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Why our students learn the importance of Organic food

At CNM we are of the opinion that eating close to nature is best. Making the choice to eat organic produce may not always be easy, but here are four reasons why we teach our students that eating organic is worth it in the long run:

Nutritional value

It’s official! Eating fresh, organic, unprocessed food delivers superior nutritional value. The Soil Association’s website carries relevant reports.

Understanding Nutrition as the cornerstone of health, and the therapeutic power of whole and organic foods, is the basis of what we teach at CNM.  At student clinics and later as practitioners, students witness time and again how eating unadulterated food is a fundamental step on the path to increasing wellness and vitality.  Dramatic health turnarounds are possible when nutritional needs are met, and irritants are reduced.  Eating organic food can help decrease the burden on our livers, made to work harder to reduce our toxic load when we consume pesticides and other potentially harmful substances that can be found in non-organic produce.

It’s what we evolved eating!

Our bodies evolved using natural foods to sustain and nourish us and to boost our immunity. Our intestinal microflora is a complex ecosystem, vital for the correct functioning of our digestion and immune system. Pesticides, herbicides, and genetic modification can have the ability to disrupt the delicate balance within our digestive system. There are some studies which suggest links between the health of our intestinal microflora with various cancers, autoimmune conditions and even dementia. Research into causes is always controversial and risks may not be handled for the benefit of the consumer when massive profits are at stake. Save to say that our gut health affects everything from our mood to our weight, so it pays to take care of it.

Freshness and quality

With a shorter trip from ‘farm to plate’, organic produce is one way to protect not only the vitamin and mineral content of our food, but the flavour, too. Some of our students train to become CNM Natural Chefs so they can create delicious gourmet meals appropriate to the health of the diner. They quickly learn the importance of establishing relations with suppliers and growers who aren’t constrained by issues such as shelf life qualities.

A healthy planet

CNM’s naturopathic approach to health is based on giving our bodies the best chance of thriving or healing by harnessing the power of nature. This goes beyond food to encompass everything from the water we drink, to the air we breathe. A healthy environment is key, so we keenly support the lower levels of toxins in our environment, sustainable management of land, and the ecological diversity which organic farming can deliver.

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By Tegan Philp, Nutritional Therapist

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