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Student Experiences

“My studies have been life changing, exciting, and unforgettable.”

Simona, Naturopathic Nutrition

I’m in my final year of studying Naturopathic Nutrition part time at CNM in London.

I worked in luxury fashion and retail but I felt chronically exhausted and unwell. I was looking for a way to change my life and have a career path which was meaningful. I chose CNM for my studies because of its naturopathic approach to health and the great feedback I had heard about the college.

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My studies have been life changing, exciting, and unforgettable. I love everything about my course.  The lecturers are great, the content is very rich, giving me knowledge which has helped me become healthy.  I feel great. I’ve met amazing like-minded people, built my confidence, and have become much more positive.

When I qualify I will practise as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist to educate people about health, and help them change their lives, the way I have done.

Acupuncture helped my fertility

Cath, Acupuncture

In my training I have learnt how Acupuncture can support fertility with or without IVF.

I want to be able to have a career which is flexible so I can be around to collect my children from school and help them with homework. I’ve worked in the telecoms industry for a long time but I want a career with a better work-life balance, and where I can find fulfillment helping people who have a genuine need. I’m really excited about the prospect of being able to do this through Naturopathy and Acupuncture. I know from the experience of friends and family that natural therapies can have a dramatic impact.

I had my children through IVF. The rounds of IVF which were not supported by Acupuncture were failures, and yet the rounds where I also had Acupuncture were a success. I was inspired by the Acupuncturists I met, and I wanted to be able to learn and share this incredibly powerful healing tool. In my training I have learnt how Acupuncture can support fertility with or without IVF.

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CNM offered me the flexibility to study at weekends, around my work and family. I was also interested in the unique naturopathic aspect of the course. I think that the more tools you have to offer your clients, the more successful your practice will be. Course accreditation by the British Acupuncture Council was also of the utmost importance to me.

I love the practical hands on aspect of CNM’s course and learning from experienced lecturers from both China and the West. Topics we have discussed along the course are finally entering into mainstream news, such as the sugar debate, and the population’s reliance on pharmaceutical drugs.  It’s exciting to think that this will inspire more clients to join us on the healthcare evolution!

I work my own hours and run a very successful practice

Gunilla, Homeopathy

I used to give my children homeopathic remedies for minor ailments. I found them so effective that I decided to train to become a homeopath!

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Natural medicine opened my eyes

Realising the healing potential of natural medicine really opened my eyes. Seeing how effective homeopathy was with my children made me want to learn more.

My clinic is booming

I found my CNM studies completely enthralling. Despite being in my 40s and having to fit study around running a home, a family and a job, I was addicted to what I was learning. I couldn’t wait for my next weekend of college to arrive, especially the clinical practice. After graduating, I quickly built up a reputation and now over 90% of my clients find me through word-of-mouth.

I’m my own boss

Being self-employed means I can work the hours I choose to fit around my family and lifestyle. What I love most about my job as homeopath is understanding what makes my clients tick.

Become a homeopath

“Studying at CNM has been the best investment I’ve ever made”

Rob, Naturopathic Nutrition

The quality course content, experienced lecturers and meeting like-minded people has confirmed that my decision to change my career path has been the right one.

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My body broke down

I’m currently in my second year of the naturopathic nutrition course. I’ve always had a keen interest in natural therapies, although it wasn’t until I became unwell that I decided to study it. I contracted multiple parasitic infections during a trip to Indonesia; when I returned to the UK, I started experiencing non-specific symptoms which lasted for 18 months. I was going through a stressful period at work and I wasn’t able to figure out what was going on with my health. The combination of a heavy parasite infestation and stress resulted in me getting very ill; my body just broke down.

Naturopathy was the only thing which worked

I was put on multiple antibiotics; however, the infections wouldn’t clear up and I was left feeling much worse. During this time, I did a huge amount of research on my own to try to figure out what was wrong. I worked with an excellent naturopath who was able to carry out functional testing and give me the supplements I so desperately needed. I soon recovered and became fascinated with naturopathic medicine, how the body works and the root cause of disease. I decided I wanted to help people who were in a similar position to me.

The flexible study schedule is perfect for me

I was attracted to CNM because it offered a flexible study schedule. Given I work full time, it caters perfectly for my work life. I also wanted to do an in-class course rather than online one. Price and location were also a factor; the London campus in Kings Cross is a great location. The lectures are also available online which is very helpful.

The clinical experience is invaluable

What I’m enjoying most about the course is that it encompasses theory and practical experience with real-life cases. I find the clinics very useful as it enables me to see how best to treat clients. I like the fact that all lecturers have their own practice or work in a practice, enabling them to give case examples in class. The course content is extensive and covers everything you need to get set up as a practitioner. The best thing I’ve learnt so far is how to use food to treat disease, rather than using supplements alone. Using food as medicine has been a real eye-opener.

The course has changed my life

When I graduate, I plan to start my own clinic and specialise in digestive health. The course has completely changed my life; being able to do a job I love every day is such an exciting prospect. I will get so much satisfaction helping clients to regain their health.

“Joining CNM was the best decision I ever made in my life!”

Sofia, Naturopathic Nutrition

Everyone I have come into contact with from the very first enquiry onwards have been more than welcoming and polite, just a great team to be studying under really.

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The speed and pace of the online lectures was just perfect and because it is pre-recorded it felt like the tutor was totally focused on me only as it was by default only making eye contact with me which felt like a one on one session which really helped me with my understanding and learning of the topic as I found myself constantly nodding my head to the tutors words. I felt comfortable to message my tutors as many times as I did for extra help and always felt appreciated with every response I got back. Everyone I have come into contact with from the very first enquiry onwards have been more than welcoming and polite, just a great team to be studying under really, you feel very looked after and that your future is very bright and you’re not left to struggle all alone. The course is highly informative, very, very interesting, very impressive and very easy to understand. 10/10 already and I haven’t even been studying for that long!

“Enrolling at CNM was the best decision I’ve ever made”

David, Naturopathic Nutrition

Once I enrolled on the Naturopathic Nutrition course so many things changed for me. Being surrounded by like-minded people who want to better themselves and overcome their health challenges has been so empowering and inspiring. I’ve been able to better myself, help my family and be the best version of myself I can be.

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I couldn’t find any answers to my health issues

A few years ago, I started experiencing gastrointestinal attacks which lasted around forty minutes; I would start shaking, my stomach would balloon and my bowels would go to liquid. I went to my GP in tears, begging for help as I was worried it could be something sinister. I had every test under the sun but doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. The attacks made me anxious and stressed; it got to the point where I was petrified to eat food. I lost a lot of weight and I stopped eating out at restaurants and friend’s houses as it was too stressful.

I felt so alone as nobody could help me, so I went searching for answers myself. I tried spirituality and I started listening to lots of different podcasts. I came across the art of giving and this really resonated with me. I began to give my time, energy and love to others. Being able to give to others helps me in so many ways and makes me feel good about myself.

Being at CNM is so empowering and inspiring

One day I met a lady in my cab who started talking to me about cells. I discovered she was studying at CNM and I was fascinated by all the knowledge she had. That same week I met four other people who were also studying at CNM – it was serendipitous. I decided to go to a talk at CNM and I was amazed by what I saw. There were empowering messages on the walls and I was greeted by welcoming staff; everyone was so friendly and warm.

Once I enrolled on the Naturopathic Nutrition course so many things changed for me. Being surrounded by like-minded people who want to better themselves and overcome their health challenges has been so empowering and inspiring. I’ve been able to better myself, help my family and be the best version of myself I can be.

The lecturers are phenomenal

What I’m enjoying most about the course is the interaction with other students and hearing their health success stories – it’s so inspiring. I’ve met so many amazing people and it’s really opened my eyes. Having different lecturers each week is great as everyone brings something different and I’m learning so much. The lecturers are phenomenal and incredibly passionate about what they do; the way they want to help people really inspires me. Every day is empowering as I’m learning so much.

Studying nutrition changed the course of my life

Studying at CNM has changed my vision and thinking. Prior to studying, I believed that life was about working, paying bills and then dying. I knew there had to more to life than this but this belief system was ingrained in me from a young age. CNM is the catalyst for realising I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I’ve gone from the male chauvinistic world of mechanics into an empowered and enlightened state. Being able to help my family, especially my sons, has been brilliant as I’m passing on my knowledge to them.

When I graduate, I plan to support people with cancer through nutrition and mental health strategies. One day I’d love to be a lecturer at CNM as well as a practitioner.

Life is too short not to follow your dreams

My advice to anyone thinking about studying natural therapies is don’t live in fear. I was 44 when I found out about CNM – I had two sons, a big mortgage and lots of personal commitments. I didn’t think I could commit to doing a three-year course; however, I had to believe I could and I decided not to live in fear anymore. You need to remove toxicity from your life so you can move forward, whether that be a relationship, a job or bad habits. If a 44-year-old London cab driver can do it, anyone can. Life is too short to not live it to the full!

“Diet reversed my skin problems”

Matt, Naturopathic Nutrition

Matt is joining CNM because a natural, plant based diet reversed years of skin problems that conventional medical treatment seemed unable to resolve.

Suffering from acne, eczema, rosacea and going through topical steroid withdrawal, I was subject to conventional medicine for many years, but it made my problems even worse. I believe the antibiotics ‘knocked out’ my immune system. I developed sinus problems, fatigue, poor digestion and food intolerances.

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Several years of antibiotics, steroids, confusing and changing medical diagnoses and worsening health, being stared at and even, on one occasion, being called a zombie in public, I decided I had enough… I went through a lot of personal health issues and gradually began to immerse myself in the science behind nutrition and lifestyle. I began to research more holistic methods of healing and came across people online using diet and exercise to heal. After many years of studying and experimenting with my own healing journey, seeing many others getting great results and starting to feel a lot better myself, I decided to go all in and completely abandon the pharmaceutical approach.

Eventually it became a hobby and one day I decided would be a great idea to pursue it as a career.

Matt has enrolled at CNM so he can train to become a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist

“I cannot recommend CNM highly enough”

Dominique, Naturopathic Nutrition

I have just completed my first year of Naturopathic Nutrition (Biomedicine) and will be returning in October to study Nutrition Year 1. I cannot recommend CNM highly enough. The standard, experience and knowledge of my Lecturer is second to none. My whole class are in awe of him. He is a practitioner himself which means we receive relevant, authentic examples of client case studies and scenarios. He is approachable and despite his immense knowledge, I never fear to ask a silly question or to ask for more help on a subject. My class is incredibly supportive. We are all from different walks of life, varied ages and all have different reasons why we have enrolled. But we all have one thing in common, we are proud to be students at CNM.

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The lecture content is quite simply remarkable. The presentations are visual to support your revision, and are constructed in a smart way to help you learn in bite sized chunks and build upon your previous lectures. I have never covered so much content in one lecture before but it really works. I often wonder why it took me 33 years to start learning about the human body and self-healing. But I am glad I waited because I can think of no other place I would prefer to study. Also my initial recommendation to join CNM came from my practitioner who is an incredibly gifted healer, his advice that CNM was the best learning ground was accurate and reassuring.

I spoke with the admissions team before I enrolled, who were great and also filled many gaps of my understanding of the course. They invited me in to take a look at the college. As I approached CNM London (10 mins from Kings Cross) and saw the beautiful setting of Percy circus and the gorgeous grounds of the college (they have gardens and lots of greenery) I was already hooked. My experience got better and better as I saw the library, the cafe and the clinic rooms.

Before joining the course I could not see how I would ever sit down with a client and advise them. This was definitely the fear of the unknown as my fears were quashed by learning that I would be observing student nutritionists seeing real clients in year 2. In year 3 I will be holding the clinic appointments myself, but with the support of Lecturers (who are practitioners) which filled me with confidence that I will be observed and fed back to. If you wish you can also be a client at a student clinic and discuss any health issues and receive nutritional, herbal and acupuncture advice at an extremely good price.  I personally saw a student nutritional therapist. Her advice (signed off and supported by practitioner-lecturers) has been life changing for me and I saw positive results in my health.

I unfortunately lost my mum over the Christmas period which affected my studies, my revision and ultimately meant I was not ready for my first exam. To add to an already amazing experience at CNM, the support I received from my Lecturer was outstanding, the Directors of Study were supportive and positive and inspired me to continue. With a few rearrangements and (of course) my hard work in studying, I sat and passed both my exams and assignment. The assignment was not just marked and sent back, but covered in feedback so I knew how to improve for next time.

I am glad of the expectation that you have to attend 90% of classes because quite frankly you need the Lecturer and your peers.  I would rather be in the college with the experts, as they bring the subject to life. You do need to put the time in, to simply turn up is not enough, but if you’ve chosen the right subject for you, you will be eager to learn more and excited about every next lecture! I come from a background of retail which could not be more different, but CNM helped me transition my life towards my dream.

If like me, you are looking for a natural approach with a deeper understanding of the human body, go and see CNM!

“I finally achieved my dream of studying nutrition after 20 years”

Katie, Nutrition Student

After a life defining event caused a major shift in my life, I decided to start fulfilling my dreams and dedicate my time to helping people feel better.

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My health issues were a blessing in disguise

I was very lucky that during my childhood my mum would always make seasonal home cooked food and we would be taken to the seaside to convalesce.  I spent most of my childhood outside making concoctions from petals and herbs so from a young age, natural remedies were always a part of my life.

In my 20s, I suffered from a blood clot in my brain, which I was fortunate to recover from. This life defining event caused a major shift in my life and I became a much more intuitive person. I also became more aware of what I was placing in my body and the lifestyle I led. Despite difficulties, I believe that my health issues were a positive event in my life as I shifted direction away from studying for a politics degree to become a spa therapist and facialist instead. I wanted to dedicate my career to helping people feel better and make a positive difference to their day.

Studying nutrition has transformed my health

It was only after I became a mother that I was able to step back and reflect on where I was in my life. My hormones became unbalanced post-birth which started affecting my digestive system. This led me to follow my lifelong dream and passion for studying nutrition by enrolling at CNM. Since starting the nutrition course, I’ve not only learnt about the science behind what we eat, I’ve also managed to apply this knowledge to rebalance my hormones and restore my digestive system.

I’ve loved learning about anatomy and the detail behind what I intuitively knew about nutrition. Holding my own clinics in year 2 was a real defining moment in my studies and I absolutely loved it as it allowed me to put all the theory I had learnt into practice. I’ve also realised how much I enjoy learning and that I have a desire to constantly further my knowledge.

Limitless career opportunities

After graduating I’m looking forward to opening up my own clinic to focus on women in their 40s and helping them be their most radiant self from the inside out. I’m also writing food and wellness articles and working on recipe development. I can’t wait to build these skills further and achieve my next dream of writing a wellness cookbook within 5 years! I’m so excited to see what my future holds.

“Where to begin!! Naturopathy is my passion and one of my earliest interests from childhood…”

Emma, Naturopathy

I loved every minute of this year and it was a pleasure to meet all of the lecturers who I found extensively knowledgeable with many years of experience between them.

For me Iridology was the most exciting part by far, this was totally new to me as a subject and was very pleased it was a longer module too. I have gained extensive new skills from this that I will be very confident in using in my clinic as part of my detective work!

Thank you Peter Jackson-Main for your wonderful book and sharing amazing insights of your experience.

I would have loved more Herbal Medicine, I could listen to Ed for days!! He brought the whole subject to life and again I now have new knowledge and tools to add to my bag. Thank you all and can’t wait to start Naturopathic Principles in the Autumn term.

“As a chef I wanted to know about Nutrition”

Isabel, Naturopathic Nutrition

Being an international private chef is hugely exciting, but there has always been a deep undercurrent of conflict within me about the effect that the dishes I prepare for my clients may have on their health. This is what finally pushed me into going back to school somewhat late in life and searching for a way to resolve the many contradictions which I have encountered during my gastronomic career, where mouth-watering cuisine and good health seemed to be mutually exclusive.

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As a chef studying Naturopathic Nutrition at CNM I found the proof that food can be utterly delicious, life-enhancing and gratifying while simultaneously supporting thriving health, joie de vivre and energy.

I was attracted to CNM because it provides the naturopathic element over and above plain nutrition, and because I wanted cast-iron credentials. Studying totally took over my life! What I learned gave me an infinite respect for the perfection of the human body and the mind-blowing intricacy of its functions. I discovered how a natural and nutrient-rich way of eating can literally make you feel like a totally different person.

I am incredibly thrilled to  graduate from CNM and now be able to put the treasure trove of knowledge which I have acquired during my studies to good use.  While my approach will be all-encompassing, I am particularly interested in anti-ageing and brain health. From being an international private chef and food writer, I’ll now be The Natural =  Anti-Ageing Chef, a Nutritional food writer, and a Nutritional Therapist.

I’ll be harnessing the immense force of natural food, including plant-power, to support healing and recovery and to set my clients back on the road to optimal wellbeing.

“I’m looking forward to using my knowledge to help others”

Seema, Nutrition

I was working in Optometry when in 2012 I started getting joint pains and was soon after diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

After doing my own research on how to best manage my condition,it led me to make significant changes to my diet.These changes helped to bring a real improvement to my health and I wanted to learn more, so I was referred to CNM by my aunt Nishta Patel, who is now a very busy Nutritional Therapist but at the time was just finishing her first year at the college.

During the course, I was able to make more specific changes to my diet and supplements.I have just finished Nutrition Year 2 and I have really enjoyed my three years at CNM, learning in class and student clinics. I’m looking forward to using my knowledge to help others. After I graduate I plan to practice as a nutritionist and I’m keen to set up in business supplying my own range of healthy and nutritious cakes and treats to cafes and shops.

‘CNM helps me see myself as a practitioner already’

Ioana, Herbal Medicine

CNM is a lovely place to be! I find all the subjects interesting and captivating.

What I especially love about CNM’s course is that it is well-designed, transparent and teachers explain the topics very well. I love the video lectures! It helps me to understand! People here are kind and friendly. Teachers are very well prepared. They make the lectures very interesting; they explain very well. Along with herbal medicine, I would love to study nutrition and homeopathy as well.

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I wanted to further my studies and from studying medical conditions, clinical psychology, psychiatry and so on during my special education needs degree, it was just one step up to considering natural medicine studies. I remember that I asked a lot of questions when I first called CNM and got answers to all of them, like the fact that the diploma is recognised in many European countries, what I’m going to study is natural medicine and I will be able to work in clinics after graduation or even better, to have my own clinic at some point in the future. I also liked the subjects that I was told that I’ll study during the years and of course the consultant’s enthusiasm. Having started at CNM I found the impact that nature has over the human body and mind amazing and this is why I got into natural therapies. I also liked the college very much! It was like: wow!

I expect to change my life a lot! CNM helps me see myself as a practitioner already! When I qualify, I plan to work as a practitioner and write books about herbal medicine.

Endometriosis: I am free of pain

Shireen, Naturopathic Nutrition

I became very unwell with severe endometriosis which left me bed-ridden, this led to surgery followed by chronic fatigue syndrome.

This became my life for years. Medical doctors said I needed to accept that I would never be pain free. I decided to find my own path to recovery. I began by changing my diet and eliminating inflammatory foods, which made me practically pain free in 6 weeks. I realised then that I had found a way to heal myself and wanted to learn more so I could help others who were also losing hope.

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CNM offered a course that embraced nutrition differently from other courses, by placing importance on lifestyle and naturopathic principles. It was this combination that made me choose the course, and I am now in my final year of nutrition. I love the quality of lecturing as well as the depth of knowledge I’ve acquired. The course is intense, and has given me confidence in dealing with doctors.  The assignments are definitely good practice for the real world paths my career may take. I look forward to practising in the field and supporting clients to reach their own health goals.

What I wasn’t expecting was the amazing people I have met.  I have been really touched by the strong and supportive community we have built as a class.

“Longtime Eczema sufferer, I’ve been repeatedly prescribed steroids.”

Debbie, Herbs Short Course and Naturopathic Nutrition

For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered with eczema and I was repeatedly prescribed steroids from a young age. But I wanted to find out more about my skin condition and stopped using steroids altogether before I reached my 20’s. I wanted to know what caused my skin to flare up and how I could prevent it, rather than just react to the flare ups. I started with cutting certain foods out of my diet, and the impact on my skin was immediately noticeable! 

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Discovering the power of food has completely changed the way I manage my own health and that of my family. In contrast to my own childhood, I have brought my 3 children up using natural medicine when needed.

It wasn’t until the last few years that I decided to study and I signed up on a Short Course with CNM on Herbs for Everyday Living. The course and the lecturer were both really excellent and it’s amazing what herbs can do!

After finishing my short course I made the decision to completely retrain and enrolled on CNM’s Naturopathic Nutrition diploma course in 2011. I have always believed that health starts with what we eat; it’s the origin of everything, so although I love herbs and other natural therapies such as homeopathy, which has really worked for me, it makes sense to me to address diet first!

The challenge of training for a new career at 56 years old has been a big decision for me, but I’m confident that it’s the right one. I’m completely out of my comfort zone and learning new things when you are older is tough, but being in a classroom with likeminded people makes it enjoyable! The reason I chose CNM was because of their focus on face to face, clinical work because I know I will learn better through practice.

When I finish my studies I want to practice from home or rent a local clinic room, but there are so many possibilities in the industry if I want to other things as well! I never thought I would retrain at my age, but it just goes to show that it’s never too late to do something you love!

CNM started my journey to optimum health

Audrey, Naturopathic Nutrition

CNM’s Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition is exactly what I needed to pursue my vocation and start my journey to optimum health myself.

Although I spent 15 years in successful international sales and marketing in the cosmetics industry, I always felt like I was not in the right job. I decided to quit my job and follow my gut instinct in search of what it was that I wanted to do. After a few months of soul-searching, one day I came across the interview of an 86-year-old naturopath talking about food and its benefit on human health.

It was a light bulb moment. That lady’s simple and common sense inspired me and gave me the path I had been searching for. I wanted to become a naturopath to enlighten people’s lives, helping them to become their optimum selves.

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What I appreciate most about the CNM Diploma course is the practical side of the learning. All lecturers bring something unique as they put their heart and soul into transmitting deep knowledge which they are passionate about.  On the academic side, I am constantly amazed by the extent of new scientific research that we look at, from epigenetics to the nutrient impact on health.

Since I started studying, Iswari superfoods hired me to look after their sales and marketing in the UK, which makes perfect sense with my professional background and my CNM nutrition education.  I shall have completed my studies later this year and when I graduate, I want to support clients with chronic health issues, where possible working with GPs to support beneficial lifestyle changes, especially to do with mental health. I’ve enjoyed my studies so much that I’d also like to study herbal medicine at CNM.  It is exciting, humbling and an inspiration to keep on learning all my life.

Listen to Audrey’s podcast with Joseph Pliu.

I love the depth of knowledge I am gaining

Emma, Naturopathic Nutrition

I worked in vintage fashion, but as time went by and I noticed changes in my body, I began to focus on my own health and optimum wellness from a more holistic viewpoint.

As I dug deeper I came to the opinion that links between government, food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies resulted in misleading messages about what’s best for health.

This led to my deeper interest in people taking back control of their own health by harnessing the body’s natural capacity for wellness and healing. I would like to inspire as many people as possible to give themselves the chance to feel and look their best naturally. In order to embark upon a fulfilling career doing this on a daily basis, I need to be appropriately qualified.

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I was attracted to CNM due to the practical nature of their Nutrition Diploma, whereby we can put into practice what we are taught in lectures, in our student clinics. This approach is fantastic for confidence building when working towards branching out alone after graduating. I’m now in my final year of my Nutrition training. I love the depth of knowledge I am gaining, and the diversity of our inspiring lecturers whose passion for their subjects I admire so much.

I plan to set up my own practice after graduating and would like to specialise in eating disorders, as the physiological aspects to our relationship with food is of particular interest to me. My message to my clients will always be ‘Look after your body and treat it like it belongs to somebody you love’.

My Dad’s Acupuncture inspired my career

Vanessa, Acupuncture

Back in Australia my family have always utilised natural therapies. My mother was a nurse who re-trained as a Homeopath. When my father was diagnosed as having a serious condition, he got extremely positive results using Acupuncture, astounding his medical consultant in the process. After travelling to the UK, meeting my husband and settling down to start a family, I found natural therapies, such as homeopathy, to be gentle and effective for my children. My grand plan was always to return to work once the children were at school. With no local family support, however, it was a no-brainer to make the decision to be able to work from home, or at least to be available at school pick up and drop off times.

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I have a degree in journalism, but I spent a long time thinking about what it was that I was passionate about, before deciding that I really wanted to study Acupuncture. CNM has accreditation from numerous professional bodies which was vital in deciding to study through them, so that I could make a career out of what I had chosen. I found out I could study Biomedicine at CNM here in Belfast and then commute down to CNM Dublin for the next stage of the course which includes Naturopathic Study, and Acupuncture.

The course fits perfectly with my lifestyle.  I am able to study during the day whilst my children are at school; and on study weekends my husband gets one to one time with them. It is such a joy to meet other people at CNM who have enjoyed improved health because of natural therapies, and those who are now keen to learn, study and share their knowledge with others.

I can’t wait to qualify and use my knowledge to help family, friends and myself to achieve a better level of health. I am already enjoying the knowledge I learned in the Biomedicine foundation year (which gives the brain a real work out, and is so rewarding to complete).   I am so excited about the things I am going to learn this year, and in the years to come. I would encourage anyone thinking of undertaking the course to go for it.

‘Joining the college has changed my life!’

Aga, Naturopathic Nutrition

Without exaggerating, changing the way I eat and joining the college has changed my life!

I was struggling with health issues since my early 30s and found it impossible to get the answers and the support I needed from my GP. Eventually, I started looking for these answers on my own and found my way to CNM.

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As many of the students have walked a similar pathway, I feel I fit right in! It’s a very empowering adventure and the college environment keeps me inspired – like-minded people, experienced/ highly knowledgeable staff, and plenty of additional events held at the college. Some of the course material is challenging, especially if you haven’t got any biochemistry / anatomy / physiology background but the course is structured in a way which allows you to build your knowledge gradually. Lots of practical tips are provided, such as where to find research and how to evaluate it, where to look for drug-nutrient interactions, what functional testing is available in the UK and when it’s needed. The clinics allow you to get a feeling of what it may be like once you graduate and start seeing patients. It’s an opportunity to use what you’ve learned, build your confidence and learn to stand on your own feet! Although you only attend once a week, the course is hard work and you must be committed! The fact that you may walk away being able to potentially turn somebody’s life around makes it all well worthwhile though!

Why I’m training for a new career

Julia, Naturopathic Nutrition

I started my studies with CNM two years ago after discovering for myself the power of food and nutrition to change my life. I am currently a business consultant and so studying nutrition is a world away from my current day job. I also studied History at university and so I didn’t come from a scientific background.

The CNM course is both challenging and rewarding and I am looking forward to qualifying as a nutritional therapist next year and starting a new career and way of life.

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I grew up with a family who were very focused on natural therapies and we had a homeopathic GP. It was therefore very natural for me three years ago when I was diagnosed with fibroids to look to natural therapies rather than just accepting the NHS’s solution of radical surgery.

I changed my diet and lifestyle considerably and within six months all of the fibroid symptoms had gone and for the first time in my adult life I had normal periods. My life today is unrecognisable from what it was – I have lost weight, become far healthier, radically altered my diet and have fallen in love with sport and nutrition. I now take part in marathons, triathlons and cycling events, and sport is an every day part of my life.

I now want to take the opportunity, once qualified, to support and help others transform their lives and health through nutrition. It is incredibly empowering to take control of your health and I’m excited about my future career and the opportunities ahead.

CNM offers both a mixture of lectures and clinical practice and this approach is invaluable in making you feel prepared to start your own practice or work in the field of nutrition in other ways. There is a fascinating mix of students on the course from all different backgrounds with different experiences to learn from, as well as from the lecturers themselves.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Jessica, Acupuncture

I’m a trained Operatic singer but my failing health hindered my ability to sing. For years I had been fatigued, irritable and anxious. I had poor concentration, dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) and ever fluctuating weight. Eventually I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Various medicines never really helped. I was directed to a well respected Acupuncturist who got me back on track. I found in Eastern medicine an all encompassing support I didn’t find in Western medicine, and I began a physical and emotional healing journey.

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I was attracted to train in Acupuncture myself so that I could have a truly worthwhile career in private practice, but one that is flexible so I can also make time for my life as a musical artist.   The biggest draw to studying at CNM was seeing  real students’ testimonies, and the positive atmosphere at the college. The added bonus was the flexibility of taking courses at the weekend, which is a huge plus for a single working person. 

I am now going into my second year, studying Naturopathy which will enrich my knowledge base and will nurture healing.  I thoroughly enjoyed my lectures in Biomedicine last year. The lecturers were approachable, empathetic, knowledgeable, inspiring and down to earth.

CNM is exactly what I was looking for

Melanie, Naturopathic Nutrition

When I was teen I was morbidly obese, having developed an unhealthy relationship with food; counting calories, eating… then not eating. I had a BMI of 41 when my doctor wanted to prescribe antidepressants, but somehow I knew that was not the answer. I started to research natural therapies during which time I discovered acupuncture to get my energy levels in balance.

Slowly I became more aware about nutrients and minerals, about the meaning of a healthy lifestyle, and my crazy connection with food became a healthy passion. Previously I had worked as a sports photographer, and a swimming coach. I decided to quit my job to become a food blogger/food photographer and wellness coach, and I’m also a yoga retreat chef.

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I wanted to know more about food as medicine. I enrolled with CNM because I was impressed with the course syllabus and structure, which fits together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle.  As soon as we started clinics, it blew my mind.  All the different areas of our learning started to connect, like a detective following clues. Hippocrates said that all disease begins in the gut, and for so many this turns out to be true.

A healthy lifestyle is of course about more than just eating organic products; it is about balance between mind and body; stress relief, a healthy environment and a peaceful state of mind.  CNM teaching stresses this.

I am currently finishing the first part of my Nutrition Diploma.   It’s been fascinating to prepare nutritious meals for clients based on what I’ve learned this year at CNM. My menus show more awareness about what should be on a plate.  The course is just fascinating! I found exactly what I was looking for.

I have millions of plans when I qualify. I am now writing a book with recipes and more, with all my knowledge from studying nutrition at CNM.  I will also further expand the website I have created:  CookYourLife, a community based on food, healthy, lifestyle and positive living.  www.cookyourlife.co.uk

CNM offers a well balanced and organised course

Nicola, Acupuncture & Naturopathy

I qualified as a solicitor in 2009 and was working as a housing specialist/assistant lecturer at a University, whilst also completing a PhD in International Criminal Law.

My husband and I were experiencing fertility issues and I went to see a Naturopathic Acupuncturist who had also trained as a Naturopathic Nutritionist with CNM. My health and my life changed dramatically as a result of the treatment that I received and I felt that I was treated as a ‘person’ and that my care was individualised.

I had also witnessed a lot of ill health growing up as my mother had had type 1 diabetes and, later on Kidney failure. Whilst Western medicine invariably assisted her throughout this time (she had a double Kidney and Pancreas transplant), I felt that there were many areas where her individual health needs were not met by this system.

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Having experienced a dramatic change in my own health following Acupuncture and nutrition treatment/advice, I knew this was something that I wanted to do. I wanted to help people to return to health.

CNM stood out as the place I wanted to study for a number of reasons including the fact that I could spread my studies over several years whilst continuing to work in my full time job and attend classes at weekends which fit in well with work. I also liked the fact that I would be able to gain clinical hours as part of my studies and get real hands on experience to help me to confidently move into practice when I qualify.

I am 3 years into my 5 year part time course and I am about to begin my 2nd year of Acupuncture and naturopathic principles studies.

I love the professionalism and experience of the staff that teach at CNM and the fact that I am able to get hands on experience with clients. It is a well balanced and well organised course and I feel I have learnt many things that have enhanced my own life/health and all of this will serve my future clients well.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Acupuncture and Naturopathy have taught me the importance of the connection between mind, body and emotions and the need to maintain balance. Studying TCM requires a ‘different’ approach to health, but its ancient roots and the outcomes that it has for people in terms of their health give it a firm basis in the world of holistic medicine.

I love that CNM focuses on natural health and healing.

Jenny, Naturopathic Nutrition

I hadn’t heard of naturopathy before I went travelling in Australia, and worked in a health food shop run by naturopaths. I was amazed by how key health and nutrition is in Australia. As an active sportswoman and a very busy Personal Trainer, I wanted to know more.

I had health issues myself when I returned to the UK and I went to a naturopathic practitioner who identified that I had small intestine bacteria overgrowth and leaky gut. My sporting activities had placed too much stress on my immune system and I needed to make some dietary and lifestyle adjustments, which I have done successfully with her help and through my own research.

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The naturopathic aspect is what I was looking for when I started my journey to become a nutritional therapist; this is what attracted me to CNM. I love that CNM focuses on natural health and healing, and I really enjoy being able to share experiences with likeminded students in class.

I have just completed the Biomedicine part of my course. Already I have noticed how the changes I have made to my diet and lifestyle have had positive effects on my body, and it’s great to know that I’m only going to increase my knowledge as we study nutrition in depth! When I qualify I intend to practice fully as a Nutritional Therapist as well as helping people on a larger scale through health and wellbeing events so I can use my knowledge to spread awareness about the importance of natural nutrition, and help others be well.

I chose CNM because it has a great reputation

Tanith, Naturopathic Nutrition

At the age of 38 I was given the life-changing news that I had started premature menopause. Apart from the physical side, the psychological symptoms I experienced, including anxiety and loss of self-confidence, really took me by surprise.

Eventually I was referred to a menopause clinic and began to improve.

For the last 5 years I’ve been writing a blog called Mrs Menopause, aiming to break down the stigma of menopause and tell women that there is hope out there that you can feel better.

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As a fitness trainer, I’ve always been interested in health and fitness, and have felt the benefit when I’ve experimented with different healthy ways of eating.  There is definitely so much more you can do with the food on your plate, so I decided to formalize my interest in nutrition.

I chose CNM because it has a great reputation; I knew I would walk away having a full Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition.  I’ve just finished Year 1 Nutrition and I’m about to go into my final year at CNM Brighton, which is super local and very convenient for me.

I love how much I’m learning. Our student clinics really give a sense of achievement when you see people getting well through the advice they’re being given. It spurs everyone on. It’s also quite amazing how the smallest nutritional and lifestyle changes can have such a big impact.

The tools being put in my hands as I continue to gain knowledge will give me the confidence to talk about what I feel most passionately about, and when I graduate I plan to open a women- specific clinic and focus on early menopause, so I can use my experience and knowledge to help others.

This course is already changing my life!

Nicola, Naturopathic Nutrition

I have always been interested in diet and holistic wellbeing. However, the trigger for wanting to educate myself further was during both of my pregnancies, when I had gestational diabetes and obstetric cholestasis.

I was given numerous medications but little dietary information that could have worked as a complementary support to strengthen and balance my body.

My son was delivered by caesarean section five weeks early, spent time in a special baby unit, and was re-admitted into hospital at 6 weeks old.

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It transpired that he was lactose intolerant and later became milk and egg allergic.  This, coupled with my own health issues, really started to make me think more seriously about the lifestyle choices I was making. Due to my ailments I was told that I was at a higher risk of developing type II diabetes and was told to monitor my diet and exercise… and that was it! No guidance, just yearly blood tests to check my glucose levels!

About 18 months ago I started looking at natural medicine and became fascinated at how different treatments I had could make me feel so much better. Moreover, the clarity and difference in how I felt whilst exploring different foods and combinations was amazing, and this solidified my passion to learn how to naturally heal my body through nutrition.

I came across CNM whilst researching into studying natural therapies. I attended an Open Evening and the enthusiasm, and detail of what I was to learn, just made me so excited that I decided to make nutrition my new pathway. 

I am currently studying Biomedicine before continuing on to Nutritional Therapy. I love the in-depth knowledge that the course provides, enabling me to gain invaluable insight into what makes us, whilst evoking a holistic approach to my thinking.

This course is already changing my life! It is making me question methods that in the past I have readily and often without question adhered to. It is making me more aware that we can take control of our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and we can make a difference to our health if we allow it. I am really excited to continue to grow as a person, learn so much more about who I am, and understand what makes me ‘tick’.

As well as being a very personal journey for me and my family, on completion of the course, I intend to make Nutrition my life-long career. My dream is to open a health food shop and run clinics, supporting and guiding others on their journey to achieve holistic wellbeing.  I would also love to use my creative skills to teach nutrition in schools, creating pieces of artwork to help younger children understand and explore ideas based around themselves and their bodies. This would be an amazing personal achievement.

“I love the enthusiasm of the lecturers”

Mhari, Naturopathic Nutrition

As a nurse I have always enjoyed helping others. I currently lecture at Edinburgh Napier University where I teach nursing students.

About four years ago I just didn’t feel particular great. The skin over my body was bad and my mood was very low. I don’t remember having much input into nutrition as a student nurse, but I did my own research and decided to follow a purely plant-based, mostly organic diet, and to cut out all processed food. Within a couple of months my skin was clear, my eczema gone, and best of all, the cloud which had followed me around each day had vanished. I felt as though a fog had cleared out of my head.

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The positive impact of changing my lifestyle was so dramatic that I became greatly interested in nutrition, which is why I am studying the CNM Diploma Course in Naturopathic Nutrition. Because I’m a registered nurse I didn’t have to do the introductory course in Biomedicine.  I’ve just finished  ‘Nutrition Year 1’.   I love the enthusiasm of the lecturers and the wealth of knowledge they have.  It’s outstanding.

This course will give me the skills and tools to carry on helping people.  I will continue in my post as nurse lecturer, but hope also to run clinics and give talks in local communities.  I might even write a book, who knows?

“CNM’s course has changed my outlook on life.”

Joslin, Naturopathic Nutrition

When my mum developed cancer she was very sick during her treatment and I was lucky enough to be there to help nurse her back to health. Being an insulin dependant diabetic it was vital she received the best advice about nutrition. 

I was shocked by the inappropriate dietary advice she was given at the hospital, and took it upon myself to research what she needed and to try and get her back to strength and health. The experience made me realise I wanted to study nutrition, for the health of my children and family.

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I wanted to educate myself as much as possible, and to help others realise that you can take as much control as possible over your own health and prevent a lot of the big diseases that are now so prevalent in today’s society.

After having a break to raise my children, I knew that going back to marketing was not for me, I wanted a career in nutrition.   What attracted me to study nutrition at CNM was the flexibility of when you can study, especially important when bringing up children. Being able to go straight out to work at the end of the Diploma, and to have gained your qualification at a respected, accredited college were all huge pulls for me to study there.   I’m just coming to the end of my Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition and will qualify this summer!

I’ve loved the fantastic lecturers and their different specialities they bring to the course. I like the depth of the subject and the fact that the course is not only naturopathic but science based too, you gain an in-depth knowledge of all the body’s systems and how they interconnect.

Being able to see  clients, under the supervision of  lecturers within the college, is fantastic for gaining confidence for when we enter the big wide world as Nutritional Therapists.

Everyone on the course has become great friends and we have all been there to help support each other along the way.  Some great friendships have been made and this will put us in good stead for our future careers.

CNM’s course has changed my outlook on life.  It has given me a great volume of knowledge which is extremely empowering, and which I have incorporated into my own life.  It will also enable me to make a complete career change and do something I love, helping others reach their own health potential.

“The course lit a spark inside me.”

Xochi, Naturopathic Nutrition

I worked in journalism before quitting my office job to start a street food business with my partner Ben. It was an amazing journey but after a year or so of living off coffees, sugar and refined carb-heavy snacks, I hit burnout and was forced to reassess how I treated my body and my overall wellbeing. What I put in my mouth struck me as the most important, so I enrolled in CNM’s Short Course in Nutrition for Everyday Living.

The course lit a spark inside me. Not since my days at Oxford had I known such a thirst for learning. I was inspired to overhaul my diet and my bathroom cabinet. I instantly knew that doing a full Diploma in Nutrition was the right path forward for me, so I am now in my final year, training at CNM as a Nutritional Therapist.

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Initially I chose CNM because I knew people studying there who recommended it; I also wanted face-to-face tuition and knew it wouldn’t work for me to study online.  I especially like CNM’s holistic focus that goes beyond nutrition; for me, wellness and vitality are an infinite interlinking of mind, body and spirit and about much more than just ingredients and supplements.  What I’m learning has changed my life. The journey of self-discovery and wellness is never-ending for me and continues to evolve as my studies deepen.

I am a passionate explorer of holistic healing and natural beauty. The body thrives off the ingredients and diet it was designed for and knows, not chemically processed compounds created for profit and sold without love.

I believe in living naturally; in eating natural foods, using ingredients grown in the ground, respecting our bodies and souls and nourishing them in every way we can. I have set up a blog www.thenaturalista.co.uk  in the hope of inspiring others to find a more natural, holistic way of life.

I’ve also written a book which has just been published.  The Naturalista is a guide to natural living in the modern age and includes simple, straightforward recipes and tips.

Read more about Xochi’s book here.

Xochi can be reached on Instagram here.

Read more about other books written by CNM students and graduates here.

“I can’t wait to put my knowledge into practice!”

Madeleine, Naturopathic Nutrition

As a young girl, I had quite a torturous relationship with food. I had dull skin, lank hair and I was tired all the time as a result of living on the typical ‘low-fat’ diet of rice cakes and diet coke because that’s what I thought was healthy.

I moved to Australia, and realised I had terrible digestive problems – I was so bloated all the time. I got a job working in an organic café in Sydney and I met some amazing people who taught me how to properly source, prepare and cook food.

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I became increasingly aware of how my health was affecting me and I started to see how amazing food can be at healing! It was here that I fell back in love with food, realising how wholesome, tasty and healing it could be! We would get to experiment with lots of different organic produce and I quickly became a confident chef and recipe creator! I moved back to London, set up my blog and quickly began writing my first book, ‘Get the Glow’ and from that success, go on to write my second book, ‘Ready, Steady, Glow’.

The reason I wanted to study at CNM was so I could gain the knowledge I would need to work with my clients on a deeper level. CNM is so friendly and welcoming, but the most important part for me is it’s really easy to fit my studying around my busy work schedule, as my course is part time.

I’m really enjoying studying at CNM and I can’t wait to put my knowledge into practice!

“I was born without a Thyroid Gland…”

Antonia, Naturopathic Nutrition

I was born without a thyroid gland, a pretty important piece of kit. Everything which is controlled by the thyroid, for me is controlled by a fine balance of medication. I was considered to be a sporty, high achieving ‘miracle child’, until it all crashed when I was 17. My system went into shut down and I was on/off housebound for two years. I was chronically fatigued, couldn’t absorb/digest foods, and depressed to the point where I didn’t want to fight anymore. I turned to nutrition and the approach of healing the body from the inside→out, and I’ve honestly never looked back.

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Four years on and I’m living in Edinburgh, working a demanding and busy job. I’m back playing sport, and most of all I’m smiling again. I took the decision to change my career direction and study nutrition because I knew it was time to take my own health to the next level, and to help others on their own personal journeys. When I qualify I would like to set up my own practice, combining it with other therapies I enjoy, like mindfulness and personal training.

Keeping my independence was key for me, in choosing CNM’s part time course. I had fought so hard to rebuild my life that I didn’t want to go to university and live off an allowance, or leave after three years and not be qualified and ready for clinical practice. CNM’s approach to nutrition also mirrors that of my own journey; holistic, yet based on understanding how the body works. Focusing on biomedicine in the first year, as I am now, really provides that foundation.

If you’re thinking of studying at CNM, all I can say is, do it. Working full time and studying is challenging but it’s definitely do-able – and SO incredibly interesting.

“I want to inspire others to better health!”

Natasha, Naturopathic Nutrition

From the age of 16 I had serious health issues; Ulcerative Colitis, removal of my large intestine, further digestive issues and Iritis in both eyes.

Eventually, I decided I needed to take things into my own hands; I looked at herbs, food and nutrition. Once I started supporting my own health, my healing began. I knew I needed to learn more than was on the internet and I wanted classroom teaching.

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The content of CNM’s course just made sense and I could relate to it. People on my course are so diverse and it’s completely non-elitist. The structure works really well and the fact that I can do it over the weekend allows me to fit everything else in my life around it, including my job.

Knowledge is an amazing thing. It has taken my healing to the next level. I am on the path to optimum health now and I have much more energy than I have ever felt in my life. Not only has the course changed my life, it has changed the lives of others around me. When I graduate I want to inspire others and support society in a holistic way. That’s what keeps me so motivated.

“CNM’s courses are so fascinating that I wanted to do them all!”

Anna, Acupuncture

My interest in natural medicine started early, as mum was a nurse with a strong interest in healthy living and healing our bodies with natural and traditional methods. I grew up in an environment that supported this approach.

I moved from Latvia to the UK, and was not sure if I want to continue with my career in Psychology. Changes in my personal life and environment, desire to find my path, and my own health issues all led me to radically change my diet, lifestyle and attitude towards myself. I took responsibility for my health and my life.

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In my search for natural answers I came across CNM’s website, went to an Open Day, and the very same day enrolled to do a CNM Diploma Course. The fact that I could do the course part time and at weekends made it possible for me.  I also loved the fact that CNM has a naturopathic, holistic approach. It matched my observation of the close connection between mind, body and soul, and of how stress and emotions affect one’s health and well-being.

At the beginning I signed up for a Nutrition course, then thought about Herbal Medicine, but ended up choosing Acupuncture!  All of the courses are so fascinating, that I wanted to do them all!  All CNM Diploma Courses start out with the study of Biomedicine, so it gives people an appropriate foundation for whatever specialism they choose. I finally decided on Naturopathic Acupuncture because I found it to be very effective in various physical and psychological conditions, and it truly offers a holistic approach to health.  

Since enrolling things been unfolding in many wonderful ways. I’ve improved my health, met so many like-minded people, and found my passion in life!   I’m now in my first year studying Naturopathic Acupuncture and I love learning about this ancient healing art.  I especially enjoy the practical, hands-on approach.  I can’t wait to be qualified Naturopath and Acupuncturist and to be able to assist others on their healing journey!

“Our businesses are booming!”

Katherine and Olivia (K.O. Juice), Naturopathic Nutrition

Two nutrition students from CNM Manchester have got together to launch a Juice Bar, plus a Healthy Food Bar, in Lytham, Lancs.

We asked Katherine and Olivia what they love best about CNM’s course.

Here’s what they told us:

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‘The approachability of the lecturers is amazing.’
‘The material and course content is brilliant and easy to comprehend.’
‘Studying is flexible, which makes learning and working at the same time possible, and more enjoyable.’
‘Without CNM, we wouldn’t have had the knowledge to back up our healthy food and juice businesses. There are so many ways that CNM graduates can use their qualifications.’

Click to read an article in January’s Lancashire Life about entrepreneurs Katherine Boucher and Olivia Knowles.

“Nutrition is the key to everything.”

Bruno, Nutrition 

I was interested in nutrition from an early age, in pursuit of a better physique. When I began modelling at 19, keeping fit and toned became part of the job.
I fell in love with the subject of Nutrition and didn’t take any convincing to enrol when I found CNM’s Diploma Course in Naturopathic Nutrition. I have a huge appetite for knowledge and my favourite thing about the course is all the information I’m gaining.

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Nutrition is the key to everything and it’s such a fascinating subject!
Although I’m really busy with modelling right now, (and have had to fit my studies around that), modelling can be a short lived career.  What I’ve learnt on CNM’s course will set out my future direction.

I will graduate soon and then I plan to combine Personal Training with Nutrition, utilising my good contacts in modelling and beyond.  Watch this space!

“I battled my way through Leukaemia.”

Sophie, Naturopathic Nutrition

Not only did I battle my way through leukaemia, and the awful side effects of the drugs I was given to help me stay alive, I was also twenty pounds overweight, which I was really struggling to lose. I managed to successfully overcome this with a great deal of help by using the right nutrition and being in a positive state of mind. Unfortunately I then suffered a massive stroke due to radiation I received as part of my cancer treatment. I was left in a coma for a week and woke up to find I was completely paralysed down the left side of my body. I was wheelchair bound for 5 months.

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Through dedication and patience I learned to walk again. I have gained fantastic vitality and health through learning and practicing excellent nutrition and daily exercise, and I am determined to make a 100% recovery. What I’ve learnt along the way is astonishing.

My life’s purpose is now to assist others on their own journey to good health and vitality through educating people, so I decided to retrain as a nutritionist by studying Naturopathic Nutrition with CNM, where I can continue to learn the newest and best nutritional advancements, and be able to practice when I graduate. I also write my blog, www.sophieskitchenuk.com as a way of sharing all the wonderful recipes and information that I’ve gathered on my own journey of recovery, to encourage others to eat nutrient-rich foods. I cannot stress enough how ‘Your health is your wealth’.

“I come from a medical family and I’m a practicing dentist.”

Luisa, Naturopathic Nutrition

I come from a medical family and I’m a practicing dentist. Yet none of my training had led me to consider Food as Medicine. I’d never thought about the possibility that the right Nutrition could be a remedy for the digestive problems from which I’d suffered since my teenage years. I’m not sure what I watched or read about good Nutrition helping people’s ailments, but I ended up going to see a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, and that was the beginning of my journey to health and extra vitality.

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I’m a different person since the Nutritional therapist showed me that the symptoms I had been suffering from, including secondary symptoms such as weight issues, were related to significant digestive problems I had as a result of the food I was eating. She worked with me to identify the areas that were problems for me, and to address them through dietary and lifestyle changes. She has taught me how to listen to my body, and that I have free choices I can make about my health. Since I’ve been consulting her I feel so much healthier and my approach to life is happier and more positive. It’s no co-incidence, as I’ve now learnt how the food that you put into your body affects not only physical function but your mood, too.

Intrigued by the power of Nutrition to address so many aspects of health, I joined a course in Bristol, called Nutrition for Everyday Living. It’s a Short Course run over a couple of weekends, by CNM, the College of Naturopathic Medicine, which is also where my Nutritional Therapist had trained for 3 years for her diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition. The Short Course is all about providing basic knowledge of nutrition to help people make genuinely healthy food choices, and I found it fascinating to re-inforce what I’d been learning through my Nutritional Therapist, and all the practical ways in which I could help myself by making such simple everyday changes. I loved it! In fact I found the Short Course so inspiring that I wanted to take things to a deeper level. So I enrolled on CNM’s diploma course in Naturopathic Nutrition, which focuses on the same holistic, natural approach to health, and combines academic and practical training. It means that I’m busy studying in Bristol on a number of weekends throughout the year, whilst practicing as a dentist in Bath during the week, but I see studying something you enjoy as refreshing, not hard.

My medical training exempted me from the first year of study, which covers Biomedicine, but I was curious and wanted to get started and to refresh my knowledge, so I joined the class anyway, although late in the year. I find the lectures absolutely captivating and engaging and our lecturer, who is inspiring and accessible, makes sure that we understand things rather than just memorize them. We students sit with our eyes wide open in amazement at the things we learn in class. I can’t wait to begin the first year of my Nutrition study this October.

My fellow students are a lovely group of ladies and just one man! We all have the same interest in natural health and Nutrition, and everyone is very supportive of one another. Most of my classmates plan to practice as Nutritional Therapists when they graduate, but I’d like to see if I can merge all my knowledge to help my dental clients. Like every other part of our bodies, the health of teeth and gums is very dependent on good Nutrition!

Acupuncture – a meaningful path

Ingrid, Acupuncture

I studied law, but never found working in that area truly interesting. After I had my second child, and was looking to return to work, I asked myself what I was doing with my life. My mum practices Acupuncture in the USA and from her experience I knew that could offer me a meaningful path. My husband and I worked out a plan whereby I could retrain as an Acupuncturist.

I considered various courses but they couldn’t offer what I needed whilst being a mum. CNM was the best option as it offers great classes, and weekend study. It’s really affordable and the teachers are amazing. It’s flexible, too. I completed my first year at CNM studying Biomedicine, and when I fell pregnant with my third child I took a year out to be with my new born baby.

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I’m about to start my third year at CNM, which will be heavily focused on clinical experience.  I’m really happy with my teachers; they’re very sensitive to the students’ needs and are always looking to help. Studying at CNM is such an adventure – it’s a great college, the people are amazing and what I’m learning has already benefited our family’s health and happiness.

My advice for anyone interested in studying Natural Health is ‘just start’. You’re never too old to learn, and CNM training helps you set yourself up for professional success.

“My studies have been fantastic, and life-changing”

Tanya, Naturopathy and Naturopathic Nutrition

Twenty years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and was told that I would be in a wheelchair in six months. I refused to accept this prognosis and undertook a great deal of research about ways in which I could try to help myself. I was fortunate. I bought a horse to keep up my co-ordination, swam three times a day but not in chlorine, and ate a very naturopathic diet. Regular holidays in the sun helped enormously in optimising my vitamin D levels. I also have a mind-set that says ‘never give up!’ I have managed to stay well without medication ever since my diagnosis. In fact doctors told me that I was so fit that there was no point in continuing our routine appointments.

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I was a director of our family manufacturing business, but I was inspired to study natural therapies when my mother became ill with pancreatic cancer. She had surgery and chemotherapy but unfortunately the cancer returned. I wanted her to have the best life she could by supporting her naturopathically, using a full package of diet based on chemical-free food, yoga and emotional support. I enrolled to study at CNM because I was a client of a Naturopath who had studied there, and I found the naturopathic approach very beneficial. I also trained to use medicinal mushrooms.

Mother’s oncologists explained that they could not comment on what we were doing but we should keep going, as apart from her, their longest surviving patient had lasted for 17 months. My mother lived for 5 years, when unfortunately a trauma within the family was too much for her to overcome. The experience made me appreciate the power of the mind. Nutrition on its own is not enough to extend longevity; emotional stability is critical, as well as exercise. My mother was my inspiration and made me promise to complete my course at CNM and use it to help others.

I’ll be completing my final year of CNM study in 2019. My studies have been fantastic, and life-changing. The course is very practical, with excellent and invaluable clinic training. The lecturers are very supportive and knowledgeable. I’ve learnt a lot of life skills alongside good nutrition.

When I qualify I will set up a practice and wellness centre where I will hold nutrition and cooking workshops alongside exercise, helping people take better control of their own health and wellbeing in a naturopathic way.

“My first year at CNM met all of my expectations”

Marion, Naturopathic Nutrition

It’s already been a year since I enrolled at CNM for a 3-year course in Naturopathic Nutrition. That’s crazy how time flies! Anyway, that’s the perfect opportunity to look back and tell you about my experience, in case any of you might be interested in becoming a Nutritional Therapist or in learning more about how nutrition can heal.

What I was looking for

First, let me tell you what I had in mind: my idea was to do a complete career change. I wanted the school to give me the scientific-based knowledge and clinic experience for me to become a nutrition and health expert, and to enable me to see clients as a legitimate practitioner.

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Why I chose CNM

I had been researching nutrition schools for a few months when I found CNM. Before thinking of enrolling there, I first considered IIN (the Institute for Integrative Nutrition), a US-based school you can enroll in wherever you are in the world as you can study from home. It’s a one-year course to become a health coach. It seemed great, however I had the feeling that it didn’t deliver enough scientific/medical knowledge for what I wanted to achieve. Then I looked into the major naturopath schools in Paris (Cenatho, Isupnat & others). They seemed good but it was no enough nutrition-focused for me. Indeed I knew I wanted to be a nutrition specialist rather than a naturopath, which is the equivalent of a GP in the field of functional medicine. I was still to find a school delivering scientific-based, deep knowledge on nutrition specifically. And then I heard Madeleine Shaw talking about her own journey. She had studied at IIN, and she was in her second year at CNM. She talked about being able to send clients to do blood tests, about knowing about plenty of diseases etc. This sounded exactly like what I wanted. Plus they have schools all around the UK so if you’re not London-based, you’ll hopefully find another campus nearer to where you live.

My course at CNM

So I looked into it and it seemed absolutely perfect! I chose the 3-year course in Naturopathic Nutrition, at the end of which you become a Nutritional Therapist. It’s worth mentioning that even though this medical field is not recognized as such in the UK, Nutritional Therapist is a legitimate title and you can practice with it.

The school costs around £9,500 for the 3 years which is totally acceptable compared to other schools. You can either choose the week-end course (1 week-end a month during the first year, 2 week-ends a month during the last 2 years), or the week day course (for example every other monday during the first year, every monday during the last 2 years). For my first year, I chose the week-end course because I was living in Paris. But for the 2 years to come, I will be coming every Monday, as I will be living in London.

During the first year, you study biomedicine, which is basically how the body works and what diseases you can get. Every lecture has a topic (respiratory system, cardiovascular system, endocrinology, oncology, etc.) with both what a healthy body should be like, and what diseases are associated with this specific system (causes, risk factors, signs & symptoms, diagnosis, complications, allopathic treatments…). The lectures are very dense and are the equivalent of what you would study in your first year of medical school in France. I couldn’t be happier, as that was exactly what I was looking for! The only thing is that it was frustrating not being taught about nutrition just yet, but I truly think this first year is paramount before going any deeper.

In terms of exams, you have to take several mini-exams (multiple-choice questionnaires) on picked topics throughout the year, 1 big exam per semester, and 1 essay. So you really have to commit to studying quite a lot, otherwise there’s no point enrolling there really. The course is indeed very serious, the teachers are passionate about their subject and are amazing.

During the next 2 years, I’ll be studying nutrition at a chemical and molecular level. I’ll be taught how to find the real causes to diseases and to treat certain conditions with diet. I literally can’t wait to get into all of this!

In a nutshell

I couldn’t recommend CNM enough! This first year met all my expectations and I’m so excited to study there for the next two years. I hope this short post helped some of you. But if you’d like to get even more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, I’ll be happy to tell you more!

Marion enrolled at CNM so she can train to become a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist

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