Diet change relieved my son’s allergies

Diet change relieved my son's allergies

Kelly Little, CNM Natural Chef Student

I’ve joined CNM’s Natural Chef Diploma Course. I believe with the further training and credibility that comes with the qualificationI can really take my skills and opportunities to the next level.

I ran my own interior design company while I raised my three children, but I have always had an interest in nutrition and cooking, mostly as a weight management tool during my younger adult years.  However, when my youngest son was diagnosed with a nut allergy and severe eczema at 18 months old, I turned to his diet as I hated the idea of relying on steroid creams to manage his condition. 


It amazed me when after a few years of really good quality food and cutting out all processed foods and additives from my son’s diet that he outgrew his nut allergy and his skin was free from eczema.
I have continued to experiment on myself, looking to natural alternatives to overcome illnesses and chronic conditions.  I took some Short Courses at CNM, including Cooking for Health, as I am particularly interested in the natural approach to cooking, and finding delicious ways to create interesting and nutrient-rich meals for myself and my family, whilst avoiding the common trigger foods that create issues. 

I started an Instagram account just over a year ago to share my creations and immerse myself in the community of natural nutrition. Now I am looking to take this a step further, I’ve joined CNM’s Natural Chef Diploma Course.

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