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Working for CNM is not just earning a good income, but also helping others to change their life and health.

Why work for CNM?

Director of Studies

“Fantastic feeling of being part of something bigger that actually makes a change”

Course Consultant

“It’s wonderful to have a job which helps others to achieve their dreams and to make a difference in the world. I’ve since started studying the Nutrition diploma myself!”

Bobby Qureshi

London Education Director

“I know every day that I am making a real difference to so many people’s lives by introducing them to the incredible field of natural medicine.”

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Other Jobs, and Opportunities

Nutrition Researcher – Natural Food Therapy – From home – Flexible hours

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Natural Food Therapy is a nutrition clinic based in North West London.

Job Description

We are hiring nutritional therapy students to research nutrition topics. You will need to enjoy researching and be able to understand clinical research studies.

To apply, please email a cover letter and a recent sample essay of your choice so that we can review your style of writing. If you have graphic design skills, please state this on your application and include a sample of your work.

Pay is per project.


Nutritional therapy student or recent graduate
Good research skills

Please send all applications to (no phone calls). You will be contacted if your application has been successful.


Updated: 15/06/20

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