My life as a Natural Chef

Olivier Sanchez, CNM Natural Chef Lecturer and CNM Graduate in Nutrition

I teach cooking and cooking methods, knife skills, presentation, tastes and flavours for the CNM Natural Chef course.   I have always had an interest in good food and its impact on health, and intuitively see ‘food as medicine’.

I grew up in a remote part of France and having my mother cook from scratch every day, with ripe, seasonal produce, fresh from the land, gave me an interest in good food and its impact on health.  It also set me on a career path;  I trained for 8 years in France to become a Michelin-star trained chef and have worked at some of the world’s finest restaurants.  12 years ago I separated from Classic French cooking, and with health increasingly in mind, I became  accomplished at  preparing Macrobiotic, true Paleo, and Vegan food.  I then launched my career as a private chef, and have worked ever since for extremely high profile clients.   Having been approached by CNM to teach my chef skills, I also went on to study there to become a Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath, so that I can offer my clients truly personalised nutrition.

Being a student at CNM was amazing, learning so many new and fascinating things that I love putting to use for my clients.  Being  a teacher is also brilliant. What I love most about teaching chef skills at CNM is the enthusiasm of the students and their eagerness to learn. They cannot stop asking questions. I love the fact that I am able to share my skills, and my passion for good food and health as a whole.

For more information on CNM’s Natural Chef Diploma course please click here.