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Start your dream health business

Learn how these CNM graduates made it happen

Starting a successful health business is a dream many aspire to. Waking up to do something you love every single day, doesn’t have to be just a dream though – you can make it your reality. Whether you want to start a wellness retreat, launch your own product range or create a lucrative health brand or blog, anything is possible when you know how.

CNM has trained thousands of graduates who have gone on to have flourishing careers and prosperous businesses. We wanted to share a couple of these success stories with you today and hopefully, this will inspire you to follow your dream too!

Launching a luxury wellness spa

CNM graduate Jenya Di Pierro, launched her luxury wellness spa and lifestyle club, Cloud Twelve, after finishing her Herbal Medicine diploma. Fascinated by the spa culture in Asia, Jenya hoped to re-create the same experience in the UK. Cloud Twelve is a one-of-a-kind wellness and lifestyle club, housing a spa, salon, wellness centre, brasserie and family area, all under one roof.

Jenya told us that CNM helped shape her vision for the club, giving her the skills and knowledge to create a unique offering for her clients. The combination of herbal medicine, nutrition and naturopathy services within a spa environment sets Cloud Twelve apart from its competition. Jenya is able to provide her clients with a comprehensive service, catering to all their wellness needs.

Starting a healthy snack food company

Naturopathic Nutrition graduate, Suzie Walker, started her own healthy snack food company, Primal Pantry after she finished her course. When she started practicing as a nutritionist, she realised how much a paleo approach to diet and lifestyle was helping her clients.

Suzie saw there was a gap in the market as no one else was making nutritious snack foods made with whole foods. Primal Pantry sells vegan health bars, free from grains, dairy, refined sugars and vegetable oils. Her brand has been hugely successful, selling 20,000 bars in the first two weeks after launching.

Suzie said none of it would have been possible without the solid foundation in naturopathic nutrition principles that she learnt at CNM. The clinical practice gave her the confidence and skills to get started in business straight away.

Creating a range of organic health products

Naturopathic Nutrition and Herbal Medicine Graduate, Dr Suraya, created Ireland’s largest organic products business. She makes and distributes a range of herbal teas, tinctures, glycerites and syrups, health products and supplements, alongside a thriving wellness consultancy business.

When we asked Dr Suraya about her time at CNM, she told us that CNM provided her with the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle to go ahead and found her own company. It opened her eyes to a completely different approach to health; using nutrition, naturopathy and herbal medicine, she is now able to help people change their health for the better.

Owning a thriving lifestyle brand

Lauren Windas, a Naturopathic Nutrition graduate, founded her highly successful lifestyle company Ardere which specialises in wellbeing and self-care advice, aromatherapy products and nutritious recipes. After suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many years, Lauren decided to enrol in the naturopathic nutrition course at CNM. Lauren told us that the naturopathic nutrition course at CNM completely transformed her life and health. It gave her the tools she needed to help others and be a confident practitioner. Becoming a nutritionist gave Lauren the inspiration to launch her dream wellness brand.

Make your dream a reality

If you’ve wanted to launch your own health business for some time, stop putting it off and get started today. CNM has trained hundreds of students over the years, inspiring them to follow their dreams. Once you have the knowledge and tools at your disposable, anything is possible!

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