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Location Date Title  
London Sat 10 Jun London Open Day details
London Tue 13 Jun Fat around the Middle details
Brighton Wed 14 Jun Eat yourself Younger details
Manchester Wed 21 Jun Healthy Food Swaps details
London Wed 12 Jul Systematic Kinesiology Workshop details

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CNM London Open Day

London, Saturday 10th June 2017, 10.00am

CNM people going in

Come and be inspired by the power of natural therapies to promote health and vitality!

This event will be packed with fabulous tips on how to look after your health naturally.

Plus, if you’re thinking of changing your career, you’ll get the chance to find out more about training with CNM to become a natural health practitioner.


What Naturopathy can do for you
Kimberly Parsons
Harnessing the healing power of nature to support vibrant health and wellbeing.


Detox and Cleanse
Rick Hay
Practical nutrition tips to alkalise, cleanse and detox naturally from harmful toxins.


The Future of Medicine is Nutrition
GP Dr. Laura Quinton
The role of naturopathic nutrition in transforming patient health outcomes.


The CNM Training Concept
Rhian Jones
How to become a successful Natural Health practitioner by training with CNM.


Herbs for a Healthy Gut
Maya Daghighi
Discover how to heal your gut & restore your health with herbal medicine.

Tickets: £10

Eventbrite - CNM London - Open Day - Saturday 10th June 2017

Fat around the Middle – Lose the buldge for good

Dr. Marilyn Glenville

London, Tuesday 13th June 2017, 6.30pm

Dr Marilyn Glenville, a renowned nutritionist specialising in women’s health will explain why for many women and men of all ages, fat tends to settle around the middle. 

  • Find out why it is not all down to diet and what supplements and herbs can help you lose that apple shape faster. 
  • Hear how being fat around the middle increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s. 
  • Learn what you can do reduce the risk, and how to get rid of that belly fat for good!
Venue: CNM London, 25 Percy Circus, London, WC1X 9EU
Tickets: £15

Eventbrite - Fat around the Middle - Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD [CNM London] 13th June 17

Eat yourself Younger

Emma Olliff

Brighton, Wednesday 14th June 2017, 6.30pm

Conventional medicine often discounts the connection between skin health and nutrition.  The food choices we make strongly influence our health and vibrancy of our skin.

Join CNM lecturer Emma Olliff for an informative talk on how you can use nutrition and food to look and feel your best.  

You will learn:

  • Anti-aging tips to maintain a vibrant glow
  • What nutrients maximise collagen production and promote healing
  • How to balance hormonal activity to help prevent hormone-induced skin conditions
  • Secrets to support restful beauty sleep
Venue: CNM Brighton, Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton, BN1 1AF
Tickets: £5

Eventbrite - Eat yourself Younger [CNM Brighton] - 14th June 2017

Healthy Food Swaps

Alicia Tecza

Alicia_speakingManchester, Wednesday 21st June 2017, 6.00pm

Join CNM Nutritional Therapist, Alicia Tecza at vegetarian café The Eighth Day Co-operative for an informative and practical talk on how to make better food choices without feeling deprived. This talk will cover nutritional education around fundamental naturopathic principals, providing you with easy solutions for simple food swaps.

Venue: CNM Manchester, 8th Day, The Eighth Day Co-operative Ltd, 111 Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7DU
Tickets: £5

Eventbrite - Healthy Food Swaps [CNM Manchester] - Wednesday 21st June

Systematic Kinesiology Workshop

Sonia Munafo, Kinesiology

kinesiologistLondon, Wednesday 12th July 2017, 6.30pm

Learn how to use this holistic therapy to restore health

Systematic Kinesiology uses muscle testing and efficient techniques to restore the body’s natural balance and increase health and vitality.

Join us for this introductory hands-on workshop to learn more about this effective holistic therapy.

As an introduction to Systematic Kinesiology this workshop will cover:

  • Muscle testing and everyday techniques
  • Food testing for intolerances, and sensitivities to vitamins and supplements
  • Balancing of the body’s network of subtle energies, using meridians and acupressure
  • Treatment of sore, tired, weak painful muscles and joints, cramp, improved breathing patterns, neck and back pain
Venue: CNM London, 25 Percy Circus, London, WC1X 9EU
Tickets: £49