CNM training equips students with the skills they need to have successful careers in natural health.  Take a look below at some of the exciting and varied ways in which talented and motivated CNM graduates are using the knowledge they gained at CNM to change lives.

Elizabeth Peyton-Jones (CNM Alumni)

Elizabeth Peyton-Jones

CNM Herbalist & Naturopath
Author and Speaker


Juliet Gellatley

CNM Nutritional Therapist
Founder and Director of Viva!

Keris Marsden (CNM Alumni)

Keris Marsden

CNM Nutritional Therapist
Co-founder of Fitter Food and Author


Suzie Walker

CNM Nutritional Therapist
Founder of Primal Pantry

Rosemary Ferguson (CNM Alumni)

Rosemary Ferguson

CNM Nutritional Theraipst
Model and Author

Sam Bourne (CNM Alumni)

Sam Bourne

CNM Nutritional Therapist
Author of NutriKids book series



CNM Nutritional Therapists
Co-directors of Ingeneius

Catherine Arnold (CNM Alumni)

Catherine Arnold

CNM Nutritional Therapist
Fertility Specialist and Corporate Speaker