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A different approach to tackling some health problems?

With media headlines claiming a crisis in the NHS, GP Dr Laura Quinton says that a holistic approach to health which involves nutrition, could offer a better and cheaper outcome for some of the people queuing to see their GP.

“Medicine has changed so much since the NHS was set up in 1948. As great as it is, it was not designed for today’s lifestyle. Sadly some of the food choices we are exposed to are not nutritionally balanced and put our health at risk.  When I began to suspect that many of my patients’ problems had a connection with their food or their gut, which was not solved by referrals to dieticians and gastroenterologists, I developed an interest in Nutrition.

I studied Naturopathic Nutrition part time at CNM whilst practising as a GP and I was constantly amazed at what I learnt on the course. I brought back ideas to my own patients and fellow doctors which have had very positive results. Whilst conventional medicine is fantastic and life-saving for many patients, I feel there has to be another way of tackling some health problems without endless prescriptions for drugs, which can sometimes do more harm than good; or fruitless referrals to hospital specialists who focus on one part of the body and leave my patient and myself no closer to understanding the problem.

In my opinion, cutting-edge ideas for future healthcare should be holistic and involve food and gut health. This approach could offer  benefits for patients and cost-savings for the taxpayer.  Conventional medical training on nutrition is very limited, a matter of just a few hours. So having holistic lifestyle coaches who understand nutrition and health working with GP practices would be fantastic, giving hard-pressed GPs more time for their patients with other needs.”

Dr Laura Quinton is a CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition. LauraQuintonCNMtalk

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