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Mayor of Islington, visits College of Naturopathic Medicine, CNM.

On Saturday, 9th September, The Mayor of Islington, Cllr Gary Heather, attended the College of Naturopathic Medicine’s open day and 25th-anniversary celebration in Percy Circus.

The Mayor was truly impressed by the college’s unwavering commitment to naturopathic education. He said, “I have had a great time visiting the College of Naturopathic Medicine today. Congratulations to the College on their 25th Anniversary. After all I have seen at this open day, I am sure there will be many more successful years to come! It’s wonderful to have the CNM and their passionate team who are dedicated to providing top quality education based right on our doorstep here in Islington.”

(Pictured left is the Mayor of Islington, Cllr Gary Heather and CNM’s director of education, Bobby Qureshi, with the IHCAN award.)

The College of Naturopathic Medicine has been awarded the Integrative Healthcare and Applied Nutrition Best Educator (IHCAN) for three consecutive years.

The college’s dedication to training future healthcare professionals in naturopathic medicine is a source of pride, and the Mayor was delighted to see the college’s director of education, Bobby Qureshi, with the IHCAN award.

The new term has begun, and CNM is excited to see a significant increase in interest from individuals eager to improve their lives and help others. Many people are enrolling in life-changing diploma courses to learn more about health and wellness. The college is committed to continuing its vital work in promoting natural medicine and improving the lives of individuals through holistic health and wellness.

The Mayor’s visit to the open day and the college’s award are powerful reminders of the importance of this work. The college looks forward to continuing to make a positive impact in the field of natural health.

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