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Practical Iridology Workshop


Iridology is the study of the patterns on the iris, one of the most intricate and fascinating tissue structures in the human body. Though it should never be used as a stand-alone diagnostic technique, iridology is an incredibly useful, completely non-invasive screening tool for holistic and natural health practitioners, it can help detect inherent individual predispositions, underlying constitutional factors and genetic traits.

This Iridology workshop is open to those who have completed iridology in CNM Naturopathy Study (in-house or online), post-graduate herbal students (in-house and online) and those who need a refresher in the practical use of iridology to deepen their knowledge of this amazing diagnostic technique. Its aim is to enable attendees to develop confidence to use iridology in a clinical setting. Emphasis will be placed on the constitution, disposition, diathesis, and signs.

Students are requested to bring their iridology torches, iris maps, coloured pencils, sketch/notebooks, practical iridology textbook. Please revise the theory of iridology prior to the workshop.

The workshop will be delivered by Anji Jackson Main, CNM’s Herbal Clinical Director and Lecturer in Iridology, Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine. She also has a Master of Fine Arts degree and likes to explore the connection between painting and healing.

  • 10am–6pm.
  • 2nd June 2024
  • CNM London, 25 Percy Circus, London WC1X 9EU.

The cost of the workshop is £80 (limited numbers)

Continuous Professional Development (CPD): This workshop is worth 6 CPD points awarded by the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP).


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