Special Events

Location Date Title
Bristol Sat 24th November Special Acupuncture Event Details
London Tue 27th November Preventing Disease with a Plant-Based Diet Details
Bristol Sat 1st December How to Stay Healthy Over Christmas Details
London Thu 6th December Thermal Imaging – Preventing and Detecting Illness Details
Brighton Sat 8th December Mind, Body & Business Transformation Details
Brighton Sat 17th January Natural ways to support your immune system Details

CNM Open Days

Location Date
Bristol Sat 19th January 2019 Details
Manchester Sat 19th January 2019 Details
London Sat 9th February 2019 Details

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CNM Workshops


Location Date Title
London Wed 6th December 2018 Vegan Nut Cheeze Workshop Details

Special Acupuncture Event

Bristol, Saturday 24th November, 11.00pm-2.00pm.

Ever thought about becoming an Acupuncturist?

Acupuncture has been used effectively to address health issues for thousands of years.

CNM is holding a one-off special event, dedicated to our Acupuncture Diploma Course.

You will:

  • See a live Acupuncture demonstration, explaining the benefits of this therapy
  • Find out what it’s like to study Acupuncture with CNM
  • Hear from current CNM Acupuncture students about their experiences
  • Meet the Course Director and talk with practitioner lecturers who teach Acupuncture at CNM
  • Have the opportunity to meet with a Course Consultant to find out more about our flexible study plans.

This event is suitable for anyone with an interest in Acupuncture, whether you are looking to add to your existing skill set, make a career change or are simply an enthusiast.

Venue: 1b Woodlands Court, Ash Ridge Road, Almondsbury, BS32 4LB
Tickets: FREE

Preventing Disease with a Plant-Based Diet

By Brian Clement

London, Tuesday 27th November, 6.30pm-8.30pm.

The consistent outcomes for people fighting disease have been well documented by the Hippocrates Health Institute.  From heart disease to diabetes to cancer, there is no limit of what proper enzyme rich nutrition can do to prevent and reverse chronic conditions.

At this event,  world authority on nutrition, Brian Clement will address more than 60 years of clinical research in applying organic uncooked plant based food to a plethora of health disorders.

At this event you will learn:

  • Why eating a plant based diet can protect you against heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and more!
  • Easy methods for getting enough protein and all the essential nutrients from natural plant sources
  • Practical tips on how to easily transition to a plant based diet successfully
Venue: CNM London, 25 Percy Circus, London WC1X 9EU
Tickets: £15

How to Stay Healthy Over Christmas

Speaker: Angela Fryer

Bristol, Saturday 1st December, 10.00am-12.00pm.

Angela Freyer is a qualified Nutritional Therapist who is passionate about promoting wider health choices for everyone. She works together with G.P.s and nurses to provide a holistic and integrated approach to health and wellness.


Keeping fit and well over the busy Christmas period can be a challenge. While trying to balance social calendars and increased workloads, we can easily become run down or unwell before we even get to the New Year.

Healthy Living Pharmacist and Nutritional Therapist, Angela Fryer will be sharing practical tips on how to support your health so that you can optimise your wellbeing and vitality and enjoy the Christmas season!

At this event, you’ll learn:

  • How to improve resilience during cold and flu season
  • Immune boosting foods and recipes to nourish the body
  • Self-care tips for you and the family

All attendees will receive a special Beets n Roots discount card to use on food and drinks after the event

Venue: Beets & Roots, 39 Cotham Hill, Bristol BS6 6JY.
Tickets: £5

Thermal Imaging – Preventing and Detecting Illness

By Rosa Hughes and Phil Hughes

London, Thursday 6th December, 6.30pm-8.30pm.

Rosa and Phil are both Homeopaths and Thermographers for Medical Thermal Imaging. Medical Thermography is a safe and harmless body and breast imaging system, free from radiation. Rosa and Phil became interested in thermography twelve years ago when Rosa had breast cancer and they used thermography to monitor her condition.

This procedure can be used as a breast risk assessment looking for early changes, giving health practitioners the opportunity to intervene with preventative treatment.


Medical Thermography is a system using a highly technical and non-contact infrared camera to capture and record temperature variations on the skin.

Thermal Imaging uses the variations in skin temperature to identify any abnormal or suspicious thermal patterns over a specific area or region of the skin.

Join us to learn how Thermography can be used as an early breast cancer assessment and how it helps to intervene as a preventative treatment.

Note: Thermography does NOT see or diagnose cancer.

At this event you will learn:

  • What the limitations and dangers of the current routine breast screening program are
  • The history of mammography and how it became the choice for routine screening.
  • The difference between diagnostic screening and routine screening. The advantages of using thermography.


Venue: CNM London, 25 Percy Circus, London WC1X 9EU
Tickets: £5

Mind, Body & Business Transformation

By Gideon Remfry

Brighton, Saturday 8th December, 2.00pm-3.00pm.

Gideon Remfry is the Wellness Director for the World renowned KX, KXU & KX St. Tropez. As a qualified Personal trainer, Fitness specialist and CNM Nutritional therapist he has developed an integrated and holistic wellness approach to his practice, incorporating 25 years of experience in exercise, nutrition, lifestyle coaching and functional medicine.

Apart from being an avid exerciser, competing in judo, kickboxing, marathons and Olympic weightlifting he also lectures Sports Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Come and learn from Gideon’s extensive experience and discover how knowledge in Nutritional therapy can improve your health, performance and business.

What you will learn:

  • The key ingredients to improve performance & body composition?
  • Fundamentals on Nutrition beyond macros
  • How to develop both yourself & your business

There will be an Exercise & Nutrition Q&A on macros, calorie deficit, carbohydrates, protein, timing and sports supplements as well.

Venue: Fitness first – 78-81 Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3XE
Tickets: Free

Natural ways to support your immune system

By Judy Rocher

Brighton, Thursday 17th January, 7.00pm-9.00pm.

Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath Judy Rocher is passionate about detoxification and disease prevention! She believes that we can live to be healthy and productive well into old age. Apart from giving CNM lectures and health talks on various health topics, she specialises in supporting people with chronic illness such as Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Modern lifestyle choices are challenging our immune system health on a daily basis. Judy will explore how to stay healthy throughout the winter months and how to achieve optimum health by making informed lifestyle changes.

At this event you will learn:

  • Simple lifestyle changes to avoid common illnesses
  • Which foods boost immunity
  • Detox solutions to keep your immune system strong


Venue: Brighton Aldridge Community Academy, Lewes Road, Brighton BN1 9PW
Tickets: Free

CNM Workshops

Vegan Nut Cheeze Workshop

London, Wed 6th December, 6:30pm

For people who cannot or prefer not to eat dairy products, there are many delicious alternatives which offer the same fresh, creamy, salty, tangy taste with some nutritional benefits as the cherry on top. Read More 

CNM Open Days

CNM people going in

Come and be inspired by the power of natural therapies to promote health and vitality!

This event will be packed with fabulous tips on how to look after your health naturally.

Plus, if you’re thinking of changing your career, you’ll get the chance to find out more about training with CNM to become a natural health practitioner.

Bristol Open Day

CNM Bristol, Saturday 19th January, 10.00am-5.30pm.

Venue: CNM Bristol, 1B Woodlands Court, Ash Ridge Road, Bristol, BS32 4LB
Tickets: £10

Manchester Open Day

CNM Manchester, Saturday 19th January, 10.00am-4.00pm.

Venue: Ziferblat, 1st Floor, 23 Edge St, Manchester, Northern Quarter, M4 1HW
Tickets: £10

London Open Day

CNM London, Saturday 9th February, 10.00am-5.30pm.

Venue: CNM London, 25 Percy Circus, London, WC1X 9EU
Tickets: £10