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Homeopathy for Colds & Flu

Natural remedies to alleviate coughs, headaches & fevers

January can be a low month for many. The anticipation of Christmas and the new year is over, and the rejuvenation and light of spring still feels far off.  We have also used up much of our resources (physical and mental energy) and sunlight (vitamin D) stored during the warmth of summer, which can leave us feeling depleted and vulnerable to illnesses, such as the common cold or flu.

However, illness during winter is not a forgone conclusion. You have more control over your health and immunity than you think. Here are some helpful homeopathic remedies to support immune health if you do become unwell over winter.

The terrain theory and immune health

Homeopaths embrace the terrain theory which emphasises the significance of maintaining a healthy internal environment or “terrain” within the body. By nurturing and fortifying your body through proper nutrition and lifestyle choices, such as exercise and stress management, the immune system is primed to operate at its best. According to this theory, a robust and well-balanced internal terrain makes individuals less susceptible to external pathogens or “germs”. Essentially, it underscores the proactive role individuals can play in enhancing their overall health and immunity during the winter season.

How to manage your health in winter

Nurturing ourselves during winter is surprisingly straightforward – it’s about effective resource management! The colder, darker months demand more from us to maintain normal function, emphasising the need for ample rest, a nutritious diet featuring vital foods like garlic and onions (with their potent antimicrobial properties) and stress reduction (where homeopathy can offer support – read the Christmas Stress Survival Kit). Incorporating light/moderate exercise and supplementing with immune-boosting remedies from nature’s medicine chest are also incredibly important.

Rosehips & Elderberries – powerful immune-boosters

The timely ripening of rosehips and elderberries in early winter is no coincidence. Foraging these berries to make a syrup is a cost-free and potent method for preventing colds. In cases where foraging isn’t feasible, these berries are readily available from your local health supplier along with other immune boosters such as echinacea, vitamin C and zinc.

Homeopathic cold and flu remedies

When life takes an unexpected turn, and you find yourself facing a cold or flu, consider these homeopathic remedies which are available at your local health food shop or a homeopathic pharmacy (links provided below).

Aconite 30c is the first remedy to think of in those first moments of sensing you are going to fall ill. If aconite fits, the onset of “feeling unwell” is sudden, often after exposure to cold air or wind. Taking a few doses of aconite 30c at this early stage (before any symptoms develop) might nip the cold in the bud. However, once symptoms manifest, it’s essential to address them. Aconite is also effective for a painful, dry, hacking cough, severe headaches, and the sudden onset of a high fever.

Gelsemium 30c is one of the most important flu remedies. It addresses typical flu symptoms like overwhelming weakness and lethargy, heaviness in the body and limbs and drooping eyelids (making you feel like you need to lie down). It specifically targets muscle aches that accompany a fever, making your body tremble and chills to run up and down your spine. This remedy is particularly beneficial if your have an occipital headache that extends from the back of the head to the forehead.

Bryonia 30c, commonly referred to as “Dry-onia,” is a standout remedy in the battle against colds and flu. It is the most effective remedy for symptoms such as headaches or dry coughs which are accompanied by an intense sense of dryness, dehydration and incredible thirst. If you feel immediate symptom relief when lying down and remaining completely still (because any movement exacerbates aches and pains), then bryonia is the remedy for you. This remedy is also indicated if you feel like a “bear with a sore head” – you’re irritable and just want to be left alone.

Eupatorium 30c: Despite its small size, eupatorium is a vital remedy for flu cases with bone pain, where the severity can make it feel as if your bones are breaking. This remedy targets pain beyond typical muscle aches, offering relief for flu-induced discomfort.


If you resonate with any of these symptoms (excluding aconite), a typical dosage would be one dose three times daily. However, individual needs may vary, and it’s recommended to consult with a qualified homeopath for personalised guidance on the appropriate dosage for your specific situation.

Useful note

If you are new to homeopathy, it is important to know that remedies can be used alongside conventional medicine.

Where to buy homeopathic remedies

  • Helios Homoeopathy
  • Ainsworth Homeopathy

Finding a Homeopath

To learn more about the wonders of homeopathy, take a look at CNM’s short course Homeopathy for Everyday Living and in-depth Homeopathy Diploma training.

Written by Zoe Scanlan (SDS Hom), CNM’s Homeopathy Director

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