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Kinesiology: Fight food intolerance

Don’t put up with food intolerance

We all know that feeling when we know deep down that something isn’t right in our body, but our doctor has no medical explanation for it.

Kinesiology provides one fast-growing technique for finding out what is really going on inside – a means of using muscle testing to track down imbalances within your body. It is based around the premise that your body never lies. Whatever is going on underneath the top layer is reflected in health generally and in the case of food, may manifest itself as intolerance to certain types of food. As a study of movement, it examines muscle response as a means to discover what is happening underneath the surface. It addresses the nutritional, physical and emotional aspects of health and is particularly useful in identifying food intolerances through food sensitivity testing.

Identifying and dealing with long-term symptoms

Finding out what these may be could be an important step towards resolving both long term and short term physical issues.

These could include tiredness, bloating, joint pain, energy loss, inability to lose weight, depression or anxiety, headaches, mysterious stomach pains, spots and acne, constipation and diarrhoea, Eczema and even hyperactivity in children.

Getting to the underlying matter of which foods you may be intolerant to lies at the heart of the diagnosis, furthering your understanding so that you can tackle the causes and ultimately find the most appropriate remedy for your condition. Your constitution is unique, and it’s true to say that one man’s meat may be another’s poison.

Kinesiology is a great tool in the right hands and will provide direct insights into which foods your body is taking on board and absorbing – and the ones that it is struggling to assimilate. As a non-invasive and manual muscle testing technique, it can quickly and painlessly identify symptoms – contributing to almost immediate turn around.

What you eat is important

What you eat is fundamental to your health. A menu peppered with items that your body doesn’t receive well can lead to mental as well as physical problems and may well lead to changes to the way you look and feel. Your way of life could be at stake, with behavioural and lifestyle issues arising simply because the wrong ingredients are being fed into your body.

A session with a Kinesiologist will take a rain check on things, provide you with helpful advice about diet and support you on the road to recovery.

As a practitioner Kinesiology will enhance your existing skillset, and can be used to check for supplements, herbs, essential oils etc. and thus amplify the effectiveness of the treatment. 

What to do next?

If this is an area that you are interested in, then CNM The College of Naturopathic Medicine is hosting a Kinesiology Foundation course as a stand-alone course for both beginners and experienced practitioners that starts in London on the 19th September.

More details here

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