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Working for CNM is not just earning a good income, but also helping others to change their life and health.

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Director of Studies

“Fantastic feeling of being part of something bigger that actually makes a change”

Course Consultant

“It’s wonderful to have a job which helps others to achieve their dreams and to make a difference in the world. I’ve since started studying the Nutrition diploma myself!”

Bobby Qureshi

London Education Director

“I know every day that I am making a real difference to so many people’s lives by introducing them to the incredible field of natural medicine.”

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CNM Offers Diploma Courses in Naturopathic Nutrition, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy.

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Phlebotomist – Tanya Borowski Ltd – Lewes, East Sussex – Freelance

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We are a Functional Medicine & Nutrition Clinic, Identifying root causes to achieve optimal health and wellbeing, offering dietary advice and supplements to aid wellness and reduce symptoms.

Job Description

We are looking for a freelance experienced phlebotomist to join our small team. At our clinic we provide a phlebotomy service to our clients for various tests which require a full blood draw.


Qualified Phlebotomist: A certificate in venepuncture or its equivalent, knowledge and experience of using a Centrifuge machine for preparing samples is essential and a minimum requirement for this role.

Private/self employed practice: This post is on a freelance basis, on bimonthly Monday or Tuesday mornings 9am -1030am


01273 479011


Updated: 13/02/20

Natural Chef – Proactive Medicine – Online – Freelance

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We are a Functional Medicine & Nutrition Clinic offering dietary – and lifestyle advice and supplements to optimise wellness and reduce symptoms.

Job Description

We are looking for a Natural Chef who can write Therapeutic recipes and menus based on our clinic dietary advice including Wholefoods, Paleo, Autoimmune Paleo (and low FOODMAP if possible). All recipes to be focused around nutrient rich and plant based foods. The recipes will include both animal and vegetarian sources of protein depending on dietary advice.  We will give you recommended foods for each plan including a plate model to use for you recipe and menu planning. We are looking for 2-week menu plans including recipes. We offer 10.50/hour. Please contact us with a fee for each menu plan.


Natural Chef diploma or Naturopathic Nutritionist with cooking experience.




Updated: 13/02/20

Sales Associate – Well Natural – London (Temple Fortune) – Part-time

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Independent chain of 3 well established health food stores. We stock all major brands including Viridian, TerraNova, Dr Hauschka etc.
Growing company with opportunities to progress and further your personal career.
Very ethical in terms of how we trade and who we trade with.

Job Description

Helping and advising customers with taking the right products for their ailments. Assisting the store Manager in general daily duties.


Experience of working in the Health food industry or a healthy ability to learn the role, providing advice and using your own knowledge base of our products. Nutrition/Naturopathy qualifications a bonus.




Updated: 02/03/20

Champ Ambassador – Champuk Limited – United Kingdom – Contract

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Champ is a bespoke and organic meal prep company. We create personalised meals for business executives, athletes and people with health conditions.

We work directly with nutritional therapists to design personalised menus for our customers based on their unique requirements. The food is cooked in our kitchens and delivered cold to store in the fridge to reheat in the oven.

All of our produce is organic, our meat is pasture raised and our fish is wild. Plus, we are environmentally friendly.

Job Description

will support nutritional practitioners with an additional passive income stream, alongside their practice. We are looking to conduct interviews on how we can make this programme as effective as possible for both the customer and the nutritonal practitioner. Please contact us in the email provided if you are interested in getting involved or call for more information. All applicants will be given the opportuntiy to join the first cohort in The Champ Programme.






Updated: 30/03/20