Feeling your best, the natural way

Making nutritional changes is key to looking and feeling your best. If you want to feel full of zest, able to deal with stress, have bright skin and eyes, better quality hair and nails, more restful sleep and an overall sense of wellbeing, then work on your diet and lifestyle. Whether it’s your wedding, a special birthday or some other event coming up, the more time you have in which to make changes, the more amazing they can be.

If you really need a fresh start and could benefit from a detox, visit a naturopathic practitioner who can tell you how to detox safely and prescribe herbs or supplements to support your lymphatic system.

If you have health issues or special requirements see a nutritional therapist who can tailor-make you a personal plan. Otherwise, read on for my ‘emergency plan’ for looking and feeling fabulous:

What to cut out

Ditch the cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, sweetened drinks. Drink pure water or herbal teas. Dandelion or nettle tea can help your liver eliminate toxins.

Go Organic

Buy fresh, organic, unprocessed food which you prepare at home and take with you for snacks. Avoid sugar, which causes enormous ‘dips’ throughout the day and aggravates stress levels.


Go big on dark green veg especially, backed up by lots of highly coloured veg and fruit like peppers and berries. Eat a good salad every day. Never use a microwave.

Unrefined Wholegrains

Eat unrefined wholegrains like oats and brown rice, and consume daily protein such as from fish, lean meat, and/or beans and legumes or quinoa. Small quantities of nuts and seeds, oily fish or flaxseed is a good way to get Essential Fatty Acids, which amongst other benefits, help put your skin in tip top condition.

Take care of your skin

Chemicals in what you put on your skin can affect your hormones and aggravate your skin as well as your physical and mental health. Look for skincare products with pure, organic ingredients to suit your specific skin type and condition, or make your own as taught on CNM’s Short Course on Natural Skincare.

For extra help with de-stressing, see a qualified herbalist who can offer herbal helpers. Acupuncture can help you to de-stress and rebalance. Remember to build some exercise into your day, a short walk at the very minimum. Your body will repay you by releasing endorphins which are highly stress-relieving. Finally, with a healthy diet, you’re also likely to change shape, so you may need a new outfit for that special event!

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