Using herbs in your life can be the key to vibrant health and wellbeing. With so many herbs to choose from, the subject can be overwhelming without professional assistance.

About the course

Herbs can be used in the kitchen as food or to support the self-healing mechanism of the body. The course provides an understanding of how everyday herbs can be used as medicines for the whole family.

Please note: This is not a professional qualification. For a CNM Diploma in Herbal Medicine click here.

What you will learn:

  • Build your own reference library on common herbs and their safe usage
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the medicinal use of kitchen herbs
  • In-class demonstrations: How to make your own herbal preparations
  • Learn how to make your own herbal first-aid kit
  • Use herbs to optimise energy, sleep and mood
  • Herbal remedies for common illnesses and ailments
  • Detoxification and safe cleansing for vital organs and systems
  • Herbs for women’s health and fertility
  • Herbal walk in Kew Gardens (optional)


  • CNM Completion in Herbs for Everyday Living


Course Fee

  • £395

Enrol Online

  • Wednesday evenings (12 sessions) 6.30pm – 8.30pm
    Next start date 5th April 2017
  • 2 Weekends 10am – 6pm
    Next start date – 6th May 2017

What our students say:

I really enjoyed the course. Lorna and Jill’s knowledge and enthusiasm was infectious! I liked having the opportunity to try samples of herbs during the class, see specimens of plants and have a practical demonstration session. I wish I had known about this course when I was younger but as a 51 year old, I found it invaluable for both my own health as well as that of friends and family. I can thoroughly recommend this course to any age group.”

Herbal Medicine Course Student
– Janine Nelson

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About the Course

Herbs for Everyday Living – a short evening course in herbal medicine

Herbs for Everyday Living gives an introduction to Western herbal medicine and naturopathic traditions, to gain a better understanding of the most common and exciting everyday herbs to use as medicines and as foods. This course gives you this knowledge to make herbs accessible and uncomplicated for all.

As an introductory level course, we welcome anyone with an interest in herbs and plants, whether a long-term passion, or a new curiosity.

This course is for you if you’d like to know:

  • How the herbs in your kitchen cupboard, or growing in your garden or park, could be used for more than cooking
  • Which herbs and foods can be used to support optimal health, for common everyday complaints, or to support different life stages such as childhood, pregnancy or the menopause
  • What the herbal medicines or herbal foods you see in shops can safely be used for
  • How to make herbal preparations for yourself, friends, and family
  • How to safely cleanse and detoxify using herbs and food, and how to support different organs
  • How to choose one herb over another for different people and situations

This course is taught in an interactive, fun and friendly style to make anyone feel welcome, however limited or vast their existing knowledge. No formal qualifications or experience is required. Students will have the chance to work in groups in class under the lecturer’s supervision to devise herbal, naturopathic and nutritional advice for common ailments and conditions.

In session 8 we demonstrate about 7-8 herbal recipes on the evening, bringing alive the herbal formula’s that have been taught during the 12 week course. Students will have little tasters and be able to take away 1-2 samples as well.

Who should come on this course?

Our students range from those with no background in health (e.g. lawyers, housewives) and healing to those who work in or have studied other types of complementary medicine (e.g. aromatherapists, nutritional therapists), and even those trained in conventional/allopathic medicine (nurses, midwives and doctors).

This course complements CNM’s other short courses, such as Nutrition for Everyday Living, and Natural Skincare, and is an ideal introduction to the benefits of natural health and using herbs for yourself or your family. If you are thinking of training for a new career in herbal medicine, please ask about our diploma courses, which equip students for a successful career in their chosen natural therapy.

What our student’s say

“The practical session was really good & made it all look really easy!” -T.M.

“I really have enjoyed these lectures. The pace is just right with lots of sound and practical applications” -W.B.

“The abundance of knowledge that has been given through notes and teaching; Lorna is brilliant and her passion has really inspired the class. There aren’t any questions she can’t answer!” -C.C.

“It’s very practical and easy to understand, I’m enjoying every single second.” -V.Z.

“Covered a wide range of topics – thoroughly enjoyed it!” -J.M.

“Every single class was fantastic and I enjoyed Lorna’s lessons” -S.D.

“Lots of study sheets and also loads of samples. Fun and energetic tutor!” A. Z.

“I find the course very informative, practical, re-assuring and useful. Thank you!” T.F.

“It was just what I hoped for and more, everything that I am interested in, so I learnt a lot and have new motivation for recipes and eating better.”

“The lecturer is outstanding. Her enthusiasm for the subject was infectious and has encouraged me to go on and study further.”

“I enjoyed every minute of Lorna Driver Davies’ Herbs for Everyday Living course. It is a wonderful mixture of herbology, nutrition, general medical advice, anatomy, biology and many other topics. Lorna knows her subject inside out and her specific knowledge and understanding of how our bodies function really puts your average GP to shame. This course is extremely easy to take and I learnt loads. Never a dull moment”


No prior study required


  • CNM Certificate in Herbs for Everyday Living

Study Programmes and Locations

London Study Programme

Wednesday evenings (12 sessions) 6.30pm – 8.30pm

*There is an option to join at the start of any module. Course fee includes all 3 modules. If starting late, students do other modules with next scheduled intake.

The next start date is 5th April 2017

Next course:

Module Times Dates
Herbs and Nutrition Wed 6:30 – 8:30pm 8th February – 1st March 2017
Herbs in Daily Life Wed 6:30 – 8:30pm 8th March – 29th March 2017
Stages of Life Wed 6:30 – 8:30pm 5th April – 3rd May 2017
Module Times Dates
Herbs and Nutrition Wed 6:30 – 8:30pm 7th June – 28th June 2017
Herbs in Daily Life Wed 6:30 – 8:30pm 5th July – 26th July 2017
Stages of Life Wed 6:30 – 8:30pm 2nd Aug – 23rd Aug 2017

  • £395 (for 12 session course)

2 Weekends

Next start date: New dates coming soon!

Dates Times
Sat 6th May 2017 10am – 6pm
Sun 7th May 2017 10am – 6pm
Sat 3rd June 2017 10am – 6pm
Sun 4th June 2017 10am – 6pm

  • £395 (for Weekend course)

To enrol, call 01342 306 264, email, or enrol online via our webshop.


CNM, 25 Percy Circus, London, WC1X 9EU. Location Map (opens in new window)


  • CNM Certification

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