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Graduates Abroad – Hong Kong

I now live and work in Hong Kong

Louise, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I was a trained actress and personal trainer, living in London, and struggling with digestive and blood sugar issues. I started to be very disillusioned with pharmaceutical medicine and looked at studying Nutrition.

Researching training schools, I attended a CNM Open Evening, and though I’d never heard of naturopathy before, I was impressed and signed up that night!

I loved the flexibility of CNM classes and clinics. Besides the actual knowledge I gained, I also met an amazing group of contemporaries with whom I’m still in contact, and really respect as practitioners.

Studying at CNM helped me to heal myself, nurture my children and other members of my family, teach natural health, write books and blogs, and even create a youtube channel. I cannot imagine life without my vocation as a naturopath. I feel like all my life has been a build-up to being the practitioner I am today.

I now live and work in Hong Kong, my country of origin. I have a wide client base around the world as I also travel and Skype with my business.

Hong Kong’s public health system is not very natural health-orientated. However, China still has strong roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, so we are used to having both pharmaceutical and natural remedies in our lives. Some health insurances pay for complementary therapies.  There are currently no legal requirements to be met to practice, but my clients are impressed by my CNM qualification and knowledge.  I am very keen to continue reading and researching, and I work within a group of different practitioners to bounce off.

I have worked both in clinics and by myself over the years, and with two children, I find being self- employed facilitates a good work-life balance. I am mostly known for my knowledge in digestive and immune health, with fermenting (the subject of my published book Culture Your Life), children’s nutrition (my second book Nurture Your Life) and hormone balance.

I think the future for natural therapies in Hong Kong is exciting and bright.  Demand can only get stronger as more and more people with chronic and unexplained issues are looking back to natural healing, especially for children, who are often ill with chronic and immune issues. With the increase in information in blogs and podcasts, people are waking up to the power of nature.

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