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Graduates Abroad – Ukraine

The lectures were masterpieces!

Daryna, Nutrition Consultant

I needed the flexibility to study both in class and online – I got all of it in one place with CNM! I needed a diploma that would be relevant and respected internationally. CNM was my first choice. 

I’d been struggling with choosing a school to study nutrition for a very long time. The doctor of my friend in London recommended this college for me because of its highly sought-after diplomas! But most of all I really loved the way of teaching – detailed lectures, handouts which you can download and use with your clients afterwards, practical process recommendations of case taking, and so much more!

Highly engaging and information-dense lectures

Denys, Nutrition Consultant

A few years after graduating from medical university, I’ve realized that I need to fill the gap in my knowledge about how nutrition can help prevent and support many health conditions.

I did want to gain an up-to-date Nutrition knowledge interconnected with traditional naturopathic principles at the same time.

CNM appeared to be the perfect choice, also providing internationally recognized credentials. I liked highly engaging and information-dense lectures filled with valuable insights on the management of numerous chronic health conditions with the power of Nutrition.

Considering that in medical school I was only taught how to prescribe medications, Naturopathic Nutrition was a whole new field for me, and CNM was definitely the best place to study it.

There are not so many health practitioners who combine conventional and naturopathic training, and this helps me understand the role and benefits of each of them for each particular client. Currently, I run an online Nutrition clinic, which allows me to work with clients from all around the world.

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Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.

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