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Homeopathic remedies to reduce stress


Stress and anxiety are very common experiences for people in modern society, and can be expressed physically as well as emotionally. It can sometimes be appropriate to self-help for some of these anxiety and stress conditions.

Alongside any type of remedy you’re considering, you’ll need to make lifestyle changes. Look at the causes of stress and tackle them if you can, for example, by changing an unhealthy work pattern. Take steps to reduce the impact of stress, ensuring regular exercise, a healthy diet, having a good sleep, and relaxing, for example, by getting a massage.

If you’d like to try Homeopathy, it’s important to note that the same remedies are not always prescribed for the same ‘dis-ease’ being experienced. Instead, appropriate remedies depend on how an individual expresses the ‘dis-ease’, in this case anxiety or stress.

Those undergoing more acute anxiety attacks may benefit from remedies such as Aconite or Argentum Nitricum, depending on the symptoms they present with. For mental fatigue and burn-out syndrome, remedies such as Phosphoric Acid, Kali Phosphoricum and Picric acid may help. A person who could benefit from Phosphoric Acid feels exhausted and weak, indifferent to their environment, and does not want to talk.

People who respond to Phos.ac. particularly well are those who may be suffering from loss of memory, or who are unable to retain any data and information. A strong emotional causative factor of their stress can be grief and sorrow. Kali Phos. can be a remedy for people who feel mentally exhausted from overwork. They are usually very nervous people, and can be very sensitive, e.g. to noise. Both remedies can be useful for adolescents going through a lot of exams and feeling that they will not be able to cope with the workload.

Another Homeopathic remedy, Picric acid, may suit people who feel exhausted, mentally and physically, who grow weak after the slightest exertion. Many people I see claim that this has restored their worn-out system, especially where they have experienced ‘job-related’ headaches such as teachers, students, and over-worked business people. If you’d like to try a Homeopathic remedy for chronic states, such as burn-out syndrome, see a qualified Homeopath.
Always see your health practitioner for personalised advice.

By Ralf Jeutter, Homeopathic Practitioner and podiatrist.

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