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Homeopathy for Exam Stress


Almost every student suffers stress to some degree before or during their exams. A carefully chosen homeopathic remedy matched to the individual may help with the mental, emotional and physical symptoms of stress by triggering the body’s ability to self-heal.

head-acheKali Phos

Acts as a nerve nutrient for mental and physical despair from excitement, overwork or worry. Headache, weakness and exhaustion in students worn out by fatigue.


Good for people who feel very anxious, especially after midnight. They may panic and not be able to settle because they feel restless.


May help those suffering from performance nerves who may lack confidence and give up because they feel they may fail.

Argentum nitricum 

Ideal for impulsive people who behave in an irritable way and then they regret it. They often hurry because they are worried about being late or missing deadlines.


An excellent remedy for the type of person who is very industrious and tends to over-prepare. The symptoms are often at their worst between 4pm and 8pm or if they have missed a meal.


Nervous exhaustion from over-study and loss of memory from fright or mortification. Fear of examinations with lack of confidence.

Don’t overlook Homeopathy and its value in assisting you during your exams.  When you are feeling the specific stress, your remedy of choice is best taken in pillules or droplet form, as a one-off, under the tongue and away from meals, 30-60 minutes before your exam. Remedies can be obtained from health stores or online suppliers.

Homeopathy can be very helpful when the right remedy is matched to the person.  A good Homeopath can help find your right remedy.

By Homeopath and CNM lecturer Dr Shania Lee. 

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