exhausted and experiencing severe pains and tender points on my body. Specialists told me the pain wasn’t real; however, I knew it was real as I was also suffering from terrible digestive problems. Eventually they diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.

My health deteriorated further

At one point, l was almost unable to use my right arm so l had to have physical therapy which did help in the short-term. However, I still felt awful and had the same recurring health problems and had to numerous medications to reduce the inflammation and pain. In addition to this, l was also experiencing eczema every month, psoriasis on my joints, brain fog and stomach cramps. My symptoms worsened and I was then diagnosed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Getting to the root cause was key

I went to Canada to find a natural solution for healing my diseases as I knew there had to be something causing these symptoms; getting to the root cause of my health problems was key. This was the start of my awareness of natural therapies. I soon discovered the issue was my diet and this needed to change.

Everyone at CNM is supportive and encouraging

My passion for healthy living continued; however, I needed more education to find out the root cause of my diseases. I came across CNM and it changed my life. Everyone at CNM is very supportive and encouraging, and they were able to answer all of my questions. The course material is very practice orientated and detailed.

Even while studying, l continued to change my health and help others around me. I’m now a 33-year-old mother and was able to have a healthy, fibromyalgia-free pregnancy. My brain fog disappeared and I’ve never felt so energetic.

I now help clients around the world

My healing journey eventuated into a new career and l love helping my clients to feel better and realise the importance of holistic health. I run a clinic in Turkey and work with clients all over the world through online consultations.

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