Homeopathy for Everyday Living

This short but comprehensive course will give you the confidence, skills and knowledge to select and use the best homeopathic remedies for a range of common conditions. You will be able to help yourself and your family with most minor everyday ailments and you will learn to recognise the conditions which require professional help. 

About the course

Homeopathy uses potentised remedies in pillule, tablet or liquid form to strengthen a person’s own healing powers to deal with a specific health problem. By the end of the course you will be able to create a homeopathic first-aid kit for yourself and your family and know how to choose and apply the best remedy in the correct dosage.

Key Features

You will learn:

  • Introduction to Homeopathy
  • Commonly prescribed remedies
  • Common first aid and acute remedies


  • CNM Completion in Homeopathy for Everyday Living


Course Fee

  • £230 (for 2 day comprehensive weekend)

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Next start date Saturday 30th March 2019


What our students say:

This short course changed my perception about common illnesses and how to treat them using my own first aid homeopathic kit. The team behind this course at CNM put together a simple and yet comprehensive program to teach the basics; the teacher is fab and I’ve got all support I needed. Certainly inspired me to develop further.”

Homeopathy Course Student
– Samantha Morais

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About the Course

What is Homeopathy for Everyday Living?

Homeopathy can be a great way to support the body’s own healing powers. Whether you want to deepen your knowledge or start to use this amazing healthcare philosophy at home, this is the course for you. Over this intense weekend we will learn the basics of homeopathy and which remedies work best for different ailments.

In this easy to understand practical course you will leave with the confidence to start prescribing for common ailments in the home.

This course is designed for you to learn how to select and use the most frequently applied homeopathic remedies in a range of situations which are appropriate for self help. By the end of the course, you will be able to create your own homeopathic first-aid kit.

Who should come on this course?

Those either with no knowledge or a basic knowledge of homeopathy.

Anyone looking for an easy to follow, practical, enjoyable course taught clearly and concisely so that you can go home and start to use these remedies with confidence.

What our student’s say

“Excellent overview of homeopathy & homeopathic remedies for use at home… very much enjoyed the course, the tutor was fantastic and incredibly knowledgeable” -Y.P.

“I really enjoy the detail and care the lecturer puts in” -A.M.

“Tutor was excellent, lots of knowledge & attention” -N.R.M.

“If other tutors are similar to Ishbel, then all of CNM courses must be amazing!” -E.S.

“Loved it, and am using it with my family. Lecturers were wonderful” -S.T.

“A useful course… the tutor was very accommodating. Looking forward to using the knowledge gained.”

“The tutor was fantastic and I loved every minute of the course. She was extremely engaging and knowledgeable.”


No prior study required


  • CNM Completion in Homeopathy for Everyday Living

The Homeopathy for Everyday Living course is worth 13 CPD points to the ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners)


CNM, 25 Percy Circus, London WC1X 9EU. Location Map (opens in new window)