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For those with high cholesterol

For those with high cholesterol, a diet high in saturated fat and cholesterol is not recommended. Meat and dairy are the main sources of these, so reduce consumption. Coconut is particularly high in saturated fat, so should be limited. Olive oil would be a better choice as your principal fat, but avoid cooking with fats wherever possible. Avocados have significantly less saturated fat than coconut, so enjoy in moderation.

Avoid processed foods and those with a high sugar and low fibre content such as cakes, fast foods and sweets, they are particularly bad for increasing cholesterol production, and often contain harmful man-made trans fats. Replace them with nuts and seeds, vegetables and fruits. Look for raw and unsalted nuts. Soak them in water overnight for additional nutrients and digestibility. Nuts have a cholesterol lowering affect, and substituting nuts in place of meat and dairy reduces risk of cardiovascular disease.

Eating a rainbow-coloured array of organic vegetables and fruit will offer benefit by providing cell and cholesterol protective anti-oxidants to reduce inflammation and improve arterial health. Prioritise intake of oats, garlic and fish.

By Naturopath Gemma Hurditch

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