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How to Detox Naturally


Healthy Weight Loss: Detox, Fast and Eat Well

How to Detox Naturally

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How to Detox Naturally

Are you experiencing constant fatigue and headaches? Have you been gaining weight without eating more than usual? Is your skin unusually sensitive and reactive? What about your mood ― are you feeling depressed or anxious without any obvious reason? Do you have muscle pains and cramps, or suffer from excessive sweating?

All these can be signs and symptoms of excess toxicity in the body. In this modern world, we are surrounded by toxins ― we ingest them, inhale them or make contact with them through the skin on a daily basis. Toxins are also produced within our bodies during metabolism and if we don’t excrete them regularly, they keep circulating in our bloodstream and become stored in fat tissues. What can we do about that?

How to Detox Naturally course teaches you:

  • Different detox techniques and how to fit them into our everyday life.

  • How improving bowel function helps with effective detoxification.

  • What foods and herbs support detoxification through the body’s natural systems?

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What is detoxification

Detoxification is a medical term and refers to the natural removal of toxins from the body. Liver, kidneys, intestines and the lymphatic system are doing this work on a day-to-day basis, but because we are regularly exposed to so many chemicals ― in food, air, cosmetics and cleaning products ― it is useful to adopt some healthy practices that help us to flush the toxins out on an everyday basis. And if we don’t do it daily, we need to at least get them out of the body every now and again.

An unhealthy, very busy or stressful lifestyle can lead to the accumulation of toxins and even toxin overload that not only affects our body and physical health but also impacts our mental, psychological and emotional wellbeing. Toxin overload is often a reason for fertility issues, but it can also contribute to the development of various chronic conditions, especially autoimmune diseases and diabetes.

Get healty and detoxify your body

About the course

This online course includes an in-depth 1-hour long video lecture, 24 informative handouts and 2 articles that will explain the main organs of detoxification, how detoxification processes in the body function, what we can do to support them and make them more effective. The course also details those individuals for whom detoxification is not suitable, what a gentle detox diet looks like and why (and how) to avoid plastics, heavy metals, artificial hormones, pesticides and other environmental toxins as much as possible.

It also provides advice about the possible reactions to detoxification as natural responses to the process of cleansing, and offers some easy-to-follow recipes for safely embarking on a detoxification journey.

About the lecturer

Dee Clough mANP rGNC

Qualifications: MHSc in Herbal Medicine. BHSc in Complementary Medicine. Certified Bach Flower Practitioner.

Background: Dee is a Naturopath, Nutritional therapist and Herbalist who has taught a range of Naturopathy and Nutrition lectures at CNM’s London campus. She is currently the online tutor for the Naturopathy modules. Dee is a big advocate of Bach Flower Essences and has a particular interest in the mind-body connection and how it influences health.

Who should take this course?

How to Detox Naturally course is suitable for anyone who wants to take control of their health, explore how detoxification work, is interested in nutrition and healthy ways of losing weight, and wishes to adopt healthier eating and lifestyle habits. But it is also aimed at those that have been considering studying with CNM and want to get first-hand experience before enrolling on one of our more comprehensive Short Courses or even one of our professional Diploma Courses.

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