Vegan Natural Chef Course

CNM’s Vegan Natural Chef Training

The CNM Vegan Natural Chef is a 3 part course covering everything you need to know to become a successful plant-based chef, from how the digestive process works, to working with plant-based proteins, to building a culinary Vegan-Chef-Logo v5(small)career! CNM’s Vegan Natural Chef Training consists of 420 hours of life-changing education. You will then need to complete an internship of an additional 100 hours.

CNM’s Vegan Natural Chef Training has been developed to meet the growing demands of a society increasingly interested in plant-based food that supports and promotes health.

CNM Vegan Natural Chef Students are taught to prepare delicious gourmet meals that focus on nutritional value. Whole, organic, fresh and minimally processed foods are procured in season. As no single dietary regimen is appropriate for everyone, we teach how individualised food can enhance health.

The number of people living a plant-based life is soaring with no signs of slowing down. This course is for you if you already eat a plant-based diet or if you want to learn everything you need to do so. Whether you want to know more simply so that you can serve up truly healthy and delicious plant-based food for your family, or you want to turn your knowledge into a successful career – this course is for you.

Course Details
Length of Study: 9 – 12 months, 520 hours, part-time
Anatomy & Physiology: 60 hours
Basics of Nutrition: 60 hours
Kitchen: 140 hours + 160 hours home assignments
Internship: 100 hours
CNM Diploma: Dip. Vegan Natural Chef

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”


Key Features

  • Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology, and Nutrition
  • Introduction to food selection, food combining, pantry essentials and food safety
  • Energetics of food
  • Working with plant-based proteins
  • Flavour, taste, preparation and presentation
  • Essential kitchen techniques
  • Recipe scaling and costing
  • Therapeutic menu planning and writing
  • Food therapeutics
  • Business and How to build a vegan culinary career

Full Syllabus (click to expand)

The Syllabus

9 – 10 months – 520 hours in total

Part 1 – Anatomy & Physiology – 60 hours

Understanding how the body functions, especially the digestive system, is vital for a Plant-based Chef. CNM’s on-line Short Course in Basic Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) will teach you what you need to know.

Part 2 – Nutrition for Every Day Living – 60 hours

Food choices and how the nutritional values of individual foods impact our immunity, cognitive abilities and energy levels, is the focus of CNM’s classroom-based Short Course in Nutrition for Every Day Living (NEDL).

If you are already qualified in A&P or Nutrition you can seek an exemption from these parts of the course.

Part 3 – Chef Training

140 hours in the kitchen, and 160 hours home assignments
Leading Natural Chefs will teach you essential cooking techniques. You’ll also learn methods for sourcing quality ingredients, culinary business principles, and the art of healthful cooking.


  • Food safety and sanitation
  • Macro & micro nutrients
  • Flavour, taste, preparation and presentation
  • How to create a healthy balanced vegan diet
  • Recipe writing and culinary maths
  • Best sources of food and ingredients
  • Energetics of food


  • Kitchen equipment, knife skills
  • Cooking, grilling, steaming, dehydrating, baking
  • Sprouting, juicing, fermenting


  • Master vegan sauces and stews
  • Use seasonal ingredients in an imaginative way
  • Work with tofu and tempeh
  • Vegetables, salads, fruits, grains, nuts and seeds
  • Raw and not so raw, culinary herbs and spices
  • Beverages, superfoods, food combination
  • Alternatives to sugar, table salt, dairy, gluten, soya

Food for Health

  • Therapeutic menu writing and planning
  • Foods that support organ systems
  • Food therapeutics
  • Deliciously healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert


  • PR/marketing strategies
  • How to build a plant-based culinary career
  • The law, accounts


In the final part of the training you will hone your skills in a professional setting, and continue to develop your culinary knowledge by completing a minimum of 100 hours experience in a work place setting.

Depending on your interest, this could be by working in a catering business, restaurant, a juice bar or a health café, etc.

The internship allows you to experience the role of a Natural Chef in a professional setting. You will need to find the internship place which suits you best. CNM will provide a list of potential hosts. Internships are not limited to the UK but must be approved by the Course Director. Any fees connected with the internship are not covered by the fee for your Natural Chef course.


You will be awarded a Diploma as a CNM Vegan Natural Chef upon successful completion of all parts of the training.


No prior study required

Accreditation & Recognition

CNM Natural Chefs are eligible to join the ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners) and receive the following benefits:

  • Access to various databases for further research
  • Discounted indemnity insurance for clinical practice
  • Discounts from various companies
  • Reduced fees for special seminars, lectures, master classes, workshops
  • Free training to set up your business
  • Free mentoring for new graduates

Our Mission

  • To provide students with thorough, practice orientated training in natural food preparation
  • To train students to become competent and successful CNM Vegan Natural Chefs
  • To make sure the CNM Vegan Natural Chef qualification is widely known and respected in the UK, Europe and worldwide
  • To continuously raise the profile of the CNM Vegan Natural Chef in society
  • To support and promote CNM Vegan Natural Chefs after graduation

Career Opportunities

The CNM Vegan Natural Chef qualification can open doors to a variety of careers. Options include becoming a plant-based chef in a restaurant, juice bar, health café, or spa; working as a private chef, or developing your own healthy catering or vegan food based business.

From cooking instructor, product developer, food and recipe writer or cookbook author, to educating clients and businesses on how to prepare natural, plant-based foods, the possibilities are endless. Professionals such as Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Nurses, Herbalists or Fitness Instructors can use their CNM Vegan Natural Chef title as an adjunct to develop their existing business.

If you are looking to study in small groups and be taught by creative and talented lecturers from the world of natural health cookery, you have come to the right place.

What our experts say

“It’s great when you know that every meal you prepare is balanced, nutritious and tastes amazing!”

Suné Markowitz-Shulman, Nutritional Therapist & Chef

“Being a Vegan
Natural Chef is a great opportunity to be at the forefront of the current changing perspective on healthy food.”

Ceri Jones, Nutritional Chef

“CNM’s Natural Vegan
Chef Course will teach you all the skills needed to live a plant powered life while embarking on a thriving new career.”

Kimberly Parsons, Naturopath, Chef & Author

“…this innovative course
is a great opportunity for health conscious vegans to spread their passion through the power of food“

Amanda Hamilton

“The CNM Vegan Natural
Chef diploma marries professional chef training alongside cooking the naturopathic way.”

Adria Wu, Natural Chef Entrepreneur, Presenter, Teacher & Writer


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If you are seeking…

  • a rewarding and fulfilling career
  • to expand your knowledge by becoming a Vegan Natural Chef
  • to be taught by leading chefs in small classes
  • to set up your own business or be employed
  • to earn a satisfying income in a growing market

…then talk to us

How to Apply

Please contact us to discuss your personal needs and goals. This way our Course Consultants can tailor a study schedule which suits your lifestyle and commitments.

Contact us on tel: 01342 410 505 or email us.